The Eurovision 2023 season is slowly beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our final weekly roundup of the year with a selection of just some of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2022 | Week 50

Note: We’ll be featuring the new festive-themed songs from Eurovision stars in a series of separate articles during the coming week.

Måneskin – “LA FINE”

There’s lots to look forward to in 2023, not least because Måneskin are dropping a brand new album in January. The Eurovision 2021 winners have teased the LP with new single “LA FINE” (“The End”). Despite their global success over the last couple of years, this 100% Italian-language song shows the band haven’t completely forgotten their roots. A pulsing glam rock track, “LA FINE” delivers the spirit that gripped fans during their earlier work. Lyrically, Damiano notes that sometimes you need to escape from a path that is leading your life in the wrong direction: “Know that it’s not the beginning, it’s the end / Even the prettiest rose has its thorns / Maybe the only response is to leave / Or to stay and rot”.

Flo Rida feat. Jimmie Allen – “No Bad Days”

Yeehaw! Flo Rida is serving up a country/hip-hop blend for the new single “No Bad Days”. San Marino’s Eurovision 2021 rapper provides the first verse. American singer Jimmie Allen then delivers the rest of the song, singing about letting the good vibes flow and not letting things bring you down: “We ain’t havin’ no bad days / We stay livin’ on good times / When the cups dried up / Fill another right up / And let it just slide”.

KALUSH & SKOFKA – “Батьківщина”

Eurovision 2022 rapper KALUSH previously released an EP together with SKOFKA in 2021. Now the pair have revealed they’ve joined forces for another joint record. The first song from this new EP is “Батьківщина” (“Homeland”). A steady and sombre track, the pair discuss how Ukraine will prevail and always fight for freedom: “No matter how much you shoot at our land / How many fields did not fall / Our mother will live forever / The earth will give birth more than once”. In a comment on social media, KALUSH discussed the song further:

“It’s written with heart and soul, pain for Ukraine and sadness for the fallen heroes, written to raise the morale of our defenders, and everyone is a defender here, who is on the front line and who is in the rear.”

Italian artist M¥SS KETA included “SCANDALOSA” (“Scandalous”) on her latest album. She’s now released a remix of the song featuring France’s Eurovision 2019 star Bilal Hassani. Bilal contributes the first verse in his native French, but then joins M¥SS KETA in Italian for the chorus. They sing about how someone is looking for a new scoop about them, but they somewhat play along: “Scandalous, ah, ah / It happens between you and me / But it does not remain in private”.

Zlata Ognevich – “Як мені бути”

“These words came to my mind when I saw the eyes of military wives during the posthumously awarding ceremony of Heroes of Ukraine. Heart in half… tears in my eyes while writing these lines.”

Zlata Ognevich is honouring Ukrainian women who have lost their closest relatives as a result of the ongoing war. The Eurovision 2013 bronze medallist conveys this emotion through a delicate blend of drum machine beats and flute accompaniment. In the lyrics of “Як мені бути” (“How should I be?”), Zlata sings in first person and is determined to keep the memory of her loved ones alive: “Well, how should I be, how should I be, how? / I can’t forget, I will forget you / With the angels now as one family / You are there and I am here / Your name is on repeat”.

Conchita Wurst – “Dirty Maria”

After a year jam-packed with new music, Conchita Wurst finishes 2022 with “Dirty Maria”. The tracks sees the Eurovision 2014 champion trying to leave a relationship behind. However, the Austrian star isn’t quite able to move on completely: “Dirty Maria, I wanna know / Is it alright if I keep coming back to you? / Dirty Maria, please let me go / You know my weakness is the bleakness without you”.

Stefania – “Piano Fotia”

The song “Piano Fotia” (“I’m On Fire”) is as old as Stefania herself. It was first released in 2002 by Greek pop-rock group Ble. Stefania has now covered the track for her latest single. Greece’s Eurovision 2021 star updates the production but keeps the overall song very close to the original. Considering Stefania is 20 years old, the opening verse about dancing through the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s is a little misplaced. Nevertheless, she can still relate to the lyrical theme of changing over time and trying to fill your life with as much as possible: “My little decades / Screwed up illusions / I thought I was meant for more / Empty years, empty years / I’m on fire, I’m on fire”.

Anna Vissi – “Gazoza”

Anna Vissi is feeling as bubbly as a “Gazoza” – a Greek carbonated soft drink. The three-time Eurovision star wants her lover to take a sip and help her start the party: “Turn my boredom into a Saturday / What are you waiting for? / My love, what? / Drink me as if I’m a gazoza”. The music also taps into this sparkling and fizzy feeling, providing plenty of opportunity to dance along.

