The Eurovision 2022 season is slowly beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 46

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Johnny Logan, Didrik Solli-Tangen and others in a separate article during the run-up to Christmas.

Hurricane – “Legalan” and “Koraci”

Hurricane don’t do things by halves. In fact, they’ve given us a double dose of new music this week by releasing two brand new songs at the same time. The first of these is “Legalan”, which is in line with what we expect from the Serbian trio – a catchy pop banger. In the lyrics, Sanja, Ivana and Ksenija are having a hard time seeing the person they have feelings for going out with another woman and they wish it could be them: “When I saw you with her / It kept getting on my nerves / I was embarrassed for myself / I was getting high off you as if off a drug / Oh if you were only le-le-le-legal”.

The second new single is “Koraci” (“Footsteps”). This one showcases a completely new side to the Eurovision 2021 participants. Hurricane slow things down and deliver a mid-tempo Balkan ballad. “Koraci” allows the trio’s emotions to come to the forefront and lets listeners connect with them on a new level.

Similarly to “Legalan”, the lyrics of “Koraci” also see Hurricane coming to terms with their lover moving on to other things. However, there’s more sadness involved here: “Today I went to the apartment / That we shared / The light is still on for you / If you ever decide to come back / In an instant I recall you are not here / Life goes on, but I hit the bottom and stayed there”.

Zucchero (feat. Mahmood) – “Natural Blues”

Mahmood and country blues might not have been a combination we immediately put together, but the Eurovision 2019 runner-up has now proven he’s more than capable of adapting his musical stylings for this genre. Mahmood features on the new album from Italian singer Zuccerho. The pair have teamed up for a cover of “Natural Blues”, originally released by American musician Moby in 2000. Mahmood contributes one of the verses, joins Zucchero for the chorus and also adds in his trademark “uh” motifs to the backing.

Little Big – “A Lot Of Money”

Little Big’s Ilya Prusikin and Sonya Tayurskaya have been taking part in the web-based series Крысиные бега (Rat race), where they’ve been taking part in a series of games in the chance to receive 5 million rubles (and if that sounds familiar, don’t worry, they’re still very much alive). To go along with the series, Russia’s Eurovision 2020 entrants have released the new song “A Lot Of Money”, another upbeat rave-pop track. But in terms of lyrical content, it’s a very easy song to memorise (once you know the title, you pretty much know the entire song).

Stefania – “Words”

Stefania was born in 2002, but she’s going back several more decades for her latest single. Greece’s Eurovision 2021 star has released “Words”, a cover of the 1982 hit song by F. R. David. Stefania keeps some of retro 80’s feel of the original but updates the production so that it fits into the 2021 soundscape. The accompanying lyric video has a winter wonderland theme to it, but it’s not what we’d call a typical festive song (a distinct lack of sleigh bells).

Connect-R & Nalani – “Low Key”

Moldova’s Eurovision 2006 rapper Connect-R has teamed up with singer Nalani for the new song “Low Key”. As the title suggests, it’s a subdued R&B-pop song that doesn’t shout for attention, but it still offers enough variation to keep listeners engaged throughout its 2:30 minutes. Connect-R contributes the intro but then only reappears from the second verse onward.

Robin Bengtsson – “Brother, That’s All Right”

While we wait to find out if Robin Bengtsson will officially be taking part in Melodifestivalen 2022, the Swedish singer is releasing plenty of other new music for us. His latest single is “Brother, That’s All Right”. It encourages men to open up with one another and talk to each other about their feelings when they feel down: “We’re talking man to man, and man it feels good / When you realise you worry way too much than you should / Sometimes it’s hard to reach out / But if you feel lonely tonight / Let me know, I will be there / And brother, that’s all right”. These lyrics come with a percussion-driven accompaniment that provides a blend of indie, pop and soft-rock.

ELDAR & Nigar Jamal – “10 İl Sonra”

Ten years ago, they stormed to victory at Eurovision 2011. And now ELDAR and Nigar Jamal (aka Ell & Nikki) have reunited for the new song “10 İl Sonra” (“10 years later”). But not content with just giving us one song, the Azeri pair have released a mash-up of eight songs. ELDAR and Nigar chose some of their favourite songs from their childhood and adolescence. Despite their being eight tracks in the mix, they all flow extremely smoothly from one to another – those who don’t know the originals would easily think it’s all the same song.

Royal (feat. Johnny Manuel) – “September”

Do you remember the 21st night of September? Johnny Manuel would like to know the answer. Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2018 star, and former member of the Equinox common framework, has added his vocals to a cover of the iconic Earth, Wind & Fire song “September”. With music production by Royal, there and slightly more changes of pace in this rendition compared to the consistent beat of the original. Nevertheless, it’s still obvious which song Johnny is singing.

