The Eurovision 2024 season is now in full swing and no doubt fans will have the songs from this year’s contest on repeat until we crown a winner in May. But that doesn’t mean we forget about the artists from past contests – they’re still bringing us a lot of new music to enjoy.

Contrary to the commonly perpetuated myth about the song contest killing careers, we’re always thrilled to report that singers associated with Eurovision are thriving.

Here is our latest weekly roundup with a selection of the songs released recently by Eurovision stars.

New music from Eurovision artists: 2024 | Week 15

AISEL – “Game of Chess”

This video comes with an epilepsy warning. AISEL submitted “Game of Chess” into Azerbaijan’s internal selection for Eurovision 2024, but ultimately wasn’t selected. Nevertheless, the star still wants us to enter her game and has released the song as her new single. The verses are spoken-sung and see the Eurovision 2018 artist using a game of chess as a metaphor for the decisions we have to make in life: “Black or white / Dark or light / You can choose for whom to fight / One thing is / On your side / Love can always be your guide.” The ‘chorus’ so to speak is purely instrumental and features trumpets alongside percussion to create a dramatic and dynamic experience.

Sunstroke Project – “Thinking of you”

Sunstroke Project are getting us in a summery mood with the new track “Thinking of you”. Moldova’s two-time Eurovision entrants deliver a chilled and laid-back offering with jazzy saxophone interludes that would make the perfect soundtrack for an evening on the beach — just as we see in the music video. The lyrics are just what you expect them to be after seeing the title: “I just can’t stop thinking of you / Every beat of my heart / Sky painted blue for you.”

Fjellrev feat. TIX & Hytta – “FOREVIG”

Norwegian artist Fjellrev has brought Hytta and Eurovision 2021 star TIX on board for this latest song. “FOREVIG” (“Forever”) is a true party anthem that will quickly get a crowd jumping from the first chorus onwards. Lyrically, the trio are making sure to live their best lives by enjoying the night and travelling in style: “We have nothing to lose tonight / Sorry baby I’m not done / I have to catch a flight / Wrap it up / I’m short on time / Me and the gang are waiting for you / In a limousine.”

Margaret Berger – “Karma is a”

“I think I’m kinda, kinda, kinda, kinda over what you put me through / Now I think about you and smile / ‘Cos I know-ow in a while / Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma’s going to get you.” After making her big return to Melodi Grand Prix this year, Margaret Berger is following it up with another strong bop. “Karma is a” sees Norway’s Eurovision 2013 star ready to leave a bad person behind her. She knows that, in the end, they’ll receive a punishment for what they’ve done. Speaking about the song’s message in a video on Instagram, Margaret noted:

“It’s a song that means a lot to me and it goes out to all my enemies. Not being angry at your enemies anymore, so just like let it go — that’s what the song is about.”

Tina Karol & SHUMEI – “Стерва”

Eurovision 2006 alumna Tina Karol has combined her voice with that of fellow Ukrainian singer SHUMEI. The title of their new duet, “Стерва”, translates as something similar to “Bitch” in English, though is specifically meant to reference someone with poor behaviour or a scandalous character. Tina and SHUMEI mix Ukrainian and English lyrics during the chorus of the song: “Play with my nerves / Let me be a bitch / Love me kill me / And we became monsters / They wounded with sharp fangs.”

The release of this song comes at the same time as Tina Karol’s new album. Titled Троянди (Roses), the LP brings together the singer’s recently released singles.

3D feat. Achille Lauro – “Coming Out”

Music producer 3D is building up to the release of his new album, Empirìa. The first of the album’s songs to get a music video is “Coming Out,” which features vocals from San Marino’s Eurovision 2022 star Achille Lauro. In the chorus, Lauro sings: “Our life is a coming out, yeah / It’s fast food, In-N-Out, oh / It’s Calvin Klein, it’s Rolling Loud, ugh / It’s a dirty movie, Paramount, yeah.”

LUM!X, Michael Schulte & Paradigm – “Troublemaker”

This week brings us a Eurovision collaboration. Austria’s Eurovision 2022 DJ, LUM!X, has invited Germany’s Eurovision 2018 singer, Michael Schulte, to be involved with the new song “Troublemaker”. The two come together with Paradigm to deliver a catchy song that mixes pop verses and a dance chorus. In the lyrics, Michael sings of a person who is messing up his life, but who he can’t stay away from: “Cos baby you’re a troublemaker / I can’t tame ya / You’ll be my last goodbye / Got me on my knees / Pretty pretty please / Just tell me lies / I don’t mind.”

Baby Gang feat. BLANCO & Marracash – “Adrenalina”

Italian rapper Baby Gang has a new album dropping at the end of April. Ahead of this, the latest pre-release single is “Adrenalina”. It features additional vocals from Marracash as well as Eurovision 2022 star BLANCO. Baby Gang and Marracash contribute a rap verse each, then BLANCO delivers more of a sung chorus