I processed a lot of emotions during the year I wrote my memoir “Wild Dances: My Queer and Curious Journey to Eurovision.” Grief, regret, resentment, guilt — it was a frequently bitter cocktail. I thought I’d fully digested all of it. But then I spent 20 hours in a tiny recording booth reading my book out loud to a stranger, who spoke to me through a headset in another room, occasionally whispering, “Are you OK to continue?”

All of that to say: Please forgive the whimpers and warbles in my audiobook, which is out now. It’s available on Audible, Apple and wherever else you get your audiobooks. Link in bio.

Don’t have an Audible account? Well you can listen free for 30 days, during which you can access thousands of audiobooks and podcasts to take wherever you go.

You can hear a sample below and another on Amazon.

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Praise for “Wild Dances”

📣 “A page-turning, tragicomic memoir . . . By ingeniously weaving improbable and conflicting forces that make up his personal history, Adams affirms a resilient idea of home that yearns to transcend space and time.”

— Thúy Đinh, NPR

📣 “A breathtaking and beautifully written book: it’s lodged itself in my heart.”

— Nigella Lawson

📣 “A revealing memoir about surviving childhood trauma to embrace the prismatic rainbow of chosen family.”

— Kirkus Reviews

📣 “An unlikely whirlwind…nothing about William Lee Adams’s heartfelt journey is predictable.”

— Mickey Rapkin, author of Pitch Perfect

📣 “A pitch-perfect piece of autobiographical storytelling, a love song to the inspirational power of pop and the enduring resilience of queer kids with big dreams.”

— Kai Cheng Thom, author of Falling Back In Love With Being Human: Letters to Lost Souls

📣 “An amazing true story more fascinating than fiction…How Adams handles his life’s outrageous challenges — with dignity and courage — will lift your heart. A courageous story well told.”

— David Crow, author of The Pale-Faced Lie


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A post shared by William Lee Adams (@williamleeadams)

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