Eurovision 2024 may have come to a conclusion, but the music will always continue. A number of Eurovision artists are thankfully still producing new music for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 20 part 2

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller articles. You can find part 1 here.

Jerry Heil & alyona alyona – “ПОДОЛЯНОЧКА (GET UP)”

We start the second part with Jerry Heil and alyona alyona, who achieved a remarkable result for Ukraine in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in 3rd place in the Grand Final. Their collaboration continues even after Eurovision, as they have just released a new song together. The Ukrainian title of the song is “Podolyanochka.” What can you expect from it? You’ll find great harmony between Jerry Heil and Alyona Alyona, incredible vocals, rap sections, and a mix of traditional influences. The song is accompanied by a mood video that emphasizes unity, female empowerment, and feminism. This new song is based on the Ukrainian folk song “Podolyanochka.” According to the description of the video, the artists stated:

“The main line ‘get up, Podolyanochka’ is a literal translation of the original lyrics! But we’ve reinterpreted this song, which everyone in Ukraine knows from kindergarten. We continue to talk about the importance of uniting womanhood and stand against misogyny: both external and internal

“War, and despite this, social pressure leave a mark on the moral state of each of us. Every insult or loss carries its weight, and at some point, this burden becomes too heavy. If you don’t break, you will become yourself in that moment. But we have each other to not break! Who else can feel the pain of a woman like another woman? Let’s unite, support each other, create joint projects, and achieve common goals! ‘You will fill yourself when you give,’ says Alyona Alyona in her verse. ‘Pour your soul out like rain into weeping seas—just don’t lose sight of the beacon in the distance,’ sings Jerry Heil.

“No matter how hard it is, no matter how women are treated, no matter how much they are stoned, they have strength! Sometimes, they don’t even realize it, but each woman is unique, she is an individual. She is created by her parents and Gods, and she should accept herself as she is. Nowadays, everything is changing every day, perspectives on things are shifting, but there will always be a main force in these changes – Woman. I will probably never stop writing about women and for women, because women are wonderful. Each one is wonderful!” – alyona alyona

Get ready to feel empowered by this new feminist anthem that addresses themes of female unity and resistance against misogyny. Jerry Heil and alyona alyona highlight the societal pressures and personal traumas women face, emphasizing the importance of mutual support among women. The song conveys a message of resilience, encouraging women to remain strong despite adversities. It celebrates the uniqueness and inherent strength of women, urging them to accept themselves and recognize their significant role in driving change. Ultimately, it is a tribute to women’s resilience and a call for solidarity and empowerment.

Sarah Bonnici – “Lose”

Sarah represented Malta in this year’s Eurovision edition, delivering an outstanding performance that left Eurovision fans in awe. As a little post-Eurovision surprise to cure your post-Eurovision depression, she has released another pop banger that you’ll want to play on loop. Her new song explores the side effects of being deeply in love while feeling trapped, and the desire to escape from a relationship that’s not heading in the right direction. With lyrics like, “Running ’round in circles, what can I do?/ Can’t you look at my face? I need the truth/ Now I’m asking you for mercy, feeling so unworthy/ I just lose, lose,” the song captures the emotional turmoil of seeking truth and mercy in a troubled relationship.


Get ready to shake and dance to the newest summer anthem from Arash. He competed in Eurovision back in 2009 for Azerbaijan together with Aysel. His latest song is an invitation to dance and party, featuring a music video that highlights the essence of summer fun, including clubs, pool parties, love, and dancing—essentially, having the best time of your life. The lyrics, “Wow/ Come on, shake/ Shake a lot tonight/ I want that waist to shake,” emphasize moving your body and dancing. Embrace the summer vibe with Arash’s new song.

KALUSH & Balsam – “Розбуди мене”

KALUSH (Oleg Psiuk), together with Kalush Orchestra, won Eurovision back in 2022. His newest song is another collaboration with the Ukrainian artist Balsam, with whom he has collaborated in the past. The new song, titled “Wake Me Up,” features slightly traditional influences and is a mesmerizing rap track. It speaks about the desire to be awake and present for the things that matter, such as loved ones and your country. The lyrics convey this message: “And I am/ Honey, wake me up/ As long as I am/ Above the smoky field/ The sun is rising/ The invisible power again/ Raises up.”

Monika Liu, Vaidas Baumila & Rokas Yan – “Gegužis”

The Lithuanian artist Rokas Yan has joined forces with two former Eurovision legends from Lithuania: Monika Liu, who represented the country in 2022, and Vaidas, who competed in 2015 alongside Monika Linkytė. Their newest song, titled “May,” has a chill, melodious vibe, as light as a May breeze, with the three warm voices complementing each other perfectly. The music video is aesthetically pleasing, resembling a charming purple wedding table. The song explores the complexities of a love triangle. Regarding the song, the artists said:

“We give you a song that tells a story – ironically realistic, sweetly sad, maybe a little funny and familiar to the bone. 👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️”

Anna Vissi – “Χρυσόψαρα”

Anna, who has represented both Greece and Cyprus at Eurovision, showcases her versatility with her newest song, titled “Goldfish.” In addition to her pop music prowess, she demonstrates incredible rap skills in this banger that will get you moving with its contagious sound. The result is simply explosive. The lyrics express her longing for clarity in an uncertain relationship: “You want it or you don’t, tell me what you want/ You have to decide/ You want it or you don’t, tell me what you want/ Or never call again.”

