Team Wiwi’s Top Tracks of 2014 (5-1)

Blast the trumpets! Bang the drums! The moment has finally arrived. No,not Christmas. I’m afraid that’s still a day away, but we have something much more important for y’all – our top five songs of the year. Have you been following our countdown so far? If not click HERE and treat yourself to an early Christmas present (yes, the music has been that good). So is everyone up to date now? Let the final countdown commence.

5. “Scream” – Margaret Berger

What we said: “Scream” remains true to the electro-pop style Margaret’s become famous for. But there’s an added bonus. Marge enlisted Melodifestivalen 2014 runner-up Ace Wilder.This is electropop without borders: it has the potential to catch on in most territories. It’s a moodier version of what Lady Gaga serves up on ArtPop. Beware the chorus: it’s infectious and you’ll be singing it all day. (Deban)

4. “Love Drunk” – Waylon

What we said“Love Drunk”, the first single from Waylon’s forthcoming album “Heaven After Midnight”, builds on the bluegrass vibe of The Common Linnets’ debut album. But this is country-blues with an emphasis on the blues. Contemplative verses sound spartan initially, but build with hand-clappin’ and banjo-strummin, all leading to a killer chorus anchored in his husky voice. Fans weeping over the end of The Common Linnets should take Waylon’s latest lyrics to heart: “Say here we go, Oh heart relax/ Don’t you know, we never look back.” (William)

3. “Heroes” – Conchita Wurst

What we said: Conchita dressed all in white, like a bride, is saving the fragile world, metaphorically represented by an innocent child, from all the evil. The powerful video sees evil-looking men falling to the ground, their weapons dissolving in thin air, and eventually fraternising with the peace-bearing Conchita Wurst, who is like a benevolent, beautiful warrior, fierce but fighting — and winning — with love. In short, “Heroes” is a striking and fantastic piece of art, a clear departure from the rather uneven “Rise Like a Phoenix” and a new triumph for the amazing Conchita Wurst. (Bogdan)

2. “The Sirens” – Softengine

What we said: “The Sirens” really shows how versatile the band is, as it departs from their first two tracks. The song brings out the best in lead singer Topi, and it especially shows in his falsetto. The song could easily be from 30 Seconds To Mars’ or Muse’s album, but still has its own Softengine sound. Most surprising is the song’s final minute, when the mood suddenly changes and the song turns into a hot dancefloor hit with electronic sound. (Sami)

1. “Drunk Tonight” – Emmelie de Forest

What we saidSome critics may argue that “Drunk Tonight” is a bit too generic, and that it dives too deep into pop. But Emmelie is wise to broaden her horizons. This song will connect with a wider, non-Eurovision audience. At the very least it lets Emmelie test the waters beyond her comfort zone. As in sport, you need to innovate and elevate or get left behind… Even with its more pronounced pop influences, the song retains a hint of the Earth Goddess we’ve come to know on her previous singles. That should be enough to sate her fan base. If not, maybe the video will… (Liam)

And there you have it, Team Wiwi’s top 50 tracks of 2014. What do y’all think?

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