Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 18 part 2

With so many new songs this week, we’ve split the roundup into two smaller articles. You can find part 1 here.

Samira Said – “Kaddab”

We kick off Part 2 with Samira Said, an iconic figure in Eurovision history, who competed for Morocco in 1980. Her latest song is the perfect soundtrack to get you in the summer groove. Sung entirely in Arabic, the song carries distinct Arabic influences in its instrumentation. In the music video, Samira exudes the allure of a retro movie star as she confronts a deceitful lover. With lyrics like “Neither my mind nor my heart find peace,” she bravely addresses the dishonesty in her relationship, showing she’s fully aware of the truth. Appropriately titled “Liar,” her song captures the essence of her emotional journey.

Francesco Gabbani – “Frutta Malinconia”

We stay in the realm of retro cinema with Francesco Gabbani’s “Fruity Melancholy.” Representing Italy in Eurovision back in 2017, Francesco’s latest song carries a retro vibe, complete with a black and white music video that transports you back in time, alongside Francesco’s charismatic smile. Naturally, his song also captures the essence of summer and “summer lovin’.”

In the lyrics of his new song, Francesco masterfully weaves together themes of the past, present, and future, blurring the lines between them — a reflection of the idea that time is not relevant when in love: “My love, take me away / Above a memory of healthy madness / Melancholy, my therapy / Dive, love, into our sea / I want to drown myself in memories / If there is a bit of yesterday in tomorrow, you know it today.”

As a nod to the recent appearance of John Travolta as a guest at this year’s Festival di Sanremo (where he delivered an unforgettable duck dance), Francesco’s song includes a reference to Travolta and his timeless classic “Grease,” an emblematic tale of retro romance.

Conchita Wurst – “Any Day From Now On”

Conchita, the proud winner of Austria from 2014, has returned with a powerful ballad. Once again, her exceptional vocals shine through in this track, which exudes a dramatic vibe with a hint of mystery, featuring high notes reminiscent of their Eurovision-winning performance. The release of this song just before Eurovision is no coincidence, as its lyrics allude to their iconic “Rise Like a Phoenix” with lines like, “Like a fire in the night / I will rise one more time / Let me take your hand / It’s alright, you will see / Like a phoenix in flight / We’ll be savage and wild.”

Amir – “Sommet”

Amir represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2016. His fans are thrilled by the news of an upcoming album. The first track, “Sommet,” boasts an energetic melody with hints of rock influences, accompanied by powerful lyrics about the future and chasing dreams: “If someone stops us, we will leave / All the weight of our sorrows, we will distribute it / If the walls crack, we will rebuild / The future isn’t hard, I swear, it’ll be fine / If we get knocked down, we’ll bounce back / And if we have dreams, we will brandish them / You have to say it then do it, it’s not enough to believe it.” This new track serves as an empowering anthem, offering much-needed encouragement.

Amir makes his return after a hiatus in his career following the loss of his mother. “Sommet” is inspired by the determination to persevere despite life’s challenges. Additionally, the song has been selected by French Television for use during the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Miki had everyone dancing at Eurovision in 2019, and now he’s back to bring smiles with “Inside My Head.” His latest release is an energetic song in Catalan, capturing the essence of a love hangover. The lyrics narrate the tale of falling deeply in love with someone during one night, only to wake up and try to find that person again in the morning: “And now you are / In my head / And you’ve got me / My stolen heart / I don’t know anymore / Yes, I will find you.”

Ilse DeLange – “Tainted”

Ilse represented the Netherlands as part of The Common Linnets, alongside Waylon, back in 2014. After releasing several singles from her album, she has finally unveiled the much-anticipated release. The album features 12 powerful songs, all in English, each offering a poignant soundtrack for moving on from heartache. The tracks explore themes of starting over, new beginnings, pain, overcoming obstacles, finding belief again, and leaving the past behind. Ilse herself confessed about her album:

“When I listen to this album, I really feel like this is ending a chapter and starting a new one in my life. I’ve moved on from some serious heartbreaks, these songs helped me do that. I hope you love these songs as much as I do.”