Angelica Agurbash – “Если ты со мной…”

Angelica, who competed in Eurovision in 2005 for Belarus, has returned with a touching ballad titled “If You’re With Me…”. This heartfelt song marks her comeback in the music industry after a long hiatus. Angelica is currently working on a new album that will include this song, and she is preparing to return to the stage this autumn. The song was released on her birthday, making the occasion even more special. Describing her new song, she said:

“No matter what happens in this world, and in your life, be strong and safe! Believe in yourself! Your dreams! And be sure to wait for your ships! […]

“This is a dedication song to those who, no matter what, remain strong and brave! Who believes in themselves, in their dreams! Who does not betray himself for any good in the world, and does not abandon his loved ones in trouble! This song is also for those who are struggling with difficulties today! Who has lost meaning and guidelines, and throws SOS signals into the universe! A song that lends a helping hand and gives us all much needed hope!!!🙏❤️💋”

AISEL & SAYBU – “One Love”

Aisel, who competed for Azerbaijan in 2018, has released a new collaboration with Saybu, a song that addresses the issues couples face from time to time. Saybu handles the rap parts, while Aisel excels with powerful vocals in the verses and chorus. The song is accompanied by a black-and-white music video that symbolizes the fading colors of love, depicting various scenes of a failed romance. The lyrics express the pain and realization of a deteriorating relationship: “Whoever was in my place would have left you a long time ago/ We do not know the value of feelings,” capturing the sentiment of a love that is splitting into two.

Roxen, David Cliente & Damian Drăghici – “Lasă-mă”

Roxen was selected to represent Romania in Eurovision back in 2020, and when the contest was canceled due to the pandemic, she was chosen to make a glorious return in 2021. She provides the vocals in a brand-new collaboration, where the music producer David Cliente creates a mesmerizing tune, and the well-known artist Damian Drăghici infuses some traditional instrumental elements. The music video itself is filled with traditional elements that showcase the rich Romanian culture. The translated title is “Let Me.” The lyrics are also inspired by old Romanian tunes: “Let me forget my bitterness / As tears have filled my cup / Heart, do not struggle anymore / For you’ve tasted wormwood / You’ve tasted wormwood.” According to David:

“This beautiful collaboration with Roxen and Damian Drăghici is inspired by an old tune played on the pan flute and has come to life from our desire to bring the Romanian traditions and past closer to the young audience, as well as to introduce foreign listeners to the magical and mystical world of Romania.”

Basim – “Vi Skal Ikke Hjem…”

Basim competed for Denmark in 2014, and this year he returned to Denmark’s national selection. While he may not have won this time, we hope to see him back in the contest one day. His new pop dance song, “We’re Not Going Home,” features a perfect summer sound with Latino influences that welcome the summer and holiday vibes. He created this tune for the TV show Paradise Hotel.

Luka – “My Home”

Luka was Hooverphonic’s vocalist back in 2020 when the band was supposed to represent Belgium. After 2020, the band returned to Eurovision the following year, but Luka embarked on a solo career. Her newest song is a deeply touching album about finding a place to call home. Luka’s flawless and impressive voice allows us to feel every single emotion of the song.

Orion Child feat. Ronnie Romero – “Numbers are Law”

Ronnie competed in Eurovision in 2022 as the main vocalist of Intelligent Music Project, representing Bulgaria before the country took a break from the competition. Now, he has a new collaboration with Orion Child, and as expected, it’s a rock track, perfectly suited for Ronnie’s voice. The song talks about perseverance and finding a way out when the weight of circumstances or personal feelings becomes too heavy to bear.

Jurijus & Ruta MUR – “Hold Me”

Jurijus participated in Eurovision in 2019, representing Lithuania, while Ruta is a familiar face in Eurovision circles, having participated multiple times in Lithuania’s national selection, with her most recent attempt in 2023. Their new dance song has a retro vibe and expresses the desire not to be alone: “My life was hard enough/ I want to depend on somebody/ I’ve always been tough. Now I want to rely on somebody.” The lyrics convey the message that no matter how strong you are, there are times when you simply need the help, love, and support of those around you.

Intelligent Music Project – “Miracles Beyond”

The next album is a treat for rock music lovers. Following Ronnie’s previous endeavor, we now have an album from Intelligent Music Project, who have continued their journey albeit with a different main vocalist. As previously mentioned, they represented Bulgaria in 2022. Their new album contains 14 tracks, including an intro and 13 songs. You’ll find a variety of rock songs and alternative rock ballads that are sure to resonate with listeners. The album covers a range of topics, from love and hope to pain and reflections on life itself. We suggest “Believe in Love” for an optimistic tune to brighten up your day.

And this week concludes with Nevena, a Serbian legend with a rich Eurovision history, having represented her country three times. First in 2007 in Junior Eurovision, then in 2013 in the main Eurovision as part of the trio Moje 3, and finally as a solo artist in 2019. Her newest track is titled “Lie.” It’s a powerful ballad that she sings alongside Boris Režak. Once again, Nevena’s voice amazes us, as does her piano skills. The song is accompanied by a music video that amplifies the emotions, while the lyrics delve into the theme of a failed romance.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Luka’s song is a classic, LV it

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Vjera Brdar
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Yeah, Jerry… Seig, Heil! BARF!

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Related to this, but in the National Finals area- Sara Siipola and Sexmane’s collab ‘Juostaan’ is a banger.

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Hey . Isn’t any song produced in Israel ? Do the biggest Eurovision blog plus lgbt blocked the only country in the Middle East where lgbt have rights ?

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and ni even a word about the new songs of Marina Satti!!!!

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