The Eurovision 2021 season is hotting up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 7

Hadise – Aşka Kapandım

Hadise is kicking off her 2021 music releases with the new EP Aşka Kapandım (I Fell In Love). It’s a short EP with only three songs on and includes previous single “Küçük Bir Yol”. The other two tracks, “Olsun” and “Sen Hiç Yorulma”, follow on in a similar fashion – Turkish R&B ballads.

To coincide with the EP, Hadise also dropped the music video for “Olsun”. It sees the Eurovision 2009 star being photographed, and admired, by a man in an apartment. The lyrics of this song are about Hadise hoping she can provide the relationship that her lover wants to have with her: “This time your heart will please me / It’s okay … Aah if we leave, aah if we leave / I don’t have any strength again / Don’t let love knock me out of you”.

Sergey Lazarev – “Снег в океане”

Ahead of his appearance in the grand final of Dancing with the Stars Russia on Sunday, Sergey Lazarev released the music video for his song “Снег в океане” (Snow in the ocean). The powerful ballad comes from the Russian star’s 2019 album Это я. To start the video, Sergey and his partner are shown to be going through a rough patch. The pair decide to go on an outdoor adventure to help rekindle their love for one another, including sleeping under the stars and climbing a rocky peak. Speaking more about the message behind the music video, the two-time Eurovision participant commented:

“At the beginning of the journey, we always feel euphoria, but each love has its own ending. Sometimes the path looks like the labyrinth of the Minotaur, sometimes it is a vertical ascent. But there, survival depends on the strength and tension of the thread.”

Arash and Marshmello – “Lavandia”

Arash has long included elements of his Iranian heritage into his music. Now, the star has combined this with the stylings of American DJ Marshmello for the new single “Lavandia”. The result is an ethno-dance track with contemporary production. Lyrically, Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2009 representative sings about a person that he can’t stop thinking about: “You’re my addiction, come little closer / You know that you’re all that / God damn you’re so hot / You know you’ve got it”. In the music video, we see Arash and Marshmello chase after a jewellery thief through various locations.

Dami Im – “Lonely Cactus”

Green, thorny, prickly…being compared to a cactus is not necessarily the best thing. However, Australia’s Dami Im has decided there’s someone in her life who fits this description. In her new single “Lonely Cactus”, the Eurovision 2016 runner-up sings to someone who she used to be close with, but has since put up a lot of walls to shield themselves from others: “You’re a lonely cactus / All on your own / You’re on the attack but / You sit by the phone / A lonely cactus / In the desert sun / But you’re scared if you get too close”. Musically, “Lonely Cactus” is a nice radio-friendly pop song that would fit in well on a playlist for a casual afternoon in the sun.

MÉLOVIN – “і кров кипить”

MÉLOVIN’s latest single is “і кров кипить” (and the blood boils). To say that someone’s “blood boils” is to suggest that they are very angry. In terms of this song, Ukraine’s Eurovision 2018 star appears to be annoyed that his lover is not around to help heal his soul: “And the blood boils, and the soul is cool / I know it hurts for me and you / And the blood is boiling and I do not know what to do / When there is no temptation to you”. However, there is little angst in the sound of the song. Instead, it steadily moves along as a mid-tempo R&B-pop track.

Ulrikke – “Falling Apart”

Despite Covid-19 putting a halt to her dream of performing at Eurovision 2020, Norway’s Ulrikke is moving forward and not letting her spirit drop. The star debuted her new single “Falling Apart” at the Melodi Grand Prix 2021 grand final on Saturday. Unlike the emotional ballad of her intended Eurovision entry “Attention”, this new track is an upbeat dance offering ready to get people moving. Lyrically, Ulrikke sings about a special someone who helps her through difficult times: “When I’m falling apart / You go and make it whole again / Every piece of my heart / Baby, you make it whole again”.

Victor Crone – “Rains”

From “Storm” to “Troubled Waters” and now “Rains”, Victor Crone’s love of liquid H2O continues. This latest offering is a catchy pop track driven by acoustic guitar accompaniment. Estonia’s Eurovision 2019 star sings to someone that he feels is out of his league, but Victor still wants them around: “I know that you’re too good for me / Too proud to put down the glory / I would do it all for you / It’s not too late / What would we do when it rains / What would we do when it rains / Without you babe it doesn’t feel the same”.

