The Eurovision 2024 season is beginning to heat up. Over the course of the next few months, we will all fall in and out of love with scores of new national final and Eurovision entries. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs and music videos released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 7 part 2

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller parts. You can find part 1 here.

Joker Out – “Everybody’s Waiting”

Here we have a song about anxiety from the Slovenian rock band Joker Out, who represented their country in last year’s Eurovision. The song starts slowly and becomes more powerful, delving deeper into its topic. The sound is experimental, with a bit of a psychedelic vibe. According to the video description, the song was inspired by the lead vocalist Bojan’s panic attacks, both on stage and in everyday life. The description emphasizes how anxiety is on the rise in our success-driven society but often goes overlooked. The song provides a way for listeners to relate and accept their own feelings. It reminds us that we’re all protagonists in our own stories, and we have people counting on us to shine every day.

The lyrics address the notion of confronting the demons within one’s mind, while also shedding light on how people tend to abandon you when you’re struggling and unable to meet their expectations anymore. They depict a scenario where despite the pressures to prepare for significant events and fulfill obligations, one finds themselves isolated and unsupported when they hit rock bottom: “Starlight effect and a cigarette/ You should be getting ready for the big day/ Quotas to fill, bills to pay/ The center of the world on a pedestal/ Until it’s your turn to take the fall/ Everyone’s there, no one gives you a call.” The music video encourages the viewer to confront their fears by looking them in the eyes. 


An outstanding album comes from Italy. Mahmood first represented his country in 2019 and made a comeback alongside Blanco in 2022. This year, Mahmood once again competed in Italy’s festival that selects their Eurovision act, Sanremo, securing a respectable 6th place. His latest album, translated as “In Others’ Beds,” features nine tracks and one intro, showcasing Mahmood’s signature blend of ballads, pop, and hip hop. Among the tracks are both new songs and previously released tracks like “Cocktail D’Amore” (Love Cocktail) and “Tuta Gold” (All Gold). The second one was Mahmood’s entry in this year’s Sanremo Festival, enjoying immense success and dominating music charts not only in Italy but globally. The album boasts three collaborations: Slim Soledad features on the intro, Capo Plaza joins for “Neve Sulle Jordan” (Snow on the Jordan), and two more artists, chiello and Tedua features on “Paradiso” (Paradise).

About his new album, Mahmood said:

In these last three years I feel I have changed a lot.
I tried to remove as many superstructures as possible, even in relating to people. I’ve lived in multiple homes, slept in beds in new cities, thinking all the time about why as a child I dreamed of doing what I’m lucky enough to do today. (…) It is in other people’s beds that we often find ourselves. I hope that in this album you can find a part of yourself.

Anxhela Peristeri – “ME PLIGOSES”

Anxhela, the Albanian singer who competed in ESC 2021, surprises us with a Greek song titled “You Hurt Me.” Anxhela has previously covered numerous Greek songs, so her fans were eagerly anticipating a fresh Greek track from her. Melancholic and tender, the song delves deep into themes of separation and disappointment in love: “I can’t understand how you can decide for me too/ Don’t let me give you what I think you deserve/ How could you turn my dreams into nightmares/ And push your love to unknown lovers?” The accompanying music video perfectly captures the challenges an artist faces in their personal life while still needing to smile and perform (music video available here).

In the shadow’s of the song release, Anxhela shared some lines about powerful women:

– Who is the most difficult woman to conquer?
– The woman who feels good alone
– But why?
– Because this woman has overcome the pain of loss, lack, exhaustion, has turned defeat into victory, has learned to love herself.
She is a strong woman and is her own hero. She is not a woman for everyone, she is only for heroes.

Blanka – “Cara Mia”

Blanka continues her streak of chart-topping hits following her representation of Poland in Eurovision 2023. Her latest song, titled in Italian as “Cara Mia” (My Darling) shows once again Blanka’s connection with Italy. This connection was also highlighted when she made a cameo appearance in the music video for “Un Ragazzo Una Ragazza” by The Kolors, one of the songs competing in Italy’s Festival di Sanremo (you can watch the music video here).

