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Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2022 concludes tonight. After six long weeks, the biggest and sparkliest national selection process draws to a close. To make things easy, we’ve compiled this ultimate guide to help you traverse the two hour event, including show times, links, fan reactions, a Wiwi Jury ranking and more.

Watch Melodfestivalen 2022 online

Semi-final — 12 March

Time: 20:00 CET to 22:00 CET

The Mello 2022 semi-final will be streamed live on SVT Play. It will be available to watch worldwide. It will also remain online for catch-up viewing.

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Running Order and Fan reaction

The running order was revealed shortly after last weekend’s second chance semi-final. The songs are listed below in the order in which they will perform. We’ve also included some reader comments, to give a feel of how the Eurovision community feels about the ten entries.

1. Klara Hammarström “Run to the Hills”

Heat 4 winner

Reader comments:

  • Alex: I’m starting to think/feel Klara might the closest thread for Anders. Even more than Cornelia. At least with Swedish public. I’m not in Sweden tho and I could be very wrong. With juries I have no clue tho.
  • ESCalator: Klara’s song is giving me Edurne – Amanecer vibes… The main issue is that she does not have good control in high belting notes, and she is also using too much support from the backing vocalists elsewhere.
  • Nicky: TeamKlara all the way for me. such a epic journey she has been through. Nobody (decent debut, i was sad it stayed in the semi). Beat of Broken Hearts (really really good song, happy she made the final through andra chansen). Run to the Hills (wow complete package of great earwurm of a song and a amazing stage show act to go with it).
  • Heurve: When Klara started singing, I smiled, thinking: “she should have teamed up with Oda Gondresen: the one is stealing the Hammer of Thor while the other is running to the hills in a Power Ranger outfit to make à diversion”.
  • Sabrina: Klara’s song is probably my favorite uptempo entry on the selection, but what they were thinking with that staging? That outfit was awful too. Her luck is that she’s so beautiful she could pull off even the cosplay look.

Our Antranig writes: There is no shortage of brilliant songs at Melodifestivalen 2022. For me, most of the standouts come from the ladies this year, and two of them stand above the rest. Both Cornelia and Klara deliver something that is unique and memorable, boasting a package that is already quite complete. Klara’s song is Swedish pop at its best while Cornelia provides a more atmospheric offering. Sweden, you have two chances to get this right!

Tom adds: Klara is a star. If she doesn’t go to Eurovision this year, then she will eventually. Run to the hills takes the crumpet for me this Melfest. Damn Klara is a powerful lady – Wonder Woman eat your heart out! It’s a pop banger and Klara looks spectacular though I will say she does tire a little bit near the end of the song. But if she gets her breathing right on the night this could head to Turin. 

2. Theoz “Som du vill”

Second chance semi-final qualifier

Reader comments:

  • Alex: Very happy for Theoz. He is just very likeable and genuine. Good for him.
  • Jonas: At least Theoz will bring that 2000s feel back to the final, I’ve missed that.
  • CagardiB:  I also enjoyed Theoz’s song, that will become a bop during summer, FOR SURE.
  • Johan: Axel Schylström, oh no wait I mean Theoz…… Oh written by Schylström, makes sense. – But for real, it just feels like När ingen ser with different lyrics. Nice song and performance but not more.
  • Polgend Godnova: positively surprised both cazzi and theoz in the final. i thought one would cancel the other out as both pander to younger demographics, i’m glad i was wrong.

3. Anna Bergendahl “Higher Power”

Second chance semi-final qualifier

Reader comments:

  • Xabi: I am obsessed with Anna Bergenahl´s voice! I find it so unique! She never disappoints with the songs!
  • CRAIG: Oh, Anna Bergendahl….bless you. Another year is going pass without her chance at redemption on the Eurovision stage. Her song is weak compared with ‘Kingdom Come’ last year.
  • ItalianGuy90: Anna’s song is good but not her best.
  • Sabrina:  Anna was competent as always, even if this is far from her best attempt. I loved the chic cowgirl outfit! 
  • Aria: Oh dear. I wasn’t feeling Anna’s staging and choreo at all. Way too dark for the lyrics and the moves are way too forced. I love Anna and I wish she’d get another chance at ESC but I can’t see this winning. At all.