Elisa – “Na Ilha”

Festival da Canção 2020 champion Elisa appeared at the first semi-final of the 2021 contest on Saturday. In addition to sitting on the jury, the Portuguese singer also performed her new single “Na Ilha” (On the island). A dreamy ballad, the song sees Elisa reminiscing about the time she spent growing up in Ponta Do Sol on the island of Madeira: “I was born from the sun / Away from the Himalayas / Grown sunflower / Right by the beach / If there was way / To get there / I would run”. The music video includes a series of clips and photos from Elisa’s childhood on the island.

Elena Temnikova and Ramil’ – “Iz-za tebya”

Elena Temnikova has collaborated with fellow Russian singer Ramil’ for the new track “Iz-za tebya” (Because of you). It’s a mid-tempo hip-hop offering, in which the Eurovision 2008 and former Serebro member lends her vocals to the chorus and second verse. In the lyrics, the two artists discuss how the actions of their ex-lover have lead them to feel emotionally insecure: “Fly away my comet forever / It’s cold in my soul, although it’s summer / Not dressed for the weather / Because of you, because of you”,

Yulia Savicheva – “Сияй”

“Love is the strongest feeling on earth!”, declared Yulia Savicheva upon the release of her new single “Сияй” (Shine). It’s a light pop song that Russia’s Eurovision 2004 star says is “about love in spite of everything. When we truly love, the light inside each of us is so bright! Let’s illuminate each other no matter what and go through life’s trials together.” This theme runs through the lyrics of the song, which see Yulia sing: “Kissing in parks and balconies / If you believe, then by your law / Let the whole world be against / Take my hand and shine, shine inside”.

Zoltán Bereczki (feat. Magdolna Rúzsa) – “Csillagtérkép”

Eurovision 2007 star Magdolna Rúzsa has teamed up with fellow Hungarian singer Zoltán Bereczki for the new song “Csillagtérkép” (Star map). The pair deliver a solid pop ballad in which they sing about how their partnership is written in the stars: “Star map / Only I didn’t know yet / That all stars / They lead to you”. The accompanying music video features Magdolna and Zoltán in front of a series of interstellar projections.

Noa – “My Funny Valentine”

Israeli singer Noa is set to release a new jazz album on 30 April. Ahead of that, the Eurovision 2009 star has dropped the first single from the LP. “My Funny Valentine” is a cover of the classic jazz song, which was first written for 1937 Broadway musical Babes in Arms. For her rendition, Noa is accompanied by Gil Dor on acoustic guitar. Speaking more about her decision for covering this song, Noa noted:

““My funny valentine”, one of the greatest songs of the classic Jazz standard repertoire, is a song about unconditional love. In a world rapidly becoming more and more robotic and artificially engineered, it is a moment of imperfect humanity and vulnerability.”

Agnete – “Boo” and “En kasse pils alene”

Norway’s Agnete recently got back into the music industry with her new group – also handily called Agnete. The Eurovision 2016 star has now dropped “Boo”. Rather than talking about ghosts or jump scares, Agnete uses the word in the context of how someone might refer to their partner. However, in this case, she’s telling someone that they’ll never be able to call her that: “Just looking for a bit if I can let you be the only one / When push comes to shove, too scared to fall in / Boo, hey boo / Never gonna be your boo”. Sonically, the song is a dynamic indie-pop track with a captivating production that has a slight dark twist to it.

Agnete is also currently participating on the Norwegian television series Hver gang vi møtes (Every time we meet). Based off the Dutch show Beste Zangers, it sees various artists come together to perform covers of each other’s songs.

Agnete’s cover of “En kasse pils alene”, originally by Staysman & Lazz, reached the top ten of Norway’s Spotify Top 50 chart.

