Earlier in May, Céline Dion covered Queen’s legendary song “The Show Must Go On”. The lyrics addressed the pain she endured after losing her husband René Angélil and her brother Daniel Dion within days of each other in January.

As always music remains her salvo, and she recently opened up to the French public.

Last week she appeared on French television to tell her fans about saying goodbye to René — the man who built her career and with whom she shared her entire adult life.

Before heading back to Las Vegas to resume her residency, Céline will perform nine shows at AccordHotels Arena.

Céline sings the story of her life

Four years after “Sans attendre”, Céline’s last album in her mother tongue, the winner of Eurovision 1988 has teamed up with Jean-Jacques Goldman — one of her favourite songwriters — for her forthcoming album.

He wrote most of the songs on her 1995 album “D’eux” — the highest selling French-language album of all times. It included the massive hits “J’irai où tu iras”, “Je sais pas”, “Vole” and “Pour que tu m’aimes encore”.

Their much-anticipated collaboration kicks off with the release of “Encore un soir” — the first single from her upcoming album, which she hopes to release by the fall.

The lyrics clearly reflect her personal experience as a world class superstar and her enduring memories of René. It all went by so fast: “But when life’s too beautiful, too exciting, we forget about time…”

As the track crescendos, Céline begs us for one last moment with her lover: “One more night, one more hour…”

Straight to the top

In its first week, the single topped the French charts. Contrast that with “Parler à mon père”, the lead single from “Sans attendre” which only reached No. 8. Given the good start, expectations are high for the Canadian chanteuse as she finishes the album.

English translation for “Encore un soir”

One photo, one date
It’s unbelievable
Well it was only yesterday
Is my memory confusing me
And these children’s faces
And mine in the mirror
Oh, I don’t wanna complain
Don’t be afraid of that
Life spoiled me so much
It’s so hard to turn it off
Oh God, I’ve received enough
And much more on some levels
But when life’s too beautiful too exciting
We forget about time
Just like when we get lost
In the middle of wide places
Just when you get used to something
You have to leave the place
Oh if I could
One more night
One more hour
One more tear of happiness
One favor, like a flower
One breath, one mistake
A pinch of love, something nothing
To tell ourselves everything or to stay silent
One look, just a delay
Just that again, even if it’s late, I never asked for nothing
This is not a big deal
Compared to forever
This would not even matter
It will be our secret
Oh, just one little delay
So many people kill time
While so many lose time or pass time
Time is shown before
In dreams as moments of grace
Where I give my place in heaven
If I am forgotten on Earth
Yesterday again

One more night
One more hour
One more tear of happiness
One favor, like a flower
One breath, one mistake
A pinch of us, something nothing
To tell ourselves everything or to remain silent
One look, just one delay
Just that again, even if it’s late

It’s not something big
Just a break
For time, to give clocks some rest
And to caress
Just one kiss, one kiss
One more night
One more hour
A pinch of us, something nothing
One night
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even though i don’t understand french the song is so beautiful the replay button in the phone and in the car are smashed from listening to this song over and over again..It’s just wonderful, stunning, marvelous, unbelievable, or perfect.. I don’t know the exact word to describe it


immense chanteuse


Stunning song and Celine is timeless, and her voice is incredible on this track!! Truelly a masterpiece!!


Celine: a Canadian legend in her own time. Merci pour la musique, Celine!



Celine is a true star.


It’s such a beautiful song. Celine’s upcoming French album is gonna be MASSIVE. She’s by far my favourite Eurovision star.


you have really tacky


Rather have had Celine than Justin perform during the ESC interval.

Mario = Legend

Stunning Celine! 🙂 I watch interview with her once and she is beautiful person.


Amazing artist. Dignified, classy and yet not at all Diva-ish! Her personality is refreshing. The song is wonderful and Celine shines on the track!! Marvellous!! Simply marvellous!!


celine is a classic. Queen rules!


Confidently beautiful inside and outside. Celine is a classic.

John Egan

Quelle belle chanson!


I love Celine! beautiful song


Love it.

Mark Beckenfruer

Beautiful song.