WATCH: Emmelie de Forest goes glam in “Hopscotch” video

In the opening sequence of her new music video for “Hopscotch”, Eurovision 2013 winner Emmelie de Forest defines hopscotch in two ways.

1. a children’s game in which you have to jump through a set of rectangular squares

2. to shift from one thing to another quickly or abruptly either with or without a specific goal

The latter seems particularly apt. As we’ve discussed many times in recent weeks, her new song is all about personal transformation, which manifests in her musical and fashion stylings. This number eschews the folksy feel of her previous efforts, including “Only Teardrops” and “Hunter and Prey”. Here’s what we said:

The banging, clanging and hand-clapping of “Hopscotch” gives way to a new Emmelie. She’s some sort of Danish harajuku girl — sexy, sassy, cavalier and hellbent on stomping out Emmelie’s Mother Earth persona. It’s all sorts of urban and written with the radio in mind.

For many Eurovision fans this shift is going to feel uncomfortable. That’s partly because the extended metaphor of the song is a bit forced— hopscotch, as life, is unpredictable and full of inevitible stumbles. Emmelie carries on anyway, fully aware that mixing it up will stir critics and haters alike.

Emmelie de Forest — “Hopscotch” video

The video keeps the transformation going. It opens with a naked Emmelie rubbing neon-coloured chalk all over her face and hands. It almost seems like war paint: Personal evolution is a battle, y’all! The camera then follows glam Emmelie as she cruises through Italy on the back of a red motorcycle, eventually playing in the leaves near a castle. It’s all very high fashion and smacks of an independent woman doing it for herself.

Reviewing Emmelie de Forest’s “Hopscotch”