Måneskin "Zitti E Buoni" Italy Eurovision 2021
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Last month, they brought Italy its first Eurovision victory in 30 years with their chart-topping hit “Zitti e buoni”.

And now Måneskin can add another accolade to their long list of achievements. We’re pleased to announce that Italy’s rock superstars have won the wiwibloggs Vision Music Award for Best Dressed at Eurovision 2021.

Our readers voted the quartet their favourite out of eight shortlisted nominees.

Scroll down for full poll results.

Måneskin win Best Dressed at the Vision Music Awards 2021

We asked our readers to vote for the best dressed acts of Eurovision 2021. And Italy’s Måneskin are the latest addition to the fashion hall of fame. The quartet earned a total of 1,585 votes — that’s 29.06% of all votes vast.

With the help of creative visionary and stylist Nick Cerioni, the band consisting of Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio delivered some of the most iconic and memorable outfits of Eurovision 2021. Their style harkens back to the glam rock fashions of the 1970s and 1980s, playing with aspects of gender and androgyny.

“The way we dress is against gender norms, what you should wear and how you should dress and how boys shouldn’t wear makeup”, bassist Victoria told wiwibloggs after the band’s second rehearsal. “So we do it to give a message of freedom to be yourself.”

On stage in the grand final, they served sex on a stick. All four band members wore burgundy studded leather and lace as they brought fiery energy to the Rotterdam stage. Lead singer Damiano and drummer Ethan wore matching overalls and chokers, chests exposed. Meanwhile, guitarist Thomas and bassist Victoria wore flared trousers and blazers with loose ties. These looks eventually helped Måneskin win over the public vote and lift the song contest trophy as the champions of Eurovision 2021.

Måneskin proved themselves worthy of the Best Dressed award once again on the Moroccanoil Turquoise Carpet, the quartet turned out in flared leather trousers, leather waistcoats and aubergine purple velvet blazers, complete with silver trimming.

Damiano explained the daring colour choice was an effort to be controversial: “It’s bad luck in television, and we want to be different”, he told wiwibloggs.


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The Vision Music Award for Best Dressed first alternate is Eurovision 2021 runner-up from France, Barbara Pravi. The “Voilà” songstress graced our presence with an array of simple yet elegant fashions. On the Turquoise Carpet, she donned a stunning Christian Dior original frock featuring flowing black tulle with white polka dots. In our poll, Barbara Pravi picked up 1,058 votes — that’s 19.4% of the total vote.

Rounding out the top three in our poll is Greece’s Stefania. The “Last Dance” singer served Emma Peel realness in her dazzling purple jumpsuit. She received a total of 935 votes in our poll — 17.14% of all votes cast.

Poll results: Who should win the Vision Music Award 2021 for Best Dressed?

  1. Italy: Måneskin — 29.06% (1,585 votes)
  2. France: Barbara Pravi — 19.40% (1,068 votes)
  3. Greece: Stefania — 17.14% (935 votes)
  4. Albania: Anxhela Peristeri — 8.84% (482 votes)
  5. Belgium: Hooverphonic — 8.25% (450 votes)
  6. Sweden: Tusse — 6.84% (373 votes)
  7. Latvia: Samanta Tina — 5.44% (297 votes)
  8. The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy — 5.04% (275 votes)

Total votes: 5,455

Vision Music Awards 2021

This award is just one of 14 awards we have launched as part of the Vision Music Awards 2021 (VMAs).

Our 14 categories — from Best Dressed to Best Use of Social Media — identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

Click here to see the remaining categories, and stay tuned to find out the Vision Music Award winners!

Do you agree that Måneskin were best dressed at Eurovision 2021? Which of their looks was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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TheDr Mistery
TheDr Mistery
2 years ago

What a joke, those clothes were terrible, especially one guy wearing only trousers. There were at least 15 better options.

2 years ago

Anxhela deserved to win, even though her song is my 25th or something… Also what’s Samantha doing in 7th!?

2 years ago

I would add The Roop – I love their outfits, simple yet elegant and creative

2 years ago

Very questionable choices in this shortlisted field.

Esc addict
Esc addict
2 years ago
Reply to  Jo.

Stop crying your Maneskin and your Italy has won. Again the same guy again and again criticizing the others……#SoreWinner
All these people deserved to be on this list, period.

Last edited 2 years ago by Esc addict