“Cara Mia” is a lively pop banger that promises to dominate the charts. The accompanying music video adds a humorous touch, showing Blanka’s determined efforts to win over the boy she likes. The lyrics, blending Italian and English, exude a joyful vibe: “Baby, I wanna see ya/ Make you my cara mia, mia, mia/ So if you want me, let me know.” 

Andromache & Giorgos Livanis – “I Agapi Ayti”

Andromache, who represented Cyprus in Eurovision 2022, has embarked on a new collaboration with her real-life boyfriend, Greek artist Giorgos Livanis, adding a touch of romance to your playlists. Their latest ballad, rooted in traditional influences, exudes authenticity that transports listeners on an imaginary Greek tour.

Titled “This Love” (the English translation of the original Greek title), the song is a perfect love ballad, emphasizing the importance of sticking together and overcoming life’s challenges with a loved one. The heartfelt lyrics resonate deeply: “There is no such love anywhere else/ Not even in my wildest dreams/ You fill in my blanks/ And I spread my wings again/ There is no such love anywhere else.”

The accompanying music video was filmed in Rome, capturing a story of love at first sight that culminates in marriage, all set against the backdrop of a Roman Holiday context. The visuals complement the emotional depth of the song, creating a captivating experience for viewers.

Douwe Bob – Where Did All The Cool Kids Go?

Douwe captivated audiences when he represented the Netherlands in ESC 2016. On Valentine’s Day, he finally released his highly anticipated album, Where Did All The Cool Kids Go. The album is a compilation of hits, many of which have significant radio potential. The three tracks already released, “Chase My Heart Away (Hero)”, “Light of My Life”, and “Nothing to Lose”, have already demonstrated this with their success in the Dutch charts. Now, the complete album offers 12 tracks all showcasing various genres, from ballads to pop, and from pop to country, all matching Douwe’s style perfectly. With a retro vibe, the album feels like the ideal soundtrack for a romantic movie. Additionally, the album features a collaboration with Jennifer Ewbank, with a duet on the track “Sailing.”

Jala Brat – Goat Season (Part One)

A dose of trap and hip-hop music comes from Bosnian rapper Jala Brat. We remember his participation in Eurovision in 2016 alongside Dalal, Deen, and Ana Rucner. He has just released the first part of his new EP, Goat Season, comprising 5 songs guaranteed to get you vibing. Clearly, the use of ‘goat’ in the title is a nod to the slang term meaning “Greatest of All Time,” and in the realm of Bosnian rap music, he certainly fits the bill. One of the tracks from his EP, “Randevu,” may sound familiar, as it was released individually as a teaser for the new EP. Additionally, you’ll find some intriguing collaborations on this project. On “Puklo Nebo” (Cracked Sky), you can hear Elena Kitić, a Serbian hip-hop artist with whom Jala has collaborated in the past too. Furthermore, another Jala’s long-term collaborator, Buba Corelli, features on two tracks, namely “Rosalia” and “Monster.” Every single track on the album has a music video, check them all in this playlist

Rosa López – “Infernum”

Rosa, the beloved representative of Spain in 2002, offers a glimpse of her new album with a track titled “Infernum” (Hell). The song is a powerful and burning hot track, perfectly showcasing Rosa’s vocal prowess. In “Infernum,” Rosa ventures into a new musical style while still impressing with her powerful voice. The track features sections with just piano, blending seamlessly with the alternative pop elements to create a captivating composition. Anticipation is high for Rosa’s upcoming album, which is set to include 12 tracks.

Orkhan Zeynalli feat. AISEL – “Səma”

The next song tackles a serious topic too. AISEL, who represented Azerbaijan in 2018, collaborates with fellow Azerbaijani artist Orkhan Zeynalli on a heartbreaking ballad titled “Sky.” The music video reflects the theme of grief, portraying a separation that goes beyond a mere break-up. The lyrics metaphorically describe the biggest distance that can occur between the two individuals: “I’m in the sky/ You are in the river/ The doors of my heart/ I didn’t open it anyway.” The perfect harmony of their voices, combined with the poignant lyrics and somber music video, may bring tears in your eyes.

