Although we’re officially into the Eurovision 2021 season, it will still be some time before we hear any national final and Eurovision songs. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of past Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers and performers associated with both Eurovision itself and the various national selections are thriving.

Here is a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released in the last week or so.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2020 | Week 46

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from The Mamas, Anna Bergendahl, Olivia Newton-John and more in a separate article during the run-up to Christmas.

Duncan Laurence – Small Town Boy

A year and a half after winning Eurovision 2019, Duncan Laurence has finally released his debut album. Small Town Boy showcases the journey that the Dutch singer has been on over this time. The 12-track LP includes his Eurovision entry “Arcade”, the songs from his debut EP Worlds On Fire and seven other new tracks. The album starts off slowly, with the first few songs setting up an atmospheric singer-songwriter style. Things begin to build from “Arcade” onwards, as the sound transitions more towards indie-pop with songs such as “Someone Else” and “Love Don’t Hate It”. It then culminates with Laurence’s EDM collaboration with Armin van Buuren, “Feel Something”. It’s definitely an album of two halves. While some may tune out during the first half, those who stick around will get to hear the full spectrum of what Duncan Laurence can offer as an artist.

WURST and Ricky Merino – “Smalltown Boy”

Following his collaboration with Austrian singer Lou Asril, WURST has now teamed up with a Spanish star. He joins TV host Ricky Merino (he presented Spain’s backstage Eurovision coverage from Lisbon) for a cover of Bronski Beat’s ’80s synthpop hit “Smalltown Boy”. The song is regarded as an LGBTQ anthem and describes someone leaving the suffocating life of a small town, in search of a place where they can be free. The two LGBTQ icons bring attitude and a modern style to their cover, and are cutting some fine shapes in the music video. (Robyn)

Carola – “Pray For Peace”

With everything that has happened in 2020, many people will be hoping for a more peaceful 2021. Eurovision 1991 winner Carola is hoping to spread some light herself with her new single “Pray For Peace”. It’s a pop-ballad in which the Swedish star hopes that everyone across Earth can find peace within themselves: “I pray for peace on Earth / I pray for peace for you / As it is in heaven”. There’s an ever so slight festive feel to the song with the inclusion of some bell chimes in the background. Carola spoke more about what the song means to her in a post on Instagram:

“For me it becomes even stronger every time I sing the song how important it is to start from the inner peace that I think it is the only way to have peace on earth – for real! Easier said than done BUT we can always clasp our hands and ask for just that. Then it starts in the heart. Pray for peace – for ourselves and the rest of the world. Then we can act on the basis of true motives, in everything.”

Douwe Bob – “Hold On”

Dutch singer Douwe Bob told us to “Slow Down” at Eurovision 2016. He’s taken his own advice for his latest single, “Hold On”, which sees the star delivering a slow country-pop track. Douwe sings to someone close to him who is going through a tough time: “How it hurts me to see you cry / And I can’t think of something to say”. The Dutch star tells them to keep pushing on as better days will be ahead: “You gotta hold on / You got your life to live / So much love to give / You gotta hold on”.

Hooverphonic – “Mad About You 2020”

Hooverphonic have gone through several line-up changes over the years, and this week saw the latest one. Luka Cruysbergh sadly departs the group, as Geike Arnaert is re-joining. During Geike’s previous stint as the band’s vocalist, Hooverphonic released one of their most acclaimed songs, “Mad About You”. With the return of Geike, the group have released an updated version of the song for 2020. This new version has a fuller orchestral sound and Geike’s vocals are more mature. Additionally, the chimes that were included in the background of the original are now no longer there, replaced in the bridge instead by a short guitar riff. The trio have also recently performed “Mad About You 2020” live, potentially giving us an insight into what we might expect from this old new line-up at Eurovision 2021.

