The countries still to confirm for Eurovision 2017

The mid-September deadline has passed, meaning that every country who is considering entering Eurovision 2017 will have filed their application with the EBU. Since then we’ve seen a flood of confirmations, making a total of 41 countries planning for Kyiv but there are some notable absences from that list. Let’s take a look at the two countries who are yet to publicly confirm their participation next year, matched with our picks from the Wednesday Wishlist.

Not all countries who are intending to participate in Eurovision 2017 have made this news public yet. Some may be holding off until they have more details sorted out, and others may currently be focusing on their Junior Eurovision entry. But it is also possible that some of them won’t be on board for 2017.


Last year’s announcement: Mid November
Wednesday Wishlist: The Veronicas

Australia do not yet have a guaranteed placed in Eurovision and have previously participated on a year-by-year basis, so broadcaster SBS would again have to be invited by the EBU. News reports from May suggest that Australia has been negotiating with the EBU to participate in 2017.


Last year’s announcement: Mid September
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Latifa Soyuoz

It’s been a few years since Azerbaijan last placed in the top ten, but they’re still considered one of the power countries of Eurovision, always qualifying for the grand final. Broadcaster ITV have not confirmed their involvement for 2017, but we’re expecting to see them in Ukraine, likely using internal selection to choose their act. Update: Azerbaijan has confirmed!

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Last year’s announcement: Late November
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Dubioza Kolektiv

Things aren’t looking promising for Bosnia and Herzegovina. BHRT has had to deal with a substantial debt to the EBU, meaning that entering Eurovision is not a financial priority for the broadcaster. They would most likely only participate if sponsors could be found to cover the full costs of an internally selected artist. Update: BHRT has stated that due to financial issues, Bosnia and Herzegovina will not take part in ESC 2017.


Last year’s announcement: Late November
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Gery-Nikol

Back in May, Bulgaria’s Eurovision Twitter account got fans excited with a tweet mentioning they’d be headed “back to Kiev where it started for us”. However, since then BNT have not officially confirmed their involvement. But after Poli Genova’s stellar fourth place in Stockholm, it seems likely that Bulgaria will return. Bulgaria’s current focus is on Junior Eurovision. Update: Bulgaria has filed its initial application, but needs approval from the broadcaster’s board of directors before it can confirm.


Last year’s announcement: Mid September
Wednesday Wishlist pick: NINI

We haven’t heard from the Georgian Public Broadcaster, but they’re a regular competitor, so it seems likely they’ll enter again. Georgia are currently involved with their Junior Eurovision entry. Update: Georgia has confirmed!


Last year’s announcement: Late August
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Kings

Rumours in Greek media suggest that ERT has been working behind the scenes, but the broadcaster is keeping extremely quiet and has not officially confirmed Greece’s participation in Eurovision 2017. The only thing known is that the president of ERT — who was responsible for internally selecting Argo — is no longer in charge of Greece’s Eurovision efforts. That role has gone to ERT’s CEO, Lambis Tagmatarhis. If Greece does participate, it’s thought that they will again use internal selection. Update: Greece has confirmed!


Last year’s announcement: Mid October
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Irina Rimes

Broadcaster TRM has not confirmed Moldova’s involvement, but we’re assuming that Moldova will be back with the O melodie pentru Europa national final. We’re also waiting to see what Sasha Bognibov has written for his 2017 entry. Update: According to the Ukraine broadcaster, Moldova has confirmed!


Last year’s announcement: Early October
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Jovana Mustur

Singer Milena Vucic is interested in representing Montenegro and has informally discussed this with RTCG, but the broadcaster is yet to confirm their participation in Eurovision 2017. Update: Montenegro has confirmed, but may withdraw at a later date.


Last year’s announcement: Mid September
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Delia

Romania still has an outstanding issue with the EBU after its member benefits were suspended earlier this year due to a substantial long-term unpaid debt to the EBU. Update: TVR has given the EBU their application for Eurovision 2017 and the broadcaster has sorted out the debt issues, so Romania is back!


Last year’s announcement: Late November
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Egor Kreed

Russia’s Channel One is yet to formally announce their participation in Eurovision 2017. Due to Russia and Ukraine not exactly being besties right now, it’s been speculated that Russia may choose to sit out ESC 2017, but there’s no evidence that this will actually happen. Russia are currently involved with Junior Eurovision and may announce their ESC act after JESC. Update: While Russia still has not officially confirmed, Zurab Alasania, the General Director of the National Television Company of Ukraine, has revealed that Russia very much intends to compete in Eurovision 2017.

San Marino

Last year’s announcement: Late September
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Delayers

Broadcaster SMRTV has expressed displeasure with the new voting system, specifically the composite televote for San Marino. They are also threatening to take legal action over Serhat not having been able to use holograms in Stockholm. If San Marino were to compete in 2017, they would likely form a partnership with an interested creative person wanting to enter Eurovision on behalf of the mountainous microstate. Update: San Marino has been dropping very strong hints but they haven’t confirmed their participation for 2017.


Last year’s announcement: Late November
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Zap Me Strobe

We haven’t heard from RTS whether Serbia will be back for another year. If they were to return, an internally selected entry would be likely. The Balkan nation is currently focusing on its participation in Junior Eurovision. Update: Serbia has confirmed!


Last announcement: December 2011
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Mária Cirová

Let’s be honest – things aren’t looking great for Slovakia. They haven’t been part of the competition since 2012, and the last time they performed in the final was 1998. But there are still those who remain hopeful that Slovakia will one day return. RTVS have said that the cost of participating in Eurovision is what’s keeping them away, with the broadcaster’s focus being on local productions. However, an official decision has not yet been made. Update: Broadcaster RTVS has confirmed to fan media that they will not participate in 2017.


Last announcement: September 2011
Wednesday Wishlist pick: Murat Ceylan

Despite being regular competitors since the 1970s, Turkey called it quits after 2012. Every year there is talk of Turkey’s return, but it’s yet to happen. Broadcaster TRT reportedly sent a letter to the EBU in May saying they would participate, but there’s been no follow-up on this. Recent political events make a return for Turkey in 2017 seem less likely. Update: While an official response has not been made by TRT or the EBU, the director-general of host broadcaster NTU has tweeted that TRT have refused the invitation for 2017.

Other countries

  • Kosovo – national broadcaster RTK is not currently a member of the EBU so is therefore not eligible to participate in Eurovision.
  • Kazakhstan – like Australia, broadcaster Khabar Agency is only an associate member of the EBU and would need to be specially invited by the EBU.
  • China, United States, etc – like Kazakhstan and Australia, the broadcasters of these countries are only associate members of the EBU. They only way they could appear in the song contest is by special invitation. It is unlikely that this would extend to more than one country, if any.