Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2022 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2021 | Week 43

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Secret Garden and Sanna Nielsen in a separate article during the run-up to Christmas.

Manizha (feat. Vladimir Vysotsky) – “Изумруд”

Many artists collaborate together to perform duets. However, Manizha has gone a step further by duetting with someone who is no longer alive – it is Halloween after all! The Eurovision 2021 star has released a new version of her 2017 single “Изумруд” (“Emerald”) that features vocals from Vladimir Vysotsky. A Soviet singer-songwriter, Vysotsky was known for his lyrics that tackled social and political commentary in an often humorous manner. The vocals you here of Vysotsky are from his 1966 song “Прощание с горами” (“Farewell to the mountains”).

That’s not all Manizha has done recently. The Russian-Tajik singer celebrates spooky season with a Halloween remix of her Eurovision 2021 song.

In the dramatic but fun video, Manizha discovers her house is haunted, with poltergeists and ghostly figures causing a ruckus. And watch out for those invisible men! But it’s nothing a Russian woman can’t handle. (Robyn)


KEiiNO gave their debut performance of “VENUS” as part of Alexandra Rotan’s appearance at the grand final of Stjernekamp 2021. The Norwegian singer leads the vocals, with Tom Hugo and Fred Buljo providing backing vocals and joik respectively. It’s a spirited track that sees the Eurovision 2019 trio adding their usual flair to more of a rock sound.  The chorus really packs a punch and the song demonstrates that KEiiNO’s style can work with other genres beyond just electro-pop. Alexandra sings about freeing herself from people who are trying to keep her down and soaring to new heights: “I’m cutting signals off from ground control / I see a goddess floating in the sky / She tells me, ‘All you have to do is fly’ / Venus, I’m burning in the atmosphere / And I don’t care, no, if I shine too bright / I’ve seen the bеauty in the blinding light / Now I can fly”.

Tina Karol – Двойной рай

Tina Karol has released the new EP Двойной рай (Double paradise). While only containing four songs, the EP still manages to cram in a ballad, a mid-tempo offering and a subtle dance track. Throughout all of them, though, Tina brings a scintillating aura.

A day before the EP’s release, Ukraine’s Eurovision 2006 star revealed a music video for the title song. Tina describes the video as “a romantic, cinematic thriller of the ‘noughties’ aesthetics; I am a bright blonde with a pistol in my hands, my target is jealousy”.

Marco Mengoni – “Cambia Un Uomo”

Everyone has the ability to change their behaviour and life. This is a theme that Marco Mengoni pick up on in his new single “Cambia Un Uomo” (“A Man Can Change”). It’s a steady soul pop ballad with a small hint of gospel towards the end as well. In the lyrics, Italy’s Eurovision 2013 alum sings to his partner about how he wants to have a serious relationship with them. However, he can only do so if they forgive him for previous mistakes and allow him the opportunity to change: “If this were the last night we have, you know / I’d exchange it for every other / Because only in forgiveness a man can change”.

Efendi – “Damlalar”

Efendi’s follow-up single to her Eurovision 2020 and 2021 entries is “Damlalar” (“Drops”). Singing in her native Azeri language, Efendi delivers a more emotional song compared to her upbeat Eurovision entries. That being said, it’s still captivating and the first chorus introduces more of a beat that pushes the track along. There’s not much variety in terms of the lyrical content, with the same verse and chorus repeated twice each: “One, two and three raindrops / Love comes from the clouds falling on the houses / Fine slender leaves trembling in the rain”.

Alfred Garcia – 1997

Spain’s Eurovision 2018 star has released his second album 1997 — its title reflecting his year of birth. It’s a step on from his debut album 1018, with Alfred not afraid to move in new directions, away from pop and towards adult contemporary and avant-garde flavours. Fans of his Eurovision entry “Tu canción” (Your song) may be interested in the contrastingly titled song “Mi canción” (My song), performed not with Amaia but with the Spanish indie band La La Love You. The album also includes collaborations with the Chilean star Denise Rosenthal, among others. (Robyn)

Shiri Maimon, Ania Bukstein & ECHO – “בנות”

Eurovision 2005 star Shiri Maimon is channelling girl power for her new single. Collaborating with fellow Israeli singers Ania Bukstein and ECHO, the trio have dropped “בנות” (“Girl”). It’s a sassy pop song with a bouncy chorus (slightly reminiscent of some K-pop girl groups). Lyrically, the three singers encourage all women to stand up and show people their value: “All I’m worth / I earned and paid in sweat / Doing a boom boom boom boom boom boom / Come on, girls, get up, get up, get up”.


