Get your coins at the ready because tickets for Junior Eurovision 2021 in Paris, France are about to go on sale.

On Wednesday 3 November at 11:00 CET, ticket for the junior song contest will go on sale on the official website of host venue La Seine Musicale.

A number of packages and accessibility options are available with tickets ranging from €29 to €180.

How to get Junior Eurovision 2021 tickets

You can purchase tickets to both Saturday’s non-broadcast rehearsal show and Sunday’s live grand final.

Individual tickets and family tickets are available for those travelling in a party.

Ticket sales will be available to purchase from La Seine Musicale’s website at 11:00 CET on Wednesday 3 November.

Full ticket information and pricing is listed below.

Rehearsal Show

Saturday 18 December, 17:00 CET

  • Gold seats (Carré Or) — €73
  • Category 1 (Catégorie 1) — €55
  • Category 2 (Catégorie 2) — €39
  • Standing (Fosse Debout) — €29

Family Pack (Pack Famille) (4 persons):

  • Category 1 (Catégorie 1) — €150
  • Category 2 (Catégorie 2) — €110

Grand final live show

Sunday 19 December, 16:00 CET

  • Gold seats (Carré Or) — €83
  • Category 1 (Catégorie 1) — €65
  • Category 2 (Catégorie 2) — €49
  • Standing (Fosse Debout) — €39

Family Pack (Pack Famille) (4 persons):

  • Category 1 (Catégorie 1) — €180
  • Category 2 (Catégorie 2) — €135

All attendees will need to obtain a Health Pass (Passe Sanitaire) and abide with local COVID-19 protocols and restrictions.

People travelling from abroad are strongly advised to check domestic travel restrictions and be aware of vaccination and testing requirements the French government may put in place.

For more information, visit the official Junior Eurovision website here.

Junior Eurovision 2021 at La Seine Musicale

France won the right to host Junior Eurovision 2021 after their victory at the 2020 contest with Valentina singing “J’imagine”.

The contest has a festive themed and the slogan is “Imagine”, in honour of Valentina’s winning song.

Junior Eurovision 2021 takes place on Sunday 19 December at 16:00 CET.

Do you plan on visiting Paris this December? Will you buy tickets to Junior Eurovision 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

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9 months ago

Hello ! I wonder…does someone know what the “Family Pack (4 people)” is ? Is it only for families ? Or could 4 friends also buy it ? Thanks !

9 months ago
Reply to  Leafar

did you try to check the official website to see if there is a clarification? Or even contact the official seller

9 months ago

Hey ! I’m probably gonna see the contest since I’m from Paris but does understand what the “family pack” is ? If I’m with 3 friends can we buy that ? Or do we have to be like a real family ? Thanks haha

9 months ago

Curious to see if French people will flock to watch a junior eurovision show or it will struggle with attendance.. In any case, it will be a beautiful show and I hope Barbara makes an appearance!

9 months ago

I would really love to go watch the show but unfortunately already got plans on the 18 December, going to watch Spider man no way home avec mes amis, and then we all going to watch jesc on discord together. Also im 16 so, uhh and im from the UK so I have no idea how travel works. Would really love to show my support for my country Poland in the audience. Better luck next time. Please ESC keeps the same dates, its a great time for jesc. For the whole family to watch.

Last edited 9 months ago by Ignonito