Double trouble! Armenia’s Anahit & Mary unveil Junior Eurovision 2016 song “Tarber”

The only thing better than one amazing voice is when two amazing voices combine in perfect harmony.

And on Friday evening Mary & Anahit — Armenia’s Junior Eurovision 2016 act — proved the point with the release of their song “Tarber” (Different).

The upbeat track opens with the girls showing off their superb vocals (a wise move to court the jury vote straightaway).

But don’t get it twisted: This is not another power ballad. Instead these phenoms launch into a spirited track that combines elements of soul, funk, lounge, and R&B. The overall effect is on-trend and has a very subtle but palpable ethnic quality. These girls get it.

According to the AMPTV press team, the song “is about love and music — power that unites us all despite our differences.”

During the video these little ladies have a playful fashion fight as they vogue to the camera and show off their varying styles, which range from avant-garde kabuki chic (in black and white silk) to urban, deliberately mismatched street couture (with shredded pink leggings). Yerevan has never looked so fierce!

“I am really enjoying this process!” Mary said of shooting the music video. “We have created two different looks that highlight our differences, our personalities. It was a lot of fun to ‘style fight’ with Anahit on the set!”

“I’m sure people will love Tarber!”Anahit said. “The music video is very positive and colourful! I can’t wait to perform with Mary in Malta. I’m sure we are going to have a lot of fun and make new friends from all over the world.”

Lyricist Avet Barseghyan says the team wanted to highlight the artists differences through the song.

“After several discussions with our team, we decided that it would be interesting to present the girls just the way they are. Each of them have their unique style, their personality, and that is what they sing about. Mary is elegant and stylish, while Anahit loves to experiment with new looks and trends. But in the end it is their passion for music that unites them.”

Nick Egibyan, the composer, says he was inspired by the girls.

“The song was already creating itself in my mind, when I met them for the first time,” he said. “As soon as we started rehearsing, I realized that the song fits them perfectly. It’s very interesting, how music can unite two completely different artists, with different vocals and styles. I think we have created something very special!”

Armenia has a habit of sending upbeat songs — and ones that do very well indeed.

In 2014 Betty brought energy and a carnival feel with her song “People of the Sun”, smiling and singing en route to third place.

And last year Mika managed to take things up another gear, finishing as runner-up with his infectious dance song “Love”.

Do you think that Anahit & Mary can keep the trend going and land on top with their dance number? We’ll film our reaction video soon…but for now let us know your thoughts in the comments box below!

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