Bulgaria: Did Voters Choose the Right Song for Elitsa & Stoyan?

It’s only been a few hours since Bulgarian voters selected “Kismet” for Elitsa & Stoyan to sing at Eurovision 2013. But plenty of Eurovision fans are already up in arms over the choice.

Here’s a quick re-cap. Elitsa & Stoyan performed three songs this evening—”Kismet”, “Samo Shampioni” and “Dzupai Libe Boso”. All of them mixed Bulgarian folk, tribal-sounding drums and electronic samples. Both the jury and the televoters ranked “Dzupai Libe Boso” last. Good thing: It was a three-minute train wreck that included rappers.

The jury and the public couldn’t, however, agree on which song was best. The jury went for “Samo Shampioni”, while the public went for “Kismet”. Ties are decided by the public vote, hence “Kismet” got the victory.

Xander, our U.S.-based Bulgaria correspondent, isn’t too keen on the result. He describes the song this way:

Another weak choice for Bulgaria. The song starts out like a warm-up session for a Bulgarian folk-singing class, because nothing happens in the first half except Elitsa and her backing vocals singing long, drawn-out notes. Things pick up in the second-half, but the incredibly boring first-half ruins the whole thing for me.

He’s not wrong. Let’s have a listen.

And now Eurovision fans across Bulgaria are angry, too. Xander has been trawling Bulgarian-language Eurovision fan sites. Here’s what he has found.

I just read on Bulgarian discussion boards that pretty much no Eurovision fans in Bulgaria voted for “Kismet”, so there’s now this question going around: Was the vote manipulated somehow? I think some Bulgarian Eurovision fans are going to request BNT to conduct an internal investigation. These are rumors/conspiracy theories for now, but just like with Belarus last year, voter fraud is possible and something may come out of the outcry….”Kismet” means “luck”, and I personally think this song is going to need A LOT of luck to qualify in Malmo!”

Uh-oh. Drama in Sofia. What do you guys make of it? Can “Kismet” make the final?