Say yay! Do you prefer the original or the revamp of Barei’s Eurovision 2016 song?

Earlier in the month Barei released a revamp of her Eurovision 2016 song “Say Yay!”

And ever since then Eurofans have been blowing up our YouTube channel asking us to sound off on the final version of the song.

Spanish wiwiblogger Diego had a listen and was full of praise for Spain’s Eurovision entry.

The changes are subtle yet powerful: The drums beat louder and harder, giving the song some added drama, and the backing vocalists come through more clearly in the chorus. She’s also added more funk elements and some soulful trumpets, creating a new and technically improved entry for Eurovision 2016. Yes, she has managed to give a lively song even more life and a smoother finish.

More recently wiwibloggers Deban, Padraig and William had a kiki on Skype to debate the merits of the song. Padraig is LOVING IT, while Deban is rather frosty. You can watch our house divided below.

We react to Barei’s final version of ‘Say Yay’

But what do YOU think? Do you prefer the original or the revamp? Or do you struggle to notice a difference? Let us know in our poll and comments section.

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