ZOË – “Tout Paris”

ZOË was the first Austrian Eurovision star to sing their entry entirely in French. Now she’s running full-force with the French theme for her new single “Tout Paris” (“All of Paris”). It’s a catchy pop song that fully embraces a French sound owing to the acoustic guitar and accordion instrumentation – reminiscent of the work by French star Indila. The song comes with a quirky music video shot in black and white. It features the Eurovision 2016 star, an accompanying bowler-hatted character and plenty of appearances from a certain iconic tower.

Zdob și Zdub – “Чудо Лилияк”

Something old, something  new, something borrowed, something blue. Moldovan funk-pop group Zdob și Zdub are recycling and revitalising for their new single. “Чудо Лилияк” (“Miracle Lilyak”) is the Russian-language version of their 2018 Romanian-language single “Omul liliac” (“Batman”). While the Eurovision 2005 and 2011 group are using something old as the basis, the re-worked version has a completely different sound to it – those who don’t speak Russian and Romanian would easily mistake “Чудо Лилияк” for something completely new. Zdob și Zdub have borrowed the music video they used for “Omul liliac” and uploaded it once again with this latest version. With a predominantly blue colour scheme, it features a series of dancing monsters while a cartoon monster goes on a journey to deliver a flower.

Jalisse – Voglio emozionarmi ancora

Italy’s Eurovision 1997 duo Jalisse – Alessandra Drusian and Fabio Ricci – have released their new album Voglio emozionarmi ancora (I want to get excited again). It features ten songs all recorded from their home during lockdown between March and October this year. Speakig about the album, the pair note: “We want to highlight the simple things in life, the stories that give you the thrill, that warm you and that too often we forget because of our fears and the little time we dedicate to us”.

Ahead of the album’s release, Jalisse released the title single “Voglio emozionarmi ancora”. The song discusses the joy, hopes and dreams that the Itlaian duo have had since winning Sanremo 1997 with their subsequent Eurovision entry “Fiumi di parole”. In the lyrics, singer Alessandra specifically reflects on their victory and the audience who let them into their homes that evening: “I had a dream with you / Stopping time within a song … I entered your house without knocking / In your room as big as the sea / To dry that tear and I still feel the salt on me”.

Ben Cristovao – “Šílený”

In between writing his Eurovision 2021 track, Ben Cristovao (Benny Cristo) still continues to release other new songs for his fans in the meantime. The Czech rapper’s latest track is “Šílený” (“Crazy”). It’s a mid-tempo hip-hop song with a contemplative aura around it. Cristovao considers how he and his lover should make the most of their lives while they can: “If we don’t know what’s next, yeah / It’s getting a little clearer that the things we were afraid of don’t look so bad anymore / I feel more like we should have been more crazy”.

If you want more from Cristovao, he also features in “hloupej svět”, the new song by singer Karin Ann.

Donatas Montvydas (feat. Džordana Butkutė) – “17”

Lithuania’s Donny Montell has been serving retro vibes in his most recent singles, utilising an 80s synth-pop sound and performing under his full name Donatas Montvydas. He continues this with his latest track, in which the lyrics are also looking back in time, with Montvydas reminiscing about the time he was “17”. The Eurovision 2012 and 2016 star has collaborated with fellow Lithuanian singer Džordana Butkutė for the song, and Montvydas notes that it is so far the only duet that’s been recorded for his upcoming album. The pair sing: “Nothing has changed, all the same / As if we were only familiar yesterday / I see, your eyes betray me / If we could go back / I feel it again / As if it were seventeen for me”.

Jill Johnson – “When I Get Older”

“This year has really invited reflection both inwards and outwards. A lovely time to write music in!”, notes Sweden’s Jill Johnson. Like others, she’s taken time during the coronavirus pandemic to reflect on how she wants to move forward and live her life once things return to some form of normality again. The Eurovision 1998 star has now put her thoughts into the new song “When I Get Older”. It’s a simple but effective pop track, driven by acoustic guitar and percussion. Johnson sings about aiming to not have any regrets with her life: “I hope I beat the odds / Laugh till I couldn’t stop / That I heard that I’m loved / And I lived before it’s all over / That I have no regrets when I get older”.

