Summer is the quiet period for Eurovision fans as we wait for the new season to commence. Thankfully, the music will always continue and a number of Eurovision artists are still producing new songs for us to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 22 part 1

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller articles. You can find part 2 here.

Angelina Mango – “poké melodrama”

Agnelina Mango’s star continues to rise. The next milestone of her career is the release of her sophomore album poké melodrama. You’ll find 14 songs on the LP, which of course includes her Eurovision 2024 entry “La noia.” But the album shows more shades to the Italian singer than just pop tracks. There are also a number of ballads, including a collaboration with fellow Eurovision alum Marco Mengoni — you’ll find them harmonising on “uguale a me” (“same as me”).

Brunette – “U De Mi Or”

COLORS is a German-based music platform that aims to showcase emerging talent from across the globe. They do so through videos with minimalist aesthetics so that viewers can truly connect with the artists. This week, Brunette appeared at the studio to showcase her new single “U De Mi Or” (“And One Day”). The Eurovision 2023 star delivers Armenian R&B vibes as she sings: “And one day you will say no / The white snow of the mountain will turn black / And one day you will say no / Sun, take your entrance somewhere else.”

Dons – “Dark”

Dons’ Eurovision 2024 entry “Hollow” marked his first single in English for 14 years (following his participation in Eirodziesma 2010 with “My Religion Is Freedom”). But it looks like this wasn’t a one-time thing, because the star has decided to stick with the language for his follow-up song. “Dark” is a power ballad that once again allows Dons to showcase the strength of his vocals. Lyrically, the Latvian performer sings of someone who took hold of his heart but then proceeded to shatter it: “Promised me the moon and stars / But all I ever got were these scars / Repeating like an echo, echo / ‘Til I’m burning in the dark.”

Ricchi e Poveri – “Aria”

Legendary Italian quartet Ricchi e Poveri are now a duo, with Angela Brambati and Angelo Sotgiu fronting the name. Following their participation at Sanremo 2024, the pair have now released the new single “Aria” (“Air”). It’s a retro-inspired dance pop track with a surprising breakdown in the post-chorus. Lyrically, the Eurovision 1978 representatives give their lover a warning that they’re not the sort of people who tend to get into long-term commitments: “You know well / That if there’s you and me / It’s because the world is small […] But even if I dance with you / Do not trust me / Which sometimes like a feather / Sometimes I fly away in the air.”

Britney Spears once famously sang “1, 2, 3, not only you and me.” But now Portugal has its own song dedicated to throuples courtesy of Eurovision 2018 star Cláudia Pascoal. She’s collaborated with Mike El Nite and Rebeca for “Três é Demais” (“Three is too much”). The playful song harks to the Pimba music style, which itself is a slang word for having sexual pleasure with another person (consider it the equivalent to the English slang word “bang”). The lyrics see one person in a relationship trying to add in a third element, but the other original member of the relationship is less keen: “Come on baby, I know you got it / I brought a friend and her name is Rebeca / AI AI AI / Where do they want to go? / They like to multiply, but they don’t even know to divide / Oh my god where is this going / One is little, two is good, but three is too much.”

Mimicat – “Dança Comigo”

Mimicat brought a dose of Portuguese spice to Eurovision 2023, and this flavour continues into her latest single. The star uses the song to ask a certain individual whether they’d “Dança Comigo” (“Dance With Me”). Mimicat is hoping a twirl around the dancefloor will help rejuvenate their broken relationship: “That this is not the end of us / Blood, sweat, what does it take for you? / Do not leave me this way / Dance with me tonight […] Pretend you want to see me happy.”

Remo Forrer – Favorite Kind Of Lonely

Favorite Kind Of Lonely is Remo Forrer’s debut EP. The record features six songs, including his Eurovision 2023 entry “Watergun” and the singles he’s released since then — “Full 180,” “Heaven Or Hell,” “Not Okay.” These are accompanied by two brand new songs — the title song, as well as “The Letter.” In a post on Instagram, Remo shared the very emotional story behind the latter of these new tracks:

“After winning The Voice, I received a very emotional letter from an old woman from Bern. She wrote that she had been in a wheelchair for many years because of an accident and was paraplegic and that the only thing that really gave her joy in life was music and that she had immediately fallen in love with my voice. Since she had written her phone number on the letter, I called her to thank her for the kind words. There was some kind of special connection and we talked for hours. It was so funny and we had so much to tell each other that we spoke on the phone almost weekly for three years. As her health continued to deteriorate, she decided to leave us with Exit. Her last wish was to be able to say goodbye to me one more time the evening before this happened and we spoke on the phone for a long time again. For me, this was a very hard experience, saying goodbye to someone on the phone forever and knowing that if I called her the next day, I wouldn’t be able to reach anyone. Then I went into the studio and wrote a song for her – The Letter.”

