Jedward Release Official Video for “Waterline”

It’s been a long wait, but this morning Jedward finally released their official Eurovision preview video for “Waterline.” The footage comes almost exclusively from Ireland’s Eurosong 2012 competition, staged in February. It shows the twins arriving at the RTE studio in Dublin, getting dressed back stage, and performing on the big night in their glittery Michael Jackson-meets-an-Irish-tailor costumes. We also see the boys rehearsing before the finale in simple black t-shirts.

Jedward, who are representing Ireland for the second year in a row, received rave reviews at Ireland’s national final: they won both the jury and the public vote. That legitimacy has helped the boys climb the bookies’ odds table. Betfair currently has them listed as the fifth most likely to win the first semi-final. And Britain’s 15 major betting agencies also have them ranked fifth in the race to win the Eurovision grand finale.

Despite the hype, Eurovision hasn’t been on the boys’ minds in recent days. On March 9 they attended their beloved grandfather’s funeral, looking understandably downcast. We have no doubt he would have been proud of Jedward’s latest video.He was a very proud and devoted grandfather,” Father Phonsie Cullinan told the congregation. “It was obvious that he loved his grandchildren, maybe even more than his own children.”

What do you guys think of their video?