Back in March Polish pop star Margaret found herself at the centre of one of the biggest Eurovision dramas of the year. Despite being the red-hot favourite to win both Krajowe Eliminacje 2016, Poland’s national selection, and Eurovision 2016, the blonde bombshell lost out at home to underdog Michal Szpak.

Since then we’ve heard a lot of rumours about her comeback in the near future and we were PRAYING for it to happen. Sadly the dream ends today, folks. Margaret has just ripped out our hearts, put them in a blender, and poured the result on our Eurofan altar.

In an interview with SPECTRUMM magazine, Margaret did not mince her words when distancing herself from a potential Eurovision participation. She said:

For now, I’m done, I think. That was a lot of pressure and it was a big lesson for me. I don’t feel that music and artists should be ranked in any way. It’s not like in sport. Someone will get to the end faster, or jump higher. You can’t compare music. You just like it or not.

At least she said “for now” and “I think” — suggesting that there is small glimmer of hope in the future.

Nevertheless, Margaret still has us excited. The Polish pop princess keeps slaying internationally, as we saw just a few days ago at Sweden’s Sommarkrysset. In her interview with SPECTRUMM she also mentioned that she is working on some new material and that she hopes to release several new albums. Nothing can cool her down!


Margaret — one of Poland’s hottest pop commodities — rose to fame prior to entering the Eurovision bubble. Her first single “Thank You Very Much” became a huge hit in 2013, and has clocked nearly nine million views  since then. Its popularity was driven by the infectious sound (and just maybe the blurred nudity).

In 2014 she released her debut studio album “Add the Blonde” and it went platinum in Poland. With her most recent single “Cool Me Down” going viral around the world, surely more success will follow.

Are you upset that Margaret has poured cold water over a potential Eurovision participation? Are you looking forward to her new music? Let us know in the comments below!


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Pastora Soler haha!

Because she can’t, or are u deaf??

I love her style and music but when she sings in live cool me down … pufff horrible

She is smart and after all she knows that eurovision is not for her, because of her vocals.

Is the same case than Raquel del Rosario (ESDM). Another girl that has nice songs with her group but her live performance is … well u saw her talent in esc 2014.


Héctor, she criticized and laughed of the possibility to go to Eurovision years before she entered Krajowe Eliminacje. I was suprised her record company manage to talk her into KE.


Why are people always writing nasty comments, like “She can’t sing”, “She has no talent”, and so forth? To me, Margaret’s a brilliant singer, even if her vocals are completely live, but still. I’m really upset that she said no to Eurovision 2017, but I’m definitely looking forward to her new songs.


Margaret is the best thing that happened to European pop music in the past decade and she’s giving up on an easy victory. Lord, this girl better get it together!


#Justice4Margaret #Pray4Poland #JeSuisPoland

(J)ESC Fanatic

That’s great news! 🙂
Yes, her songs are very good, for example “Cool Me Down” was amazing but she clearly can’t sing live. And in Eurovision you need to know how to sing live. Otherwise, a flop is very possible!


Well, Eurovision is perhaps not the best thing for her since all the artists must perform their entries entirely live.

I haven’t heard her national final performance as it was blocked on YouTube, but recently seen a live performance from a Swedish TV show and I do think that it was not very promising.

I believe she could have a quite big flop at Eurovision, despite being a fan favourite and join Cascada, Ivi Adamou, Kati Wolf and many others…


the songwriters behind the song should be investing their songs to great singers, not the ones with the most money.


‘Cool me down’ is good, she isn’t. There isn’t much more to talk about it. She should learn how to sing before trying eurovision, an amazing song doesn’t make it all, it needs a good singer too. It’s funny how she criticizes Eurovision after participating in a NF and losing it.


I think she is worn out by eurovision fan


Poland has Donatan, Cleo, so many great bands. Why should they send what sends 90% of all countries? My Slowianie 2.0 next year pls to make Eurovision more delicious.


Oh well. I assume ‘Cool Me Down’ was a once in a lifetime opportunity to win. Who knows if Margaret (or her writers or whatever) would have had composed another hit like that if she decided to participate next year.
Though to be honest we don’t have much to offer, musically speaking.
Poland decided to go with yet another painfully boring ballad this year and I don’t expect it to change in the future.
It was nice to at least dream of winning while it was still February though xD


AutoTune can’t always be used. 😛


I think she should focus more on her international career. She’s gaining momentum throughout Europe as she has recently charted in Greece and Romania. She’s also getting recognition here in America as she has charted in US Billboard New Artist to watch out and US Billboard Spotify Velocity for Cool Me Down. Had she gone to Eurovision she would’ve been wasted big time. Go Maggie!!!!!!!


I am actually fine with that, she can’t sing, but melfest should ask for her songwriters immedeately to write a song for Amanda Winberg, then they can win Melfest and Eurovision. Amanda Winberg came 2nd in Swedish Idol and fits more for “Cool me down”. You can find her on Youtube


I still think she should have gone to Stockholm instead of Micha?

Paul D.

Good. Try to improve your performing and singing skills in the meantime.


I mean to be honest her performance at somarsomethingsketti was really bad. If the juries rated Michal 25th, Margaret would’ve surely came in last place. Hopefully Edyta or Kasia decides to represent next year because they were my favourites in the polish preselection.

Tel Aviv 2018

Good for Poland! She can’t even sing.


Our hearts beat for you Margaret!
so let us land on quicksand not on concrete 😉


Why would she? Cool Me Down was a hit all over Europe without her even competing, she doesn’t need Eurovision to promote herself, she does just fine on her own. Poland made a mistake in not selecting her this year.