Isaiah Firebrace and Stan Walker – “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

Deadly Hearts – Walking Together is a new compilation album that aims to celebrate the modern sound of indigenous Australia. As an aboriginal Australian himself, Isaiah Firebrace is featured on the LP. The Eurovision 2017 star has teamed up with Australian-born Māori singer Stan Walker for a cover of “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, originally performed by rock band Crowded House. The two artists perform a more stripped-back version of the song, accompanied by one lone guitar. Firebrace and Walker sing in both English and their native indigenous languages.

Kati Wolf – Gyerekszáj

We all experience music from the very start of our lives, with lullabies and other child-focused tunes often being where our love for music begins. Now, Hungary’s Kati Wolf is hoping to inspire a new generation of musicians with her children’s album Gyerekszáj (Child’s mouth). It consists of 13 tracks, ranging from slower ballads to mid-tempo tunes. Speaking about the new LP on Instagram, the Eurovision 2011 star said:

“I sang these mischievous, kind, funny, beautiful, heartfelt songs with great excitement and much happiness, which are not only for children, but also for parents and grandparents. Again, I had to realize that kids can only be addressed with great care, and I think they need to be taken really seriously and everything that is meant for them.”

Johnny Logan – “We Are Invincible”

Mr Eurovision, Johnny Logan, is shining a light on the elderly with his latest single “We Are Invincible”. The Irish singer has teamed up with LichtBlick, an organisation that cares for elderly members of society living in poverty, and all proceeds from the song will go to the charity. Logan hopes to remind people that old age will eventually come to everyone and that every elderly person deserves our care. The three-time Eurovision champion sings: “We are beautiful and we are proud / We have the courage to shout out loud / We are mothers, we are daughters / We are fathers, we are sons / We are invincible when we are one”.

ELENA – “Vulnerabili”

“To live means to be vulnerable”. Vulnerability is something that people often don’t like to show to others, but it ultimately makes us human. Romanian singer ELENA is displaying some of her vulnerabilities through her latest song. “Vulnerabili” is a mid-tempo pop track in which the Eurovision 2009 star sings to her lover about their connection: “I’d like to believe / That before everything else, we’re / Inseparable, at the wrong time / In this world which sees us as small / And vulnerable”. The glistening music video was filmed on two separate days in summer and autumn.

Eva Boto – “Ko Najdeš Sebe”

“Ko Najdeš Sebe” (“When You Find Yourself”) is the title track from Eva Boto’s debut album, released last year. The Slovenian singer has now given the song the music video treatment. In the MV, we see a woman working late. But, she decides to let loose and joins her partner, who also happens to work there, for a dance around the office. Lyrically, the Eurovision 2012 star sings about how finding yourself is key to letting you live your best life: “When you find yourself, you find all the paths that lead you to the heart”. Speaking more about the meaning of the song, Eva notes:

“Finding your essence can sometimes be exhausting and long, but there is no better feeling when you find out in life what really makes you happy and gives you meaning. I believe that each of us has his own corner of happiness. Everyone seeks their own, just don’t despair over the search.”

Kill Buzzbee (feat. Tim Schou) – “Save Yourself”

“When the guys asked me to be in on a feature, I didn’t have to think twice”, noted Tim Schou on the release of “Save Yourself”. The frontman of Denmark’s Eurovision 2011 band A Friend in London provides his vocals for the track, though his voice is slightly processed to add to the electro-pop sound of the song. Schou sings about how he needs to spend time on himself and suggests his pursuer does the same. The Danish singer commented further about the experience of writing the song:

“This little collaboration with the legends behind Kill Buzzbee has been a freeing experience. As a signed artist, there are a lot of restrictions and processes leading up to releasing a song. With Kill Buzzbee, we just wrote a song we liked and then decided to put it out. Simple as that. Hope it hits home with you, as much as it did with us.”