Lea Sirk – “Blue”

Lea Sirk is going a bit experimental with her new song “Blue”. It starts off with varying electro-pop production that Slovenia’s Eurovision 2018 star layers her vocals on top. Then, during the second verse and chorus, a more consistent beat kicks in that provides a lot more drive. In the lyrics, Lea is ready to commit herself to a particular person: “I’m still waiting for your eyes / Waiting for your special smile […] Believe me, believe me I’m all yours / No one can imagine how big is your heart”.

Natasha St-Pier – Je n’ai que mon âme

Natasha St-Pier brings us the new album Je n’ai que mon âme (I only have my soul). It’s partly a greatest hits album, with the Eurovision 2001 singer delivering new renditions of some of her previous hits – this includes a duet with Eurovision 2012 star Anggun on “Un ange frappe à ma porte” (“An angel knocks at my door”). There’s also some festive tracks at the end. Natasha explains, “It tells my story. My life, my life in music, on stage, studio and my little world”.

Gromee & Olivia Addams – “Broken”

Polish DJ Gromee has collaborated with Romanian singer Olivia Addams for the new single “Broken”. The Eurovision 2018 alum delivers another catchy dance track that Olivia’s vocals fit perfectly. In the lyrics, Olivia declares that she’s no longer behaving in a natural way following the absence of her lover: “I swim every ocean and cross every high / Underwater I’m breathing fine / I walk through the fire to burn up my mind / ‘Cause I’m broken if you’re not mine / I’m all alone”.

Koit Toome – “Vastu tuult”

“Vastu tuult” (“Against the wind”) is the first song Koit Toome has created for film. The song features in the new Estonian movie Jahihooaeg (Hunting season). It’s a solid guitar-driven track that builds in the chorus, and this instrumentation combines with the two-time Eurovision star’s bright vocals to bring an uplifting feel.

Riskykidd – I Am Risky II

Riskykidd has released his sophomore album I Am Risky II. The LP features 14 songs, including singles “Demise”, “Ambitions” and “Free My Guys”. The rest of the tracks follow in a similar fashion, with Greece’s Eurovision 2014 representative showcasing his rap and hip-hop style throughout.

In addition to the album, Riskykidd has also released another single, “Semi”. This features fellow rapper BAKV, who performs in Greek to give the song a bilingual twist.

Guera – “Higher”

Portugal’s Suzy has gone through a rebrand and is now performing under the name Guera (basically her actual last name but with a single “r” rather than double). The Eurovision 2014 star is also switching away from the party spirit of her entry for the contest and instead bringing us the power ballad “Higher”. In a post on social media, Guera explained that the song is all about standing strong and striving for better things:

“Higher represents my 20-year journey of disparate experiences at professional and personal level, and who goes through processes of introspection, transformation and overcoming, made me a “warrior” woman who needs to share and pass the “truth”! Higher intends to pass a message of positivism, hope and strength for new resources. We have to have the ability to “forgive us” and to believe that it is never too late to reinvent ourselves and achieve our goals, our dreams … As I have now done! And with this I ask: Can you rise higher with me?”

Sertab Erener – İyiliğe Ninniler

If you have children at home and you’re in need of some lullabies to whisk them off to sleep, then Turkey’s Sertab Erener has you covered. The Eurovision 2003 champion has teamed up with the Turkish branch of Bepanthol Baby to release an EP of traditional lullabies that have been updated for modern day. This includes a duet with Eurovision 2012 star Can Bonomo on “Fış Fış Kayıkçı”. Can Bonomo’s wife, Öykü Karayel, also features on another of the song.

Michael Patrick Kelly (feat. Ilse DeLange) – “The World”

Irish-American singer Michael Patrick Kelly recently dropped his new album B.O.A.T.S. Whilst 94% of the LP is solo material, Michael has brought Eurovision 2014 silver medallist Ilse DeLange on board for “The World”. The pair deliver a soft track in which they declare “love” to be the healing remedy that we all need: “Oh, what the world needs now is love / Let’s make it rain down from above / ‘Cause in the end it’s all we’ve got”.

Ruslan Alenho – “Виноват, прости”

Ruslan Alenho is seeking forgiveness in “Виноват, прости” (“I’m sorry, I’m sorry”). Belarus’ Eurovision 2008 participant has seemingly cheated on his lover: “Sorry for your torment / For love divided into three”. But Ruslan now vows he’ll be faithful and commit to a monogamous relationship: “I’m ready to devote my life to you / And play your last requiem / I’m sorry if you can, I’m sorry / That he handed out sins in handfuls”. This message is all packaged up in a chanson with a fair amount of vigour behind it.

