Gaitana—Ukraine’s most famous singer of Congolese descent—has released the official video for her Eurovision entry “Be My Guest.” In a statement released this afternoon, her publicity team described the video as “inflammatory, vibrant and bright.” They went on to say that, through the video, Gaitaina “calls the whole world for friendship, by stirring the hearts with the smile and international energy!”

English may not be her strength, but Gaitana’s message of love and peace comes through loud and clear. The video includes footage of Gaitana’s colorful performance from Ukraine’s national final interspersed with other career highlights. In footage presumably taken from other music videos she walks the streets in a sultry red dress, and in other scenes she is seen playing with children at a football event. It’s all about love and positivity—just like her upbeat number “Be My Guest.” Here’s how Gaitana described it in an e-mail this morning:

Today we present the first part of the official video prior to Eurovision 2012. Music video consists of the brightest moments of my creative life. I’m sure that it’ll provoke the most positive and heartwarming emotions! I wish the whole world to become one big family, so that everyone was desired guests. With the help of my song I make steps in achieving my dream. Nobody is lonely in this world, we have each other.

We look forward to watching the second video in this two-part series soon!