The competing artists of Eurovision – Australia Decides 2022 have started to be revealed, but sadly Dami Im’s name may not be among them. Despite previously saying she would throw her hat into the ring, the Eurovision 2016 runner-up has since backtracked on the statement.

Nevertheless, Dami has given us an entire album to enjoy instead. Titled MY REALITY, The LP features ten songs, including previous singles “Crying Underwater”, “Kiss You Anyway”, “Marching On”“Lonely Cactus”, “Pray” and her intended Australia Decides 2021 song “Paper Dragon”. That leaves four brand new songs for fans to listen to for the first time. In a post on Instagram, Dami talked about how this album is the sort of music she’s wanted to release since the start of her career:

“Maybe you’ve known me since Eurovision 2016, or The X Factor, or from one of my previous albums/ tours. But it took me this long to get to this place. So many sleepless nights.. So many hurdles and circumstances that not even my close friends know about, just wanting to give up.. Only to find that the passion and calling for my songwriting and creating will never leave me.

Today is a milestone and a brand new chapter for me as an artist and a girl finally realising her dream of creating the album she’s desperately wanted to make since she started singing at her church at 17. Sharing my own story, finally finding myself and who I’ve become through the years of growing up in this confusing but beautiful world.”

Samanta Tīna – “NEMAZ NEMAZ”

“It doesn’t matter to me where you are or where you go / That I wrote a whole song about it / I still (*******) hurt!”. In her new single “NEMAZ NEMAZ” (“Not at all, not at all”), Latvia’s Samanta Tīna is discussing the lies we tell ourselves after breaking-up with someone. Whilst we can pretend that we no longer care, deep down we know that’s not true. This is all wrapped up in a retro mix of synths and percussion, along with a rap towards the end. The Eurovision 2021 singer discussed the song’s meaning further on Instagram:

“Most likely, we have found ourselves in a situation or met a person who claims to have dealt with the pains and experiences of a break-up, when in fact that person is lying to themselves and continues to live under the influence and nostalgia of their broken relationship. It doesn’t seem to hurt at all anymore, but at some point we have to admit that we lie not only to ourselves, but even more so – we try to draw the attention of others to the fact that we no longer have pain and longing. In today’s social networking age, creating the illusion of an outwardly beautiful, carefree life is easy, but what really lies behind it? Or is this story, however, addressed to one particular person in order to draw his attention and provoke jealousy and remorse?”

Brainstorm – Lonesome Moon

Following the release of their new concert film last week, Latvia’s Eurovision 2000 band Brainstorm have now released the album that coincides with it. There are three versions of the album – aimed at the English, Latvian and Russian-speaking markets. Lonesome Moon is for the first of these, with a few more English-language renditions of the songs (though many are still in Latvian). The full Latvian version is Gads bez Kalendāra, while the Russian edition is Год без календаря.

Brainstorm, known as Prāta Vētra in Latvia, have also uploaded the performance video for “Aiz Sienas” (“Behind The Wall”) from the concert film onto YouTube.

Alicja – “Ej, Stop!”

Hey, Stop! And listen to Alicja’s new single. The Polish star is transforming her musical sound and moving away from the ballads many will associate with her. In its place, “Ej, Stop!” is a contemporary pop track with a funky guitar backing. Alicja also switches up her look for part of the music video, donning a short black wig to match her slightly revealing dress. The Eurovision 2020 entrant says this new direction is all about continuing her life’s journey:

“I think there is a point in life for everyone when they have to say to themselves ‘Hey, stop! I want to go on, I want something else’. I dedicate this piece to all these people.”

Roxen & NANE – “Strada Ta”

Roxen is adding a hip-hop flair to their music by collaborating with rapper NANE for the new single “Strada Ta” (“Your Street”). At 2:15 minutes in length, it’s a relatively short song, but it doesn’t feel rushed. Lyrically, Romania’s Eurovision 2021 star is unable to muster up the courage to tell their ex-partner how they feel now they’re no longer together: “I passed your street / Next to you now, but I still won’t call you / I wish I could tell you something / I’ll tell you in another universe”.

