Moldova at Eurovision 2017? NTU’s General Director says YES

He’s an active Twitter user who has, in recent months, offered insight into the Eurovision 2017 host city selection process, Turkey’s non-participation and San Marino’s yet-to-be-decided status.

And on Monday Zurab Alasania — the general director of Ukraine’s state broadcaster NTU — did it again, this time declaring that Moldova will participate in Eurovision 2017….despite the lack of any public confirmation from Moldova’s state broadcaster.

He did so in far fewer words, responding to Twitter user @Onuresc2012‘s question about Chisinau’s participation.

Moldova at Eurovision

Moldova’s ongoing silence over their participation could signal any number of things, but we’re remaining optimistic — and not just because of Zurab’s comments.

The little nation that could is full of the Eurovision spirit, regularly choosing its acts through the drawn-out national selection O Melodi Pentru Europa.

Chisinau has also delivered some of the wackiest and most memorable acts ever. From beyond bonkers act Zdob si Zdub to the beauty that is Aliona Moon, Moldova gets it.

Eurovision without Moldova would be like Christmas without your crazy grandmother, who shouts things at you which you don’t understand while dropping chicken on the floor. But you love her more than almost anyone.

Between 2009 and 2013, Moldova made the final every year, even placing 11th on two occasions — in 2012 and 2013.

But since then the Eastern capital of crazy has fallen on hard times at ESC, failing to advance from the semis for three consecutive years.

Cristina Scarlet did her best to show off her “Wild Soul” in 2014, even ripping out her weave. She finished last in her semi.

The following year Eduard Romanyuta called on leather-clad police women who resembled strippers. He finished 11th in the semi.

And last year Lidia Isac — one of our favourite personalities of the year — brought a space man with her to watch those gorgeous “Falling Stars”. She finished next-to-last.

Do you want to see Moldova back in the competition? And why do you think they’ve been so silent in recent weeks? Let us know in the comments box below.

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