Summer is always the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2023 | Week 23 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller halves. You can find part 2 here.

Noa Kirel, Sagi Kariv & Forever Tel Aviv – “פרובוקטיבית”

Following on from her third-place finish at Eurovision 2023, Noa Kirel isn’t ready to stop the party just yet. The Israeli star has recorded a song alongside DJ Sagi Kariv for Forever Tel Aviv, an organisation that runs numerous LGBTQ parties and festivals. Released just ahead of Tel Aviv pride, “פרובוקטיבית” (“Provocative”) is a fierce bop all about taking action when others don’t let people be their true authentic self: “When I’m silenced I want to scream / If they don’t give me then I will take by force / Little by little it will enter your mind / Everyone is who they want to be / Don’t touch me, don’t touch him”.

Emma, Tony Effe and Takagi & Ketra – “TAXI SULLA LUNA”

Time to blast off into orbit. Eurovision 2014 alumna Emma has collaborated with rapper Tony Effe for “TAXI SULLA LUNA” (“Taxi To The Moon”), produced by Takagi & Ketra. Tony delivers the verses, with Emma then leading the pre-chorus. In the latter, Emma speaks of the pair’s connection and how she’ll ensure they can always be together: “It’s raining, but if you look at me with big eyes, the sun returns / And I want to give you two hundred kisses in slow motion / But what a pity if you say no / Even if everything falls apart, I’ll take you with me / Taxi to the moon”.

Benjamin Ingrosso – “I Had It All And Let It Go”

The latest season of Benjamin’s came to a close this last week. In the final episode, Benjamin Ingrosso performed his new single “I Had It All And Let It Go”. Sweden’s Eurovision 2018 star wrote the song alongside ABBA’s Björn Ulvæus. The atmospheric ballad has no defined chorus, but is more of a monologue. In these lyrics, Benjamin sings of his regret about not holding onto something special: “I’ll meet the world again without you / Those dizzy heights, I call it bliss / And now to cope is all there is / Oh god, dear god, I miss you baby / It hurts to know / I had it all and let it go”.

Kalomira – “Stohos”

Kalomira is back with her first new single since 2020. Greece’s Eurovision 2008 bronze medallist serves up a solid Mediterranean pop offering with “Stohos” (“Goal”), and it certainly wouldn’t be out of place on a summer playlist. In the lyrics, Kalomira hatches a plan to win the heart of a certain individual: “I set a goal, a goal / And I think I have it / I have found a way / To have you here”.

Miki Núñez – 121

Miki Núñez has built a strong career since competing at Eurovision 2019. He’s now dropped his third studio album. Titled 121, it features 12 songs, including popular past singles “10 Minutos”, “La Mitad” and “Dime Que No Duele”. The Spanish singer’s charm and personality shines throughout the rest of the songs as well. It’s the perfect album to have on repeat this summer.

Iveta Mukuchyan – “Mi qich erkar hamburir”

Iveta Mukuhyan wants to feel the touch of her lover’s soft lips for as long as possible. In her new single, “Mi qich erkar hamburir” (“Kiss me a little longer”), Armenia’s Eurovision 2016 star says that the lack of affection is agonising: “If you know how to caress like that / Why are you causing pain? / Besame aqui un poco / A little more / A little more / Kiss me a little longer”. You’ll notice that the sensual dance-pop track is bilingual, with a little Spanish thrown in amongst the Armenian lyrics.

Douwe Bob – “The World Is Our Home”

Douwe Bob’s new single is “The World Is Our Home”. It’s a country-pop offering about finding a place where you belong. For the Netherlands’ Eurovision 2016 representative, this is with his the people that he loves: “Staring at the stars in the sky tonight / I am at a place where I belong / Never felt so much alive / And we shout out this world is our home”.

Athena – Kendi Yolumda

Last year, Athena’s singer Gökhan Özoğuz starred in the movie Kendi Yolumda. Turkey’s Eurovision 2004 act were involved in composing music for the film, and now the full soundtrack is out on streaming services. Some of the songs have already been released, such as “Haklıyız Kazanacağız”, “Dam Üstüne Çul Serer” and their 2011 cover of “Ben Böyleyim”. But there are also a couple of previously unreleased songs to take a listen to.

Maraaya – “Nebesa”

Slovenian duo Maraaya are taking us to “Nebesa” (“Heaven”). The Eurovision 2015 participants deliver an upbeat track with a fun kazoo post-chorus. In the description of the music video, Maraaya share what their version of heaven involves:

“The song Nebesa describes the PERFECT world through OUR eyes. Where at home are nice words, kindness and above all a lot of love for yourself and others. Love each other.”

3JS – Mooie Tijden

3JS have had plenty of Mooie Tijden (Good Times) throughout their career. Now they’ve encapsulated that feeling in their 12th studio album. The LP features ten songs, including recent singles “Vallen en Weet Opstaan”, “Als Je Haar Ziet” and “De Trein”. The Eurovision 2011 alum recorded the songs whilst in America, and a stateside country inspiration can be heard throughout the record.

Friðrik Ómar & Svavar Viðarsson – “Orðin mín”

Serhat – “M.Y.K.O.N.O.S”

Serhat is inviting us to spend the summer partying away on Mykonos. The two-time Eurovision act serves up a warm and bright single that combines pop, dance and world music. In a press release, Serhat explained by the Greek island was his favourite holiday destination:

“On Mykonos I find myself in the most peaceful way thinkable. It’s where my fantasy becomes reality and I can only hope that everyone has a place like that. If not, everyone is welcome to come with me to Mykonos. People know that I like to throw a party and get them dancing. My goal has always been to bring joy, bringing people of all generations back together through music.”

Tom Hugo – “Royal”

The second single from Tom Hugo’s upcoming EP is “Royal”. Norway’s Eurovision 2019 star brings us a summery pop track with an acoustic feel to it. The lyrics discuss a young person who is deceiving themself and not accepting who they really are. This was inspired by Tom’s own childhood, growing up as an LGBTQ person in a conservative part of Norway. But of course Tom’s story didn’t end there and now he can inspire other people to step into their own light – he’ll be performing with KEiiNO at Bergen Pride this weekend, and later Jessheim and Oslo Pride.

Jessika – “Rain”

Jessika has dropped the new single “Rain”. It’s a power ballad in which San Marino’s Eurovision 2018 act recounts a difficult moment in her life when her tears fell like rain. But in the bridge, Jessika takes a more positive approach: “Cross that bridge when you get there / Even if the tears are falling / Don’t look down / Everything will be alright”.

Emel – “Vrati Je”

“Life, bring her back, treat me with sadness / If I am your debtor, I paid off the debt / She’s my life, understand that life / When I am alone, I call her name”. Former D mol member Emel is hoping to be reunited with a special someone. Montenegro’s Eurovision 2019 singer delivers a powerful Balkan pop ballad with his latest single “Vrati Je”, which comes with a striking music video.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

Emel – you should have gone to Liverpool with this!

1 year ago

Sweden the best, again! Ingrosso delivers!

1 year ago

Well, this is some really good songwriting on the new song by Benjamin Ingrosso . Congrats. Impressive work there.