Our Tom writes: I love Anna Bergendahl, I always get excited when I see her name on the Melfest list. And I hope she keeps trying for Eurovision every year as she is Miss Consistent. If not spectacular, she brings a quality song year after year and Higher Power is no different. Country-pop at its finest and Anna certainly serves us this in her costume and staging. I just wish she would steer into that genre even more with the song. I am not sure if it was meant to be or not, but given the visuals, it’s not country enough for me. I doubt Higher Power will qualify but another fantastic effort and I hope to see her next year

4. John Lundvik “Änglavakt”

Heat 2 runner-up

Reader comments:

  • Iabiii: With John Lundvik, I do like his song, but would have been sixth in the semi if it was sung by an unknown artist, so I’m not that convinced.
  • Purple Mask: What an incredible live vocal performance from John – he single-handedly turned a slow plodding song into a triumph! There was not one note wrong; I am in awe of him, truly. 
  • MariAkki: John Lundvik was also quite nice but it really does sound like ‘hoe het danst’… He performed it well.
  • Lolek:  hearing this song, I knew for a fact it would be the kind of song I probably would have discounted, had I heard the previews. However, one thing that can’t be denied is John’s incredible voice. The song itself isn’t necessarily my thing, but John’s voice and performance is undeniable, and by virtue of that alone, I am again, not surprised he made it through.
  • AnnaB: John really moved me, the song may not be hardhitting, but it is incredibly beautiful and his voice is just heavenly.

5. Tone Sekelius “My Way”

Second chance semi-final qualifier

Reader comments:

  • MartyMcCu: I can’t stop listening to My Way. Such a lovely, lively song and I think Tone Sekelius did a great job with the vocals last night.
  • Mael: I had goosebumps during Tone’s performance. She looked fierce and her confidence on stage was so empowering.
  • Iabiii: Tone Sekelius, I didn’t really enjoy it, so I don’t think she should have reached the semi.
  • Catriona: Watch out for Tone in the final. She is the dark horse.
  • AMAAN STORM: Didn’t vibe with Tone so I’m a little surprised there, but congrats for getting through.

6. Anders Bagge “Bigger than the Universe”

Heat 3 winner

Reader comments:

  • Danmar: My two daughters (24 and 21 years old) laughed when Bagge was on stage. “He’s old.” Then he began to sing. One started crying and the other took even my phone to vote. Cornelia who? Forget it. Sweden sends Bagge.
  • lilli: Please. Be prepared to NQ or even better, get ZERO points in the final. Swedes are so delusional thinking Anders Bagge will do well. He will flop hard because it’s so bad. Cornelia Jakobs could win Eurovision. I can’t believe Swedes can be so delusional.
  • Jack: If Estonia or Slovenia sends something like bigger than the universe it would be a non qualifier automatically. Now because Anders Bagge is a big name in Sweden, people think he will do very well. If he wins it will be 2010 scenario all over again.
  • Esc addict: Ok Anders song is good it has something anthemic, his voice is great, moreover swedish people love that, the melody is pretty cool too, nothing original, it’s pleasant to listen, but those lyrics are so generic for my taste, and it’s the kind of songs already seen so many times from Sweden.
  • Aria: I just watched Anders perform and call me crazy but I kinda love it. At first I was like WTF is this cheesy background and the song itself is like parody. It really is a dumpsterfire but I wanna hear and see it again. No kidding, it would be Sweden’s most likeable entry since forever.

7. Robin Bengtsson “Innocent Love”

Heat 1 runner-up

Reader comments:

  • NickC: Robin was very stoic. His general mannerisms and singing style does not fit with the happy song.
  • Denis: Robin sold the performance, we believed it was his song even if he didn’t write it. 
  • CagardiB: Most people thought Robin was soo mainstream and watered down. Also we all seem to convene he doesn’t fit the song as he’s trying so hard to covince the young that he’s trendy and hip. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against him personally but looking at his previous works this is very childish.
  • Catriona: Robin’s performance and song were excellent. He deservedmto qualify.
  • Aria: all generic as usual but not all bad. I like Robin’s generic love, he was my pick so I’m happy with that result. 

Our Tom writes: From the first second I knew the performance was going to be good, and it is. Robin knows how to put on a stage show. Unfortunately, he does his best with an only ok song. It’s not something we haven’t heard before and despite Robin’s charm and quality Innocent Love will just get lost among the rest of the runners and riders. 