Feuerschwanz feat. Lord of the Lost – “Momento Mori”

Lord of the Lost, the German rock band, proudly represented their country in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This time, they venture into a different rock genre — medieval rock — as they collaborate with Feuerschwanz, a German medieval metal band. Expect a unique and cool sound! The title of the song is in Latin, meaning “Remember that you will die.” It serves as a poignant reminder of the inevitability of death and the transient nature of life, often used as a philosophical or artistic motif to encourage reflection on mortality and the importance of living a meaningful life. The lyrics echo this sentiment: “So we are seizing the day / We are seizing the night / Memento mori until death draws his knife.”

Arvingarna – “Innan sommaren tar slut”

Swedish band Arvingarna participated in the contest in 1993. Their latest song exudes joy, boasting a lively tempo and abundant optimism. Titled “Before the Summer Ends,” it’s a cover of a famous ’90s hit by the band Pontus & Amerikanernas. The song tells a summer love story, with lyrics like “This summer is ours / Take my hand and let’s go somewhere else, just the two of us.”

Max Mutzke – “Bedingungslos”

Max brings forth a deeply personal song centred around parenthood. Having represented Germany in Eurovision back in 2004, and competed in Germany’s national selection this year as well, his latest song, “Unconditionally,” delves into the profound emotions of parental love. It’s a simple yet touching ballad where Max reflects on the unconditional and boundless love he received from his own parents. He sings about the unwavering love he holds for his children, emphasising that it will remain unchanged regardless of whatever they may do in the future.

Ben Dolic – “alright”

Remaining in Germany’s musical area, Ben Dolic released his latest song! Originally chosen to represent Germany in Eurovision 2020, which unfortunately got cancelled due to the pandemic, Ben is back after a hiatus from music. He expressed feeling a sense of positivity for the first time in a while and wanted to encapsulate this in a song. The track is uplifting, sweet, and a definite summer banger that’s sure to win hearts. Accompanied by a deeply personal message from Ben, it perfectly encapsulates the song’s meaning:

“This song means a lot to me as it’s not only the first positive song I’ve released in a while, but also one about really trying to get better and want more for myself instead of settling for simply feeling just okay. It’s for those of you who have gone through a tough time and now are ready to feel happiness and for everyone who has left a relationship and is ready to move on and create new experiences. I hope you create many happy memories to this song when it’s out, I love you and I’ll talk to you soon.”

Jan Johansen & Nadine Randle – “Aldrig för sent för oss”

Jan, who represented Sweden back in 1995, has teamed up with Nadine Randle to deliver a powerful duet titled “Never Too Late For Us.” This poignant love track conveys the message that it’s never too late for new beginnings, new loves, and fresh starts. Their voices blend seamlessly, complementing each other as the duet progresses, creating a captivating track.

Laura Tesoro – “That’s Not How Dreams Are Made” / Clouseau – “Here’s To Love”

And, wrapping up this week’s roundup, we have the Belgian show Liefde voor Muziek (Love for Music), featuring two former Eurovision participants. Firstly, Laura, who graced Eurovision in 2016, delivers a stunning rendition of a song initially released in 2018 by the Belgian artist Jasper Steverlinck. Laura’s near acapella performance adds a special touch, as she passionately feels every verse of the song.

On the other hand, Clouseau, the duo who represented Belgium in 1991, chose to perform a song about love and life, also released by Jasper Steverlinck in 2018. The lyrics of Jasper’s ode to life and love, originally in English, were translated into Dutch by the Belgian duo, adding their own heartfelt interpretation to the piece.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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1 month ago

Even after 44 years Samira Said is still going strong. A true survivor.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
1 month ago

Why is Italian music so good?

1 month ago

Great from Francesco as always. Love Angelina this year and here’s hoping Bambie Thug qualifies tonight!

Vjera Brdar
Vjera Brdar
1 month ago

Just how chatty is Amir? Daaaamn…just so I know if I ever need another dentist.