Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for national finals to start once again. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 23

The Rasmus – “Rise”

One month after rocking the Eurovision 2022 stage, Finland’s The Rasmus have followed up the experience by releasing the new single “Rise”. It’s a rock offering that harks back to the group’s noughties’ era. In the lyrics, vocalist Lauri Ylönen encourages us to aim for the sky and not let anything bring us down: “Never going down, down, down, don’t stop / Rise up / Lift your eyes and climb to the top / Rise up / Together”.

Benjamin Ingrosso – “Dancing On A Sunny Day”

Sometimes things don’t work out in a relationship, and that’s OK. This is something Benjamin Ingrosso has learnt and now he’s put it into the new summery pop song “Dancing On A Sunny Day”. After a short-lived summer romance, Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 star is finally able to move on: “It took a while for me but now I know / I think I’m on my way to letting go, whoa / We were young and it’s okay / But for a minute, we were dancing on a sunny day”. We don’t have long to wait for more new music from Benjamin – he’ll be releasing his new album this coming Friday.

Stefan – “Miraaž”

Stefan is leaving the Spaghetti Western music behind and is instead turning his attention to ’80s-inspired synth pop. This new genre forms the basis of his Eurovision 2022 follow-up single “Miraaž” (“Mirage”). Despite originally being written in English, Stefan later decided to switch to Estonian lyrics, which makes this Stefan’s first solo song in his native language.

TIX & El Papi – “Livet Er Herlig”

Summer is finally upon us and TIX is planning on making the most of it. Norway’s Eurovision 2021 representative has released “Livet Er Herlig” (“Life is wonderful”) alongside El Papi. A cheery pop song, the pair celebrate the fact that we’re all now able to spend the season with one another: “Bring the summer and bring the sun / Life is wonderful / Corona is done / Now everyone is together”.

Blind Channel – “Don’t Fix Me”

Ahead of their new album arriving next month, Blind Channel have shared the single “Don’t Fix Me”. The Finnish group blend their violent-pop style with some 2010’s punk rock to deliver a guitar heavy offering prime for a bit of headbanging. Lyrically, Blind Channel say that, even though they know their emotions are overwhelming them, they don’t need anyone to tell them how they should be living their lives: “Maybe I was born to be broken / I’m dead inside / And it’s alright / So don’t fix me”.

Dana International and Static & Ben El – “אחלה גבר”

The 2022 Tel Aviv Pride Parade took place on Friday. During the event, Eurovision 1998 champion Dana International premiered the new single “אחלה גבר” (“Cool man”), which she performs alongside fellow Israeli stars Static & Ben El. It’s a danceable track with a sassy edge to it. Dana sings to men who think they’re top dogs and reminds them about the power of women: “It’s just fine if you feel / That you are a cool man / But a woman / Shhh, shhh, shhh, quiet please / I have no shame, weaknesses”.

Willem & Jan – “Tussen Jou en Mij”

You may not instantly recognise Willem & Jan under this title, but both have graced the Eurovision stage. Willem is the birth name of two-time Eurovision entrant Waylon, while Jan Smit hosted the 2021 contest in Rotterdam. The Dutch singers have now formed this new duo and released the single “Tussen Jou en Mij” (“Between You and Me”). Willem & Jan reminisce about the times they spent together when they were younger. They also say they want to be around for each other in the future: “I’m coming, so save my spot / Even though I wasn’t always there / Everything is as it should be between you and me”.

AISEL – “Nə isə…”

AISEL’s new single is “Nə isə…” (“Whatever…”). You may think you recognise it upon first listen as the underlying melody has a resemblance to Camila Cabello’s “Havana”. But the Eurovision 2018 singer’s heart is not in Cuba. Instead, the Azeri star is hoping to move on from a failed relationship and rebuild her heart after it was broken: “Don’t go back, I said to myself many times / Let him go and not return to my eyes / But this time you believe my word”.

Aminata & Būū – “Kur saule”

“I fly to where the sun is”. Aminata is chasing after the big ball of plasma in the sky and has released the laidback, disco-tinged summer single “Kur saule” (“Where the sun is”). Whilst in the recording process, the Eurovision 2015 star decided to experiment by turning the song into a duet. The result is a collaboration with fellow Latvian artist Būū.