8 Faith Kakembo “Freedom”

Heat 3 runner-up

Reader comments:

  • blueeyed: Faith was much more interesting and actually the only one who catched my ear but still not a very good song. 
  • Aria: Faith I wanna like and there are definitely some good parts but the 3 minutes of the song felt like 10. No winner.
  • Josh R: I thought Faith deserved at least Andra Chansen in 2020 so I’m happy to see her redemption here. 
  • Addie: I don’t know what to think about Faith’s song, it was just fine.
  • Lolek: Well earned DtF for Faith!! 

9. Liamoo “Bluffin”

Heat 2 winner

Reader comments:

  • Shira: I would be very happy if Sweden sends Liamoo’s absolute banger to Eurovision considering I have suspicions that Semi 2 will be a bit more ballad heavy and this song is just a joy to listen to and he is a very talented performer.
  • Carlos: All i thought about Liammo was dance you off.
  • Alex: Bluffin’ is such a club banger and Liamoo really sold it by himself (which wasn’t easy at all with this kind of songs and performances). I just wish they could involve the crowd somehow with the performance because it has a big energy but Liamoo was great selling it and most of the perfomers would probably failed in that.
  • Alo: I didn’t like liamoo performance. It was boring a bit.
  • Edward: Liamoo, definitely gonna be my favourite this year if he wins. Improve the staging a little and the potential is there to grab everyones votes. So good.

Our Tom writes: A very modern, radio friendly pop dance-club track. LIAMOO gives us a cool, charismatic performance but looks a bit stuck – I wish he would move more! I love the pre chorus, it feels like it’s really going somewhere but then when the musical chorus kicks in, yes it’s effective but it’s not satisfying enough. The staging that accompanies the drop is also a bit boring and empty and I am left feeling like a deflated balloon.

10. Cornelia Jakobs “Hold Me Closer”

Heat 1 winner

Reader comments:

  • Alex: Cornelia was amazing. Song is good but she really elevates it. Had a similar feeling like with Clara last year. There’s just something very honest. I loved that it really looked and felt like a live performance. Very simple and effective. You don’t need anything else.
  • Alo: Cornelia was so good! It will be really refreshing for Sweden to send someone like her.
  • Groovie86: I was really happy and surprised for Cornelia – and she was sooo sweet and overwhelmed when she made it to the final.
  • Stephanie: The song of Cornelia, Hold me closer, is yet again a typical song of which hundreds have already passed by Melodifestivalen. I don’t say it’s a bad song, cause that would be a lie. But it doesn’t surprise me anymore. And to say that this song is winning material is way premature.
  • NickC: Cornelia was captivating. Most engaging and Emotional swedish perfirmance in a decade.

Our Tom writes: Cornelia is brimming with star quality and the staging is excellent. The use of the circle back drop is original and effective – I forget she is performing on a huge stage. The song is cool and edgy yet still mainstream. If this does get though to Turin – and it has a huge chance, I can’t see it challenging for honours. That being said, a quality entry and I like that she has a hint of Bulgaria’s Victoria about her also.

11. Cazzi Opeia “I Can’t Get Enough”

Second chance semi-final qualifier

Reader comments:

  • Jonas: I just keep thinking of Marina every time I hear Cazzi’s song.
  • siu or sui?: cazzi was a-ma-zing
  • Bruno: This would be a HIT if Katy Perry sang it!
  • Whisker: I loved loved loved loved LOVED Cazzi’s vocal.
  • Cviti97: I watched “I can’t get enough” 3 times and I’ve been singing it whole afternoon. 

12. Medina “In i dimman”

Heat 4 runner-up

Reader comments:

  • Jake: loved Medina. Even if it borrows at liberty from Bella Ciao. I can’t help it. Maybe it’s why I love it so much.
  • Amesc: Medina had an anthemic song (plus i believe that they are the most famous artists outside of Melfest from this year’s edition, alongside Bagge). 
  • Sandra: I think Medina could be a dark horse that could surprise us in the final. I think the younger ppl will vote a lot for them.
  • Denis: Medina DTF, best thing of the evening! What an absolute joy they were, and it’s not only my nostalgia talking. It’s the kind of crazy dance banger Mello used to have that always goes to final. It reminded me of the Swedish-Macedonian group Andra Generationen, very Balkan sound. Loved it! Regardless result it will be a summer hit..
  • Sabrina:  Medina was very entertaining. It felt very Mediterranean, but Swedish at the same time, they’ll be a nice addition to the final.