Kállay Saunders, Zubi & anatu – “same old lies”

Hungary’s Eurovision 2014 star Kállay Saunders has collaborated with Zubi and anatu for the new song “same old lies”. The trio sing that they feel trapped by those around them who want to command their every action, with Kállay Saunders noting in the chorus: “Always trying to put me down / And tell me what to do / Sick of hearing the same old lies / I’m dying for some truth”. Musically, the song has an increasingly soulful feel to it, but it also finishes with blues-country flourishes.

Agnete – “Linna Giella”

Born in the municipality of Nesseby, Agnete is an ethnic Sámi and the daughter of Sámi children’s author Signe Iversen. Norway’s Eurovision 2016 singer recently rekindled the bond with her Sámi culture by releasing the new song “Linna Giella”. Sung in the Sámi language, it’s an atmospheric piano ballad that Agnete delivers beautifully. In a post on social media, Agnete revealed the difficulty she’s had connecting with her Sámi culture over the years:

“This song means so much to me. Extra special is that I wrote the text together with Mum. Mum who has always been working to get me to grow up with Sami as my mother tongue and be proud that I am Sami. But when I was growing up, I got comments, and finally felt that I was not ‘Sami enough’. My Sami Nesseby dialect was not ‘correct’ and my family are not reindeer herders. I was not ‘Sami enough’ but also not completely ‘Norwegian’. I stopped speaking Sami and did not want to deal with these identity issues. This has been very painful and shameful for me for many years. It’s challenging to take back the language again and put down the shame, but it feels so good and right.”

Drill (feat. AMAYA) – “Mladi samo enkrat”

We’ve only got one life and that means we’re all “Mladi samo enkrat” (“Young only once”). This is the message of the new song from Slovenian rapper Drill, which features Eurovision 2011 star AMAYA (then known as Maja Keuc). The pair encourage us to live life to the fullest, with AMAYA providing a warning in the chorus: “Nothing lasts forever / Hey, sooner or later / It all ends / Goodbye and good luck / And the ashes will go again / In powder / We are young only once”.

Tim Schou – “Ordinary”

Love is in the air for Tim Schou’s new music video. The Danish singer asked people to send in video footage of their wedding days, which he’s put together into a montage. This includes small clips from Schou’s own wedding a couple of months ago, and you may also recognise the familiar face of Lighthouse X’s Martin Skriver. The song itself is a light guitar-driven track in which the Eurovision 2011 star sings about how his wife makes him feel special: “But I’m just ordinary / And it almost scares me / Standing right in front of you / But baby don’t you worry / We’re so much more than ready / ‘Casue I feel extraordinary with you”.

Boris Novković – Gori Ulica

Boris Novković has released his new album Gori Ulica (Burning Street). The LP features 12 songs, including previous singles “Dinamit”, “Pun mjesec, ti i ja”“Ljeto je” and “Moja djevojka”. Croatia’s Eurovision 2005 representative delivers a soft-rock sound through the entire album, though individual tracks vary between bright and uplifting to bluesy mid-tempo. 

Paula Seling – “постой”

Paula Seling is not the best at releasing her latest singles on streaming platforms. For those who may have missed it last month, the Romanian singer released her first single in Russian, “постой”. A steady ballad, Paula sings about how she no longer feels the love for a particular person that she used to: “My mind is tired of you / Bed forgot you / My love does not believe in you”.

The two-time Eurovision star did also release a Romanian-language version of the song, “Alesul meu”. Meanwhile, Paula has also recently teamed up with German-American DJ for a dramatic and operatic dance track titled “Endless Story”.

Tom Cardy (feat. Montaigne) – “Red Flags”

And now for something completely different. Australia’s Montaigne recently partnered with comedian and musician Tom Cardy for the song “Red Flags”. It’s a humorous track about a date where Montaigne has a particularly odd (and concerning) answer to the question “What’s your favourite film?”. Considering the lyrical content, it’s an annoyingly catchy song that will quickly have you singing this particular phrase – though maybe restrain yourself a bit before you start singing it in front of other people.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Hurricane’s on fire….

bee bee
bee bee
2 years ago

HU HU HU Hurricane!

2 years ago

the length of Robin’s “Brother, That’s All Right” seems like he should have kept it a little bit longer for Melodifestivalen. Or perhaps he has something better already submitted for Melodifestivalen.

2 years ago

Mmh, too bad, no songs from this list to add to my playlist this week… I quite like the song from Tim Schou though, and listing to Natasha St-Pierre is always a pleasure.

2 years ago

Omg i love Olivia Addams, i really hope she represents Romania in Eurovision 2022!!!

lasse braun
lasse braun
2 years ago

firestarter is back.

2 years ago
Reply to  lasse braun

Let’s all pray Little Big will return to the contest one fine day. Just imagine how they’d light up the place.

Lea Sirk’s song is pretty good, too. I really didn’t she was such a fine and versatile singer.