Cláudia Pascoal – “Fado Chiclete”

Cláudia Pascoal’s new single is “Fado Chiclete” (“Fado Gum”). The Portuguese singer uses gum, candy and tablets as a metaphor for ownership. She proceeds to tell her former partner that they no longer have ownership over her: “You are nobody / I’m not, I’m not your hostage anymore / Not! It’s not supposed to be, it won’t be, I don’t want it anymore, so GOODBYE! / I’m not gum, candy or tablet!”. Cláudia’s charming personality is on full display once again and the Eurovision 2018 star delivers a quirky music video to go along with this.

Elina Born – Linnuteid

While Estonian artists wait to find out whether they are in or out of Eesti Laul 2022, former winner Elina Born has a new single. “Linnuteid” (Milky Way) is a catchy percussion-driven tune, with punchy acoustic guitar along with Elina’s stellar vocals. The song was co-written by Eesti Laul regular Karl Killing. The video finds Elina up against her glamorous but evil twin — and there’s only room for one! (Robyn)

Madame Monsieur – “On est tous le con de quelqu’un”

“We will always be someone’s idiot, even Beyoncé, even Abbé Pierre. So you might as well chart your own course and enjoy life. To all those who have felt bad one day, this song puts things in their place.” Madame Monsieur want you to keep your head high and continue down life’s path. Their new song “On est tous le con de quelqu’un” (“We’re all somebody’s idiot”) has a grand choral opening, but it quickly proceeds into the guitar-driven French pop that we know the Eurovision 2018 duo for. The choir and guitars subsequently come together for the final 30 seconds)..

Dima Bilan & JONY – “Believe”

This year’s New Wave festival also acted as a special celebratory concert for Eurovision 2008 champion Dima Bilan. His artistry was put into focus, with several stars performing reworks of his discography. Dima is set to release a full album of these new renditions of his songs. For now, he has released two of the duets he performed at the festival as official singles. This includes a new version of his Eurovision winning song “Believe”, which he sings alongside Azeri star JONY.

Dima also teamed up with Russian singer Klava Koka for a new rendition of his 2017 single “Держи” (“Hold”).

Sara Jo – “Divlja”

Serbia’s Sara Jo is living life on the wild side. The Eurovision 2013 alumna has released “Divlja” (“Wild”). With a driving beat from the very start, it’s a compelling track that has a seductive aura to it. In the lyrics, Sara says she needs someone to reign in her inner spirit: “I’m wild / Tame me, because I’m not calm / I make scenes like in movies / Oh, give me more adrenaline”. Whilst most of the song is naturally in Serbian, Sara showcases a bit of bilingual skills by singing the bridge in Italian.

María Aguado (feat. Soraya) – “Sigo en pie”

Soraya has collaborated with fellow Spanish singer María Aguado for the new single “Sigo en pie” (“I’m still standing”). It’s a bright and uplifting song about those people who overcome the obstacles in their path. The music video is a simple affair, with the Eurovision 2009 star joining María in the recording studio.

Vanilla Ninja – “Driving Through The Night”

Vanilla Ninja recently released their comeback album Encore. The Estonian band have now dropped a music video for the LP’s latest single “Driving Through The Night”. The video pretty much does what it says on the tin, with the four-piece group driving through the night (aided by a video screen and a wind machine). A soft-rock song, Switzerland’s Eurovision 2006 representatives sing about how they have to leave a relationship even if they don’t want to: “I’m driving through the night and you won’t find me / I’m driving through red lights to be free / And though my heart is pointing the other way / I don’t push the brakes”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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lasse braun
lasse braun
2 years ago

from this new songs i like cláudia pascoal – fado chiclete most. 🙂

lasse braun
lasse braun
2 years ago

should we rename norway in keiinoland? ;

2 years ago

I hope that linnuteid is in eesti laul because its a bop

2 years ago

SARA JO FOR SERBIA !!!!!! i beg

2 years ago

I wonder if Alicja has submitted something for Poland’s internal selection or has she decided to move on from Eurovision.

Agent 007
Agent 007
2 years ago
Reply to  BadWoolfGirl

Poor girl. She would’ve been a better choice for Poland with ANY song.

Last edited 2 years ago by Agent 007
2 years ago
Reply to  BadWoolfGirl

Better get ready for Norbi

2 years ago

Sad that Dami probably hasn’t entered Australia Decides. I was really hoping for a return!

2 years ago
Reply to  Biscotto7

Who knows, maybe she’ll be revealed later as one of the seven remaining contestants for Australia decides 2022. Or maybe she’ll pass. We’ll have to see