Our Tom writes: Different is the word and I love it! Swedish pop meets reggaetton half way in this upbeat banger. It’s a party on stage and Medina are so much fun! “In I Dimman” is guaranteed to get the public on their feet in Italy if this qualifies – even though a Eurovision audience will have no idea what they are saying. Swedish songs will always have an outside chance of qualifying but this could do it. 

How the final will work

The voting will be determined by a mixture of public and jury votes. The public will be able to vote throughout the show by either app or telephone. Meanwhile, the international jury will consist of panels from eight countries — The Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Australia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Israel and Italy. After the jury groups have cast viewers will be able to continue to vote. The public vote will be determined using the age group system, with each bracket carrying scores of 12, 10, 8–1.

Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2022 final: The Wiwi Jury Ranking

The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessionals — has assembled and listened to all ten contenders. We’ve ranked our top songs in Eurovision fashion and combined our scores to determine our absolute favourites.

  1. Cornelia Jakobs “Hold Me Closer” — 82 points (🥇 Oliver, Luis, Pablo, Padraig 🥈 Antranig, Tobias🥉 Tom)
  2. Klara Hammarström “Run to the Hills” — 74 points (🥇 Antranig, Tom, Jonathan 🥈 Luis, Padraig)
  3. Liamoo “Bluffin” — 54 points (🥇 Tobias 🥉 Jonathan)
  4. Medina “In i dimman” — 52 points (🥈 Tom 🥉 Oliver, Tobias, Pablo)
  5. Cazzi Opeia “I Can’t Get Enough” — 48 points (🥈 Pablo 🥉 Luis, Padraig)
  6. Tone Sekelius “My Way” — 43 points (🥈 Oliver 🥉 Antranig)
  7. Theoz “Som du vill” — 34 points (🥈 Jonathan)
  8. Robin Bengtsson “Innocent Love” — 26 points
  9. Anna Bergendahl “Higher Power” — 24 points 
  10. Faith Kakembo “Freedom” — 14 points
  11. Anders Bagge “Bigger than the Universe” — 7 points
  12. John Lundvik “Änglavakt” — 6 points

Are you excited for the final? Who is your winner? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

What fun to see my comments on a main Wiwi article, hehe. Thanks for the ruling Wiwi judges! I’m rooting for Klara but would be quite happy Cornelia and LIAMOO.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lolek

I really like Liamoo! We need more dance songs at Eurovision this year!

2 years ago

Watch out for Tone tonight. I think she will probably be Top 5 with televote.
She had the journey and feeling like Clara last year. Very warm, genuine and authentic. Swedes gonna vote for her and deservingly so. Impossible to not connect with her

Jake Dallas
Jake Dallas
2 years ago

I don’t really like how the public gets to vote AFTER the juries have voted as it opens the door for strategies. For instance, if Anders Bagge isn’t in the top 5 of the jury vote, then Swedish people who are fans of Bagge will probably vote like crazy to put him in contention for the win. And if Cornelia ends up winning the jury vote, then people won’t vote for her as much as they might think that she doesn’t *need* the votes as she is on top. Long story short, Cornelia might need a distant lead in the… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Jake Dallas

Or it could trigger fans who seer her on top vote for her to keep that lead.
Basically if yiu dont vote for your favourite all the time its only your fault, nobody elses. Even if Bagge gets 96 points, which is unlikely, Cornelia wont get less than 60 points from audience

2 years ago

oh my god


2 years ago

“After six long weeks”
I would say 6 short weeks :c melfest passed so quickly this year :c

Esc addict
Esc addict
2 years ago

Not much love for Anders’ song from the wiwi jury…I think he will be in the top 3 this evening and probably win. Personally I don’t connect with Cornelia’s song, her voice is the thing interesting for me, the song nothing outstanding, the same for Anders’ song but at least it’s anthemic. Among the 25 songs in the grand final, Cornelia or Anders songs would be forgotten imo, they don’t stand out enough. Now the more I listen all the Melfest final songs the more I feel Medina and Cazzi songs, Sweden send one of these two future hits please.… Read more »

Esc addict
Esc addict
2 years ago
Reply to  Esc addict

I’m not a Cornelia stan so I get downvotes, it begins…

2 years ago
Reply to  Esc addict

If Bagge gets top 3 it will all be thanks to voters. I really doubt juries will see international appeal in a old shy man with no charisma and not that great of a voice. Its anthemic yes and those usually work well especially with older voters but I think Bagge himself wont appeal as much. If he ends uo 5th or lower after juries he will miss top 3..