Laura Voutilainen – “Ei hävetä enää”

Laura Voutilainen is bringing the sunshine to the frosty winter. Finland’s Eurovision 2002 star has released the new single “Ei hävetä enää” (Not ashamed anymore). It’s a fun disco-pop track that quickly puts a smile on the listener’s face. Lyrically, Laura sings about embracing who you are and living life with no regrets: “Let’s say it out loud / I like what I see in the mirror … Don’t think about yesterday / Today we are no longer ashamed / Not ashamed anymore”.

Jimmie Wilson – “Respect”

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to Jimmie Wilson. San Marino’s Eurovision 2017 star is asking for “Respect” through his latest single. But, rather than requesting a little respect (just a little bit), Jimmie is declaring “It’s all about respect, total respect”. Sonically, the track is a funky pop offering with a catchy guitar riff underlying the chorus.

O.Torvald – “Пульс” and “Мій сум”

At the start of the year, Ukrainian band O.Torvald uploaded two new songs to YouTube – “Пульс” (Pulse) and “Мій сум” (My sadness). As of this week, both songs are also now on streaming platforms for fans to enjoy. The Eurovision 2017 group deliver their usual rock flair on each of the songs, which were created with support from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The group haven’t stopped there. They also recently released the music video for their song “В подушках”. The track originally comes from their 2017 album Бісайди, but this reworking features some added string instrumentation courtesy of the VP orchestra.

Gaia Cauchi – “Message”

Junior Eurovision 2013 winner Gaia Cauchi has a “Message” for the person who treated her badly in a relationship. The Maltese star realises that she’s better off alone rather than with someone who lies about their feelings: “This is my message to you / I hope that you’ve found someone new / But don’t call my name no more”. Sonically, this new single from Gaia is an emotional piano ballad, which she adds a sultry feeling too through the accompanying music video.

Elvana Gjata – “Thirr”

The fan-favourite going into Festivali i Këngës 58, Elvana Gjata ultimately finished second to many fans dismay. Nevertheless, the Albanian star is forging on with her music career and recently released the new single “Thirr” (Call). In contrast to the uptempo bop that was her FiK58 song “Me Tana”, this latest track is an emotional ballad. The lyrics see Elvana singing about a person who she put at the centre of her world, but who didn’t show up for her: “My life is too much for you / That I just wanted you / And from you I never saw / No sign, no sign, no sign”.

AIDAN – “Heart Emoji”

AIDAN has put himself through two of Malta’s selections for Eurovision – MESC in 2018 and X Factor Malta in 2019. Before he potentially tries again, the star has released the new single “Heart Emoji”. It’s a commercial pop song in which AIDAN declares his love for a certain individual and hopes they’ll reciprocate the feelings: “Love, do you love me the way that I love you? / Touch, can you touch me the way that I touch you? / Kiss, will you kiss me the way that I kiss you ? / Like a Heart Emoji / Words you never told”.

Philip Vella – “Għalfejn Tħobbni Daqshekk”

Finally, here’s a little something from someone whose name you might not have seen next to Eurovision song, but whose music you have most definitely listened to. Philip Vella was the songwriter behind Malta’s entries to the contest in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2008 and 2017. He also took to the Eurovision stage in 1997 as a backing singer and guitarist. Following the release of his new album 60+ last year, Philip has now dropped the latest single from the LP, “Għalfejn Tħobbni Daqshekk” (Why You Love Me So Much). Speaking about the inspiration for the guitar-accompanied ballad, Philip noted in a press release:

“I don’t mind saying that I wrote this song for the mother of my children, my wife, that person who has always believed in my talents, who has always been there behind me, even when I had lost hope. At the same time, I know that this song is one which many people can relate to, especially those who have a special person in their lives.”

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Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

Has Rusza magdi done anything in Serbian since she was born there? Just asking..
I still find it ironic that she competed the same year Serbia actually won. Has she any connection to Serbia still?

3 years ago

MÉLOVIN’s song ? ???? ?????? ??? is very touching and honest track. Love it

3 years ago

Melovin! Masterpriece! It is so beatiful !!!!

3 years ago

Sergey’s music video was shot in Bodrum Turkey and the same time i was there for vacation :(((( i wish i could see him

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I love the new song of Mélovin. ?

3 years ago

Melovin’s new song is just a bomb!

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Elvana Gjata is such a queen, love her music. I found her thanks to Eurovision! ??