Danica Krstić and Divanhana – “Oj, curice”

Danica Krstic was a part of Serbia’s Eurovision 2018 act Balkanika. While in lockdown earlier this year, the Serbian star was doing some virtual music writing with Bosnian sevdah band Divanhana. Now, they’ve been able to get in the studio and record the song. Their take on folk tune “Oj, curice” (“Oh, girl”) is a charming track with plenty of traditional instrumentation. The listener is definitely taken on a journey throughout the song, with the tempo changing at various points as the singers create ebb and flow.

Lidia Kopania – “Faith Cannot Be Broken”

Lidida Kopania represented Poland at Eurovision 2009. Her latest single is “Faith Cannot Be Broken”. At 5:06 minutes long, it’s a slow burner. The Polish singer delivers an atmospheric peace ballad with a steady drum beat throughout. Kopania sings about turning hate to love before it’s too late: “Faith cannot be broken / But one day this world could fall, fall apart”.

Alizzz & Amaia – “El Encuentro” (Gallery Session)

Following the release of her new single “El encuentro”, Amaia has again teamed up with Spanish rapper Alizzz for a live performance of the song. The two perform the song in a plain white studio space, which occasionally changes colour with the mood of the song. While the official music video features the singers on a wild road trip, the minimalist setting of the live performance lets the song stand out — and possibly suggests the route that Amaia’s new recordings may take. (Robyn)

Katy Perry (feat. Aitana) – “Resilient” [Tiësto Remix]

Aitana’s star just keeps getting brighter and brighter. The Operación Triunfo 2017 Eurovision Gala runner-up has now had the opportunity to collaborate with American superstar Katy Perry. Aitana features on the new version of Perry’s song “Resilient”, remixed by Dutch DJ Tiësto. The Spanish star sings the second verse in her native Spanish before switching to English for the chorus. Aitana notes that “this is a dream come true”. No doubt this will help give her the chance to shine in front of new audiences outside of the Latin music bubble.

Margaret (feat. Kukon) – “No Future”

Margaret had hoped to release her new album Maggie Vision in two weeks time; however, the Polish star and her team have now decided to postpone the release until February 2021 owing to the current Covid-19 situation. Instead, the Krajowe Eliminacje and Melodifestivalen alum has dropped the new song “No Future”. A thumping hip-hop track, it also features a rap verse from Kukon, with the pair discussing their disdain for Poland’s current political situation. The duo wrote the song earlier in the summer, but Margaret explained that the decision to release the song now was related to the recent abortion ruling in the country:

“The decision to release it now, on the eve of Independence Day, was made after our government decided, this time in the midst of a raging pandemic, to hit women and distract another social divide from their own ineptitude in fighting the virus”.

MARUV – “Maria”

If there’s anything you can expect from a MARUV song, it’s attitude. The Ukrainian star delivers that once again in her new electric-guitar-tinged single “Maria”. This time, MARUV is taking aim at the person who broke her heart. While the relationship got off to a good start, the Vidbir 2019 champion wasn’t going to wait around when her lover messed things up: “We were damn perfect / And you f***ed it up / Now that it’s done I have no regret / You shot me once, baby, I shot you back / Maria, Maria / Don’t break my heart”.

Also this week, MARUV released the collaboration “Есть только миг” (“There is only a moment”) with Danya Milokhin. It features on the soundtrack for the new Russian TV show Перевал Дятлова (Dyatlov Pass).

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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3 years ago

find out today Micha? Szpak singing along few other known Polish singer. It is a protest song. Title means My body, My choice. But the lyrics is connected with ‘dziady’ (check wikipidia) especially mentions content of drama (poetic genre) Dziady part 4 written by Adam Mickiewicz

3 years ago

Wurst (Conchita) has such a special timbre in his voice.

Last edited 3 years ago by Anita
3 years ago

Duncan’s album is perfect, it’s like the Dutch Sam Smith or something like that. Great sound and lyrics. He deserves success outside Netherlands and Belgium.

3 years ago

What is the right way to write it: Small Town Boy or Smalltown Boy?