The Eurovision 2022 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still brining us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 15

Benjamin Ingrosso – “Queens” and “Sagan om oss två”

“This song is to all of you Queens out there who make the world a better place!” Benjamin Ingrosso is honouring the women that have helped shape him into the person he is now. Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 star says he never aimed to be the manly type who would impose dominance over others. Instead, Benjamin’s greatest weapon was the respect his mother and sister taught him: “It’s always been the same thing / Who’s the man? Who is king? / I’d be lost in this life / Tell me, what would I be without queens?” Opening with a choir-style intro, “Queens” quickly turns into a groovy pop song that perfectly matches Benjamin’s cool and suave character.

This new single also comes with a B-side. Titled “Afterlife”, it’s a steadier offering that has an almost ABBA charm to it.

That’s not it from Mr Ingrosso this week, as the Swedish singer’s TV show Benjamin’s continues. During the latest episode, Benjamin performed a duet with Melodifestivalen alum Sarah Dawn Finer.

They gave a new rendition of the song “Sagan om oss två” (“The story of the two of us”). Sarah first released the song as a duet with Salem Al Fakir, so it was easy to replicate, but with Benjamin’s voice instead.

Stelios Rokkos feat. Helena Paparizou – “Kommatia”

Greek singer Stelios Rokkos has released his new album Anasa. Included on the album is “Kommatia” (“Pieces”), which features Eurovision 2005 winner Helena Paparizou. While starting off with a strong introduction, we’re soon introduced to some saxophones and guitar, which give the song a funky vibe. Stelios and Helena sing about being pieces of a puzzle and that they can only feel whole by coming together with one another: “Tell me you miss me, say it out loud / To come out of your mouth like a knife / I became pieces, you became too / Let’s reunite them from the beginning”.

Stelios Rokkos feat. Ivi Adamou – “Emeis”

Helena Paparizou isn’t the only Eurovision alum Stelios Rokkos has collaborated with for this new album. For the song “Emeis” (“We”), he sings with Ivi Adamou – Cyprus’s Eurovision 2012 representative. “Emeis” is a slower offering, with Stelios and Ivi delivering a ballad whilst accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano. The lyrics are about the strength they gain from each other, which helps them push through challenges: “Because we both can do the impossible / Because we both endured a lot / Do not bend now and they will get worse / Give me the strength to go ashore”.

Can Bonomo – “Gazapistan”

For his latest music video, Can Bonomo is joined by his friends, who he describes as his chosen family. They all gather together and sing Can Bonomo’s new single “Gazapistan”. The song is indeed a great one to sing in unison with others and has a rousing folk feel to the chorus.

The Starlings – “Gold”

“Forget what you know / Everything’s gold”. The Starlings are shining like a precious metal and they encourage us to also find the “Gold” in our everyday lives. A cheery percussion-driven pop song, it’s the latest single from their newly announced album, Seaside. For the music video, the duo – which includes Belgium’s Eurovision 2010 entrant Tom Dice – slather on the gold body paint and sparkle away as the camera continuously circles round them. Discussing the message of the song on social media, they note:

“‘Gold’ is about living every moment to the fullest. We live in a time in which social media & the opinion of others have been given a major role, unjustly. Let go of everything and really look around you. There is so much beauty. Everything’s Gold.”

Demy – “Milia Makria”

Demy is lending her voice to the Greek TV show Τρία Μίλια (Three miles). The Eurovision 2017 star has recorded the title song of the show. Opening with piano and strings, “Milia Makria” (“Miles Away”) builds into a steady pop song with an increasing amount of digital production for the chorus and post-chorus. Demy sings about love’s guiding light, but also the secrets that people in a relationship might hold: “So many secrets / Deep sea / The time will come / That the night will have light / Miles away / Blurred lights / Your eyes / My caresses”.