Nico & Pepe – “Zile şi Nopţi”

This week being Valentine’s Day, many songs revolve around themes of love. Nico, who represented Romania in 2008, has released a new song capturing the feeling of longing and the anticipation of reuniting with a loved one. Titled “Days and Nights,” the song is a collaboration with fellow Romanian singer Pepe. It exudes a cozy vibe, complemented by a music video portraying the longing to return to a “home” that is deeply missed. However, the song suggests that home isn’t always a physical place; sometimes, it’s found in a person: “I count the days and I count the nights/ I’m at home, you’re elsewhere/ Love is written on your lips,/ I miss you, I miss everything/ Us in the morning in the bedroom/ I’m coming home, I miss you so much.”

NAVIBAND – “Прабач”

NAVIBAND, who represented Belarus in 2017, has released a new intimate and sweet song that feels like a heartfelt confession. Titled “Sorry,” the song is accompanied by a black and white music video filmed in one continuous shot, depicting the genuine love between the two artists. The lyrics speak of the challenges and storms that couples inevitably face, acknowledging unhealed wounds and difficult times. However, amidst it all, the song reassures that the journey is meant for two, and no one will ever be alone, as their love will help them overcome everything: “Sorry/ For winds and fogs/ Unhealed wounds/ I’m sorry about everything/ Let them/ Thunderstorms pass/ I promise you/ We’ll endure it.”

Gromee, Gamuel Sori & Kairos Grove – “Deja Vu”

Gromee, who represented Poland in Eurovision in 2018 alongside Lukas Meijer, has teamed up with the digital project Kairos Grove and Italian DJ Gamuel Sori for a new collaboration. This song is guaranteed to get you dancing; it’s the perfect club banger. Accompanied by a music video, the track mesmerizes with its incredible blend of electronic music. The lyrics express a deep love for someone, so much so that you find yourself constantly drawn back to that person, unable to be with anyone else: “I try to lose you but we’re caught in a loop/ Body to body yeah we’re dancing to/ Deja-vu.”

Ott Lepland – “Kuuvalgus”

Get ready for a darker love song from Ott, who represented Estonia in Eurovision 2012. His new track, “Moonlight,” emits a dark and eerie vibe, yet strangely refreshing and captivating. The accompanying music video adds to the spooky ambiance but in a pleasant way. Despite its eerie tone, the lyrics are surprisingly sensitive, portraying a deep connection: “You just know that the moonlight blinds us/ But together hand in hand,/ We could walk forever/ Along these stormy roads/ Now together, every day we go through them.”

Levina & Telica – “Crush”

Let’s dive into the realm of crushes and unrequited love stories with Levina’s latest track, “Crush,” featuring Telica. Levina, who represented Germany in Eurovision 2017, showcases her brilliant musical evolution in this exciting collaboration. “Crush” is a pop song that combines a slow, dark undertone with a powerful vibe packed with emotions. The lyrics candidly express the intensity of having a crush on someone: “You ask me if I’m ok/ No way/ ‘Cause I think about you all night/ All day/ I gotta try/ To keep you off my mind.” It’s a relatable portrayal of the tumultuous feelings that accompany a one-sided love.

About her new song, Levina expressed:

This one goes out to everyone who can’t stop thinking of their crush, especially when they don’t feel the same way.

Giorgos Aetopoulos feat. Ilias Kozas – “To Thyma”

Giorgos collaborates with Ilias Kozas, who represented Greece in Eurovision 2013 as part of the band Koza Mostra. Their track, titled “The Victim” in English, is a perfect example of a Greek authentic ballad that beautifully showcases their culture. Authenticity, class, and perfect harmony are the hallmarks of this song, making it a standout piece.

Amber – “Għanja Lil Ġużi”

We conclude this week with a lovely and serene ballad from Amber, who represented Malta in Eurovision 2015. The track is dedicated to her son Ġużi and serves as a perfect lullaby filled with love. Originally performed by Amber on Malta’s X Factor, where she serves as a judge, the song is delicate and sweet, encapsulating the deep bond between a mother and her child.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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