Elina Born & villemdrillem – “veelparem”

Following on from their 2020 collaboration, Estonia’s Elina Born and villemdrillem have teamed up once again. This time they’ve released “veelparem” (“even better”). Eurovision 2015 star Elina sings the chorus while villemdrillem provides some rap verses in between, resulting in an R&B-pop fusion underlined by a dance beat.

Voltaj – “Cie mai buni ani”

Everyone looks back fondly on what they deem to be “Cie mai buni ani” (“The best years”) of their life. But Voltaj are here to remind us that the best years can come at anytime we want: “It’ll be fine, don’t forget / This is our life, good, bad / The years next to you are the best years”. Romania’s Eurovision 2015 band bring an upbeat soft rock track to go along with the lyrics. They spoke more about the message on social media:

“The best years are the ones where you make them like that, they can be at any age, it is important to live them to the fullest, without regrets. That’s what our song is about! Energy, optimism and zest for life! We are sure that this is how you will feel after listening to it!”

Alma & Tag – “Tatted In My Memory”

Having grown up for a time in the USA, Alma continues to return every now and again. It’s there where she collaborated with producer Tag for the song “Tatted In My Memory”. Alma contributes most of the lyrics (predominantly in English but with one line of French), though Tag also has his own rap verse. The central theme of the song sees France’s Eurovision 2017 star being unable to stop thinking about a certain individual. But some of the lyrics border on controlling and stalkery: “Even at your workplace / Showing up unannounced / I don’t care / If you like it or not / I’ll be there”.

Svala – “Bones”

Svala is getting a tingling sensation in her “Bones”. Not medical related, the Icelandic singer instead feels optimism spreading through her body and the hope of a brighter future: “Live in the moment / Make out with a stranger / Those days will come / Those days will come / I feel it in my bones”. This uplifting message also comes through in the music, which delivers an upbeat pop sound with strong electronic backing.

De Toppers – “Happy Together”

De Toppers are bringing back flower power. The Dutch group have served up an upbeat and colourful cover of “Happy Together”, which was first sung by The Turtles in 1967. The song’s title forms the theme of De Toppers’ upcoming concert in November, where the Eurovision 2009 act hope to spread peace, love, unity and respect – just as hippies did in the 1960s.

VASIL – “Dangerous Waters”

“Now that you have given yourself permission to be yourself … it is time to dive deep into the waters of the unknown.” VASIL continues his journey with the second single from his upcoming EP. “Dangerous Waters” is an electropop track that captures a bit of the summer spirit. North Macedonia’s Eurovision 2021 star sings about diving into the experiences he once feared as a child, and that doing so led him to love: “Dangerous waters / This is where you and I collide / Feeling the rhythm of life / Run through my body”.

DoReDoS – “Падаю”

DoReDoS’s new single is “Падаю” (“Falling”). It’s got the drama and slightly dark feeling that many eastern European popstars focus their music around. Moldova’s Eurovision 2018 trio noted on Instagram they wanted to capture the range of feelings that love can provide in the music:

“We were inspired to write this track by love, it swallowed us to the tip of our fingers, and we expressed this state in words and notes. The song is filled with tenderness, pleasure, sexuality, energy, drive, in general, all the ranges of feelings that the state of love gives. Falling into love is an incredible high, this track will take you to that high.”

Tim Schou – “Little bit of good”

“A little bit of good never comes without a little bit of bad … I’m bad”. Denmark’s Tim Schou knows that life is not always picture perfect. In his new single, “Little bit of good”, the Eurovision 2011 singer warns his lover that they should expect both ups and downs from their relationship. Whilst the instrumentation is predominantly filled with percussion, the post-chorus makes use of some strings to add a little extra. 

Loulou Lamotte – “Hela vägen hem”

Sweden’s Loulou Lamotte is longing for the love of those back home. The Eurovision 2020 entrant and member of The Mamas has released “Hela vägen hem” (“All the way home”). It’s a sweet song that’s driven by percussion, giving it a country touch.