Kállay Saunders, anatu & rxpaul feat. Concussion – “fall out of the sky”

Kállay Saunders is one of four collaborators on “fall out of the sky”, along with anatu, rxpaul and Concussion. Hungary’s Eurovision 2014 star contributes the second verse, discussing the lack of love in his life: “I don’t know what’s on your mind / Oooh you don’t really let me go babe / All I want is someone to love me / But I’m bleeding down low”. The song as a whole feels slightly experimental as it combines several elements – deep electric guitar, vocoded screamo from Concussion, and Kállay Saunders’s R&B verse.

Paolo Meneguzzi & Manfredi Simonetti – “Luna”

Paolo Meneguzzi has teamed up with up-and-coming Italian artist Manfredi Simonetti for the new single “Luna” (“Moon”). Manfredi kicks things off, with Switzerland’s Eurovision 2008 representative appearing for the second verse. It’s a steady track with consistent use of drum machine beats in the production. 

Eliot – “Late at night”

Eliot is getting anxious about what his lover is doing when they go out at night. In his new single “Late at night”, Belgium’s Eurovision 2019 singer hopes he can work through his doubts: “Don’t mean I don’t trust you, but I don’t like / You’re going out late at night / And we’ll talk we’ll talk we’ll talk we’ll figure it out / Nothing has ever come in between us, you and I”. Musically, it’s a slow burner that uses an increasing amount of vocoder effects.

Conchita Wurst – “Ich weiß, was ich will”

We don’t often get to hear Conchita Wurst singing in German, but we do now. The Eurovision 2014 champion has recorded a cover of “Ich weiß, was ich will” (“I know what I want”), which was originally released by Austria’s only other Eurovision winner, Udo Jürgens (he won in 1966). Conchita has recorded the cover for the soundtrack of the upcoming film Der Onkel (The Hawk). The lyrics of the song are an internal monologue about the desire to have an ex-partner back in your life: “I know what I want / I want you completely and always around me / I’m gonna change whatever stands in our way / I’ve never moved mountains but I’m starting today”.

Sofi Marinova & Riko Band – “Garmish”

Thunder and lightning, it’s getting exciting! Sofi Marinova has dropped the new song “Garmish” (“Thunder”). It’s a driving turbo-folk song in which Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2012 star is joined by Riko Band for added instrumentation. Sofi sings in the chorus, “Today we are on a business trip / You have a summons for a party / Get ready to thunder”.

Severina & Azis – “Fališ mi”

Severina returns with her first new single in three years. And she’s not returned alone. Croatia’s Eurovision 2006 star has collaborated with Bulgarian singer Azis for the Balkan ethno-pop song “Fališ mi” (“I miss you”). The pair have seemingly been through a break-up; however, they sing about the desire to get back together in order to heal their heart: “If you only knew what you were doing to me / You are everything to me, happiness, sorrow and my life / I just want your heart back / Since you’ve been gone, I have no one of my own, only pain”.

Brainstorm feat. Riga Gospel Choir & Juno String Quartet – “Моя пісня (My song)”

Brainstorm (also known as Prāta Vētra) took part in an event to support Ukraine amidst the ongoing war. There, the Eurovision 2000 group premiered “Моя пісня (My song)”. It’s a new version of the band’s previous single, “Mana dziesma”, but with lyrics in Ukrainian. Brainstorm are joined by Riga Gospel Choir and Juno String Quartet for this new rendition.

Ivo Linna, Hendrik Sal-Saller & Supernova – “Kui On Liiv Lennanud Tuulde”

Estonia’s Eurovision 1996 performer Ivo Linna has recently released the song “Kui On Liiv Lennanud Tuulde” (“When The Sand Has Flown Into The Wind”). Ivo is joined by singer Hendrik Sal-Saller and band Supernova for the song, which is a soft rock offering that features a mix of guitars and strings. In the chorus, Ivo and Hendrik sing, “And when the sand has flown into the wind / When the storm is past and the day is new / If the sand has flown into the wind / Then light and love wins”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Where is Sara Jo – Divlja?

2 years ago

It’s nice to see Conchita singing Udo. It’s also nice to see our beloved Anke Engelke in the movie it’s for.