Many conversations happen over a cup of “Kahve” (“Coffee”). Kenan Doğulu is hoping for a natter or two himself in order to reminisce with an old friend: “Come drink my coffee / Let’s break the back of two pairs of words / Let’s talk a little / Let’s remember the old days.” Musically, Türkiye’s Eurovision 2007 representative serves up a fun pop track with a blues quality owing to the accompanying trumpets in the chorus.

Zlata Ognevich – “Кохаю”

“I just love, love / Our worlds have merged into one! / I love, I love! / Together and forever / I love, I love! / In moments of happiness and trouble / I love you forever.” With a chorus that repeats the word “love” seven times, it’s not hard to guess what Zlata Ognevich’s new single is all about. Ukraine’s Eurovision 2013 bronze medallist gifts us a ballad that discusses the protection this powerful force can provide us, and how it supports us in overcoming difficulties. In a quote underneath the accompanying music video, Zlata noted:

“I always believe that music has the power to heal and inspire. So, I hope that “Кохаю” will become a source of strength and hope for many listeners.”

Lindita – “Sikur ta dije”

Lindita showcases more than just her singing skills on this latest song. Albania’s Eurovision 2017 representative also produced the song herself. Titled “Sikur ta dije” (“If only you knew”), it’s a mid-tempo offering with a traditional flute solo during the post-chorus.

Jessy Matador – “Kumaniko”

France’s Eurovision 2010 act, Jessy Matador, is throwing some shapes in the music video of his new single. And you can understand why when you listen to “Kumaniko” — the catchy afro new style song was made to get people moving and dancing along.

Ott Lepland – “Liiv tuule käes”

SABA’s sand has flown from Denmark to Sweden and now travelled on to Estonia. Ott Lepland has released a new track titled “Liiv tuule käes” (“Sand in the wind”). It’s a pop-rock offering that Estonia’s Eurovision 2012 act leads with plenty of charisma. In the lyrics, Lepland discusses jumping into unexpected adventures with a special partner: “If we throw our heads together now / Here into uncharted waters / Like a parachute dropping us through the sky / Let these unique moments remain / We fly like sand in the wind, sand in the wind.”

Luka – “Hide & Seek”

Luka’s debut album is coming this June. In the meantime, the Belgian singer has shared the new pre-release song “Hide & Seek”. A dark pop track with glimmers of drum & bass in the production, the Eurovision 2020 entrant sings: “You know well what you do to me / Coming back each day to leave / There’s no way to escape you see / Running from the villain inside of me.”

ZOË – “La Vie en Rosé”

ZOË is living her ultimate French fantasy — a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of rosé wine in the other. Whilst you might initially read the title in the same way as Édith Piaf’s iconic song, Austria’s Eurovision 2016 representative clarified in her Instagram story that the topic of her single was quite different: “Not a love song … more an ode to rosé wine.” Musically, it’s a charming tune that sees ZOË accompanied by percussion and fiddle.

Kubi Producent feat. Tulia & Szpaku – “Pusty pokój, ale płyty diamentowe”

Polish music producer Kubi Producent has combined tradition and modern for the new song “Pusty pokój, ale płyty diamentowe” (“Empty room, but diamond records”). The former is provided by Eurovision 2019 alumni Tulia, who sing a background chant in the chorus: “I want up, not down / I can fly higher and higher.” Meanwhile, Szpaku is involved to add his rapping skills on top of the contemporary production.

After a top-five finish at Eesti Laul 2024, Anet Vaikmaa is preparing for the “Sädemed” (“Sparks”) of a hot summer to come. The Estonian singer has brought onboard two-time Eurovision star Koit Toome for the song, transforming the soft pop-rock track into a duet. The pair sing of how, even if they’ve parted ways at some point in the year, they’ll always find their way back to each other for summer: “I will come back / It is designed so that we are together in all summers / Then everything is blazing hot as in July / Sometimes sparks fly / We as sparks / In this hot night.”

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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10 days ago

Angelina’s album is amazing! I can’t stop listening to it. I think my favorite is gioielli di famiglia.

Brunette’s new song is growing on me even though r&b isn’t a genre I normally l listen to

Ricchi e poveri’s new song is just okay, but I’m still happy to see them making new music. I didn’t know them before this year and then they stole my heart at Sanremo

11 days ago

The new song from Tulia is wonderful! And Remo Forrer is such an amazing young man with an incredible voice, the story behind the Letter is so beautiful and so sad, RIP

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
13 days ago

Angelina Mango is such a superb artist! My favorite at this year’s ESC and I love this album.

14 days ago

I love Angelina Mango’s album so much!