Sergej Ćetković – “Na privi pogled”

Sometimes love can be instant. All you need is that first glance and you immediately know this person could be the one for you. Montenegro’s Sergej Ćetković has experienced exactly this, having fallen for someone “Na privi pogled” (“At first sight”). The Eurovision 2014 alum delivers a Balkan ballad with a rock edge courtesy of an accompanying electric guitar in the second half. Sergej sings of this moment when his heart began to flutter: “I loved you at first sight / At first touch, I’m already your life / From the first moment you covered my soul with your smile / My heart only knows about you”.

wrs – “Tu Nu Vrei”

wrs is known for bringing the party spirit. But, for his latest single the Eurovision 2022 star is showcasing a more emotional side to his music. “Tu Nu Vrei” (“You Don’t Want”) tells a story of how the Romanian singer gave his heart to someone special, only for them to mistreat it. This person’s actions are now bringing both of them down: “You don’t want, you don’t want, you don’t want / Look at the sky and talk to me / That you killed me in cold blood / You destroyed your stories”.

MOLLA feat. Kobi Marimi – “Amen”

Kobi Marimi may feature on “Amen”, but we don’t hear him utter a single word. Instead, Israel’s Eurovision 2019 act adds a line of spiritual vocal warbles on top of the EDM production, which comes from music producer MOLLA.

Deep Zone Project – “Kakto Predi”

“Kakto Predi” (“As Before”) was originally recorded by Bulgarian singer Tony in 2002. Now, 20 years later, Deep Zone Project have shared their own version. The Eurovision 2008 group turn the song into a much more danceable offering with a catchy beat underlining it. The lyrics discuss a desire for people to remember who you were before a certain event: “How long do I have to talk / To describe myself by memory? / How long do I have to beg you / Think about me as you did it before”.

Ronnie Romero – “Metal Daze”

Ronnie Romero continues his cover series with a rendition of “Metal Daze”. The song was first released by American heavy metal band Manowar in 1982. Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2022 singer keeps his cover relatively similar to the original. There’s plenty of guitar action, with Alfredo Alonso contributing the guitar solo.

Musiqq – “Ar tevi Kopā”

Musiqq tap into the theme of togetherness for their latest single. The Latvian duo round off the year with “Ar tevi Kopā” (“Together with you”). It blends elements of their pop and R&B style, but the song also develops into a jazzy number thanks to some saxophone riffing.

Eliot – “Chosen”

Eliot utilises a plethora of electronic production in his latest single “Chosen”. Belgium’s Eurovision 2019 representative shapes the digital beats into an almost haunting track that builds to a dynamic conclusion as Eliot sings “The lights will tell the truth / I don’t feel like anybody else”.

Severina – “Vjerujem u Boga”

“You will never be my spade, my priest / And it’s not because the tears are about to start / I believe in God / Does God believe in me?”. After battling many trials and tribulations throughout her life, Severina is starting to wonder about the support she’s getting from on high. Croatia’s Eurovision 2006 star delivers a mid-tempo track in which she’s accompanied by a children’s choir in the bridge and final chorus. The singer’s Instagram posts shed more light on the message of the song:

“A Dalmatian woman, who experienced all the ups and downs that God can assign to a woman, Severina showed that she was successful in surviving shipwrecks, a hundred times when she was broken and broken into atoms. This is the woman Severina sings about in the song ‘Vjerujem u Boga’, through which she actually questions her faith and honestly and cynically reflects on her life mistakes.”

Monika Liu – “Šampanas (bul bul bul)”

After a successful year, Monika Liu is celebrating with a glass of “Šampanas” (“Champagne”). Lithuania’s Eurovision 2022 star serves up a seductive alternative pop song. At the start of the lyrics, Monika sings about toasting champagne with her lover and caressing each other’s hands. The drinks continue to flow throughout the night, so by the time we reach the final verses the pair are just a tad tipsy: “Brain drowning in champagne / Bubbling, bubbling, can’t think of anything anymore / Dissolves in a fountain of bubbles / Neither arms nor legs can be controlled anymore”.

Aleksandar Tarabunov feat. Tamara Todevska – “Samo ti mi falish”

North Macedonia’s Tamara Todevska recently featured on the new single from Aleksandar Tarabunov. The two-time Eurovision entrant contributes some of the verses and joins Tarabunov for the chorus. “Samo ti mi falish” is a disco offering that keeps grooving from start to end. Todevska and Tarabunov sing of this groove in the lyrics and how they hope to feel it between them: “Only you / Turn me on / There’s disco funk in here / Say what you have in mind”.

Waldo’s People, Basic Element, Dr Alban feat. Elize Ryd – “Life Is Now”

We end with a Scandi mega-collaboration. Waldo’s People — Finland’s Eurovision 2009 group — have joined forces with Swedish group Basic Element, Swedish-Nigerian artist Dr Alban, and Swedish singer Elize Ryd. They’ve all come together for “Life Is Now”, a Eurodance banger about living for every moment: “For tonight, we are young / Yeah, we let it all out / When we embrace the music / Everybody’s on fire / ‘Cause life is right now”.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Sergej ?etkovi? has such a soothing voice… I really like his songs! His Eurovision entry was very beautiful too.

Ria van de Velde
Ria van de Velde
1 year ago

I love Balcan ballads and this one is beautiful
Sergej ?etkovi? – “Na privi pogled”
This song is also great: Severina – “Vjerujem u Boga”

1 year ago

Severina ‘s song is also composed by Dino Merlin who of course represented Bosnia two times