On September 25, 2023, it was officially declared that Silia Kapsis would be the representative for Cyprus at Eurovision 2024. Subsequently, on January 8, 2024, the title of her competition song, “Liar,” was released. Now, the question arises: Who is Silia? Dive into the following 10 facts about Silia Kapsis that illuminate the persona of the young artist entrusted with representing the island of Aphrodite.

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10 Facts about Silia Kapsis

1. She was born in Australia

Silia Kapsis was born on December 5, 2006, in Sydney, Australia, with a Cypriot father and a mother from Thessaloniki, Greece. She lives with her grandparents in Australia, and says all her family all have a bit of a performance side to them – her dad is a singer, her mother was a dancer, her uncle is an actor, and of course, she also performs!

2. Silia is only 17 years old

Yes, Silia is still only 17 years old. This means that she has not graduated from school yet – and thorughout her Eurovision journey she will still be attending her classes online! She’ll be one busy lady in the run-up to Malmö!

3. “Liar” will feature a big dance break

In recent years, a big dance break moment has proven popular. Spain’s Chanel started a trend in 2022, resulting in Armenia’s Brunette and Blanka from Poland to add one in, in Liverpool. Silia’s Eurovision entry, “Liar,” will feature a dance break during which she intends to hand off the microphone and showcase an energetic moment of dance, promising an unforgettable moment on stage. The performance will be choreographed by Kelly Sweeney and Guy Groove.

She says the song isn’t about a person, but rather the fakeness of the world.

4. Silia is a talented actress and presenter

Silia Kapsis took on the role of a regular host on the local edition of Nick News on Nickelodeon Australia. Alongside fellow hosts, she received a nomination for the Aussie/Kiwi Legend of the Year category at the 2023 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. She is a triple threat, as a singer, dancer and actor. Speaking to Wiwibloggs, she says her favourite aspect is singing and dancing!

5. Silia is a part of AYPAC

 A singer for AYPAC (Australian Youth Performing Arts Company), she has actively participated in various significant musical events, including being the solo performer at actor Alex Russell’s 30th birthday event in Los Angeles, showcasing her vocal prowess.

6. She wrote her debut single when she was 12 years old

Silia Kapsis made her musical debut in 2022 with “Who Am I?”, a song she wrote at the age of 12. Following this, she released other tracks including, “No Boys Allowed” and “Disco Dancer”, both in 2023. Her fourth single, “Night Out”, gave R&B and pop vibes.

7.  Silia is part of ImmaBeast Dance Company in Los Angeles

Silia Kapsis secured a coveted position in the prestigious ImmaBeast Dance Company based in Los Angeles. Her talent was further showcased as she collaborated with renowned dancer Stephen “tWitch” Boss on The Jennifer Hudson Show. Additionally, Kapsis was prominently featured in a dance documentary, a production curated by a notable rapper Taboo.

8. She had a jaw-dropping reaction to “Liar”

Upon hearing “Liar” for the first time, Silia was captivated. She told Greek TV show Super Katerina that her jaw dropped, and she instantly fell in love with it. The song was crafted by Dimitris Kontopoulos, renowned for composing numerous Eurovision hits. Some of his most famous songs include Ani Lorak’s “Shady Lady”, Sakis Rouvas’ “This Is Our Night” and Sergey Lazarev’s “You’re The Only One”. He most recently composed “SUPERG!RL” and “Last Dance” – both by Greek-Dutch singer Stefania, and “Sugar” by Natalia Gordienko. “Liar” was originally intended for a Greek entry in the national selection last year. The song remained unreleased as the entry did not make it through the selection process.

9. Yes, she has told lies

Speaking to our beloved Deban Aderemi, Silia said some of the lies she’s told before include telling her mum she was going to bed but then spending 3 hours on her phone. She said she likes to scroll through TikTok…don’t we all. Does she think “Liar” will be a TikTok trend? To this she says “oh yeah!” with confidence! She thinks the dance break section could be a TikTok viral moment, or when she holds an L shape up (for ‘liar’) which could also be The Moment for socials fame!

10. She loves “Fuego”

Silia says she doesn’t remember her first time watching Eurovision, as she watched since she was very young with her family. But one of her all-time favourites is “Fuego” by Eleni Foureira. She says she loves it because of her good voice, but also her incredible dancing talent, and the energy in her performance.

Come back for more exciting stories and facts about Silia as we head towards pre-parties and Malmö 2024.

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1 month ago

reminds me a little of Saara Aalto (looks wise) and musical style wise of Olivia Rodrigo

not a surprise Fuego is one of her fave esc entries, her song snippet makes me also think of Fuego

Jessica Folcker
Jessica Folcker
1 month ago

No snarky, negative comments yet? Am I on the right forum?!

1 month ago

Just wait for the reactions once the song is released next week.

1 month ago

Very generic, 00’s pop song that will probably end up 17th-18th – Cyprus can do much better than this.