Soluna Samay – “Melancholia”

Soluna Samay has released the new single “Melancholia”. Denmark’s Eurovision 2012 act brings a slow and contemplative indie-pop track. In the lyrics, Solua wants to release herself from her melancholic thoughts, which she plans to do by leaving her partner: “I’m done believing / I’m leaving / I wish that I / Could shed these thoughts of mine / Heavy this time”.

Arash & Giorgos Mazonakis – “Tora Tora (Boro Boro)”

“Boro Boro” is a special song for Arash. It was his debut single and the song that launched his career. After reworking the track with added German lyrics last year, Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2009 star has now done the same with Greek lyrics. For this version, titled “Tora Tora”, Arash has collaborated with Greek singer Giorgos Mazonakis.

ByeAlex és a Slepp & T. Danny – “voltmárkicsi”

ByeAlex és a Slepp, fronted by Eurovision 2013 act ByeAlex, have joined forces with T.Danny for the new single “voltmárkicsi” (“it was a little”). It’s a steady percussion-driven track with a slight melancholic feel. This touch of sadness also features in the lyrics, where the Hungarian singers think about the love they once had: “It was a little beautiful / But it’s also been a long time / Dirty faded image / The love”.

Nina Badrić – Peristil Sentimenti

Nina Badrić has released the new album Peristil Sentimenti. It’s a live album that was recorded during her concert at the 2021 Splitski Festival. Croatia’s Eurovision 2012 act covers some of the hit songs that competed at the festival over its 60 year history, including pre-release single “Bez Tebe”.

Malik Harris – “you & i”

Malik Harris has followed up his appearance at Eurovision 2022 with the new single “you & i”. It’s a slightly deceptive title, as one might assume Malik sings about the strong bond he has with this other person. But no … the German singer is actually breaking the specified partnership apart: “I feel pain I’ve grown deep inside / I know we both have had it all / But I made up my mind about you and I / There’s no you and I”. Despite the break-up lyrics, the music here is more upbeat and pop in nature compared to Malik’s Eurovision entry.

Arvingarna & Anna Bergendahl – “När lyktorna tänds på andra sidan bron”

After a week off, Arvingarnas sommar returns to Swedish televisions on Sunday, with the Eurovision 1993 dansband continuing to bring the chilled summer vibes. In the latest episode, the Swedish quarter are joined by another Eurovision alum – 2010 contestant Anna Bergendahl. They’ll perform the song “När lyktorna tänds på andra sidan bron” (“When the lanterns are lit on the other side of the bridge”), which was first released by Sten-Åke Cederhök.

Tijana Bogićević – “Umem”

Tijana Bogićević’s latest single is “Umem” (“I know”). It’s an emotional ballad in which the Eurovision 2017 singer discusses how the love with her partner seems perfectly crafted: “I know this love / It’s as if the life of the role was written for us / Even if I die tomorrow / The heart next to you came alive, breathed”. Fans of Tijana don’t have long to wait for more music. The Serbian star is set to release her new album on Tuesday 14 June.

Jalisse – “Sveglia”

Jalisse want us to “Sveglia” (“Wake Up”) and live in the moment. Their new single encourages us to take back control of our own time and enjoy it with friends and loved ones, rather than zooming through life at full speed and missing such opportunities. Italy’s Eurovision 1997 duo deliver an upbeat track to go along with the message, accompanied by a light-hearted music video. The song was first released as part of their 2020 album, Voglio emozionarmi ancora.

Feminnem – “Zajedno”

Ten years after disbanding, Feminnem have officially reunited! The two-time Eurovision participants are celebrating the fact they’re back “Zajedno” (“Together”) with a new single. It’s an ’80s-inspired pop track with a commanding drum beat and synth touches in the chorus. The trio from Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina sing about their desire to always be close to a certain individual – while probably intended to refer to a lover, it also links well to Feminnem’s reunion: “Now I choose, I choose myself always next to you / Every time I would be with you again / If only we were together”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

I love Feminnem’s track it is a huge hit in Croatia

2 years ago

Stefan! ?

2 years ago

My picks this week: DoReDos and Stefan! Both great discoveries!

Esc addict
Esc addict
2 years ago

Big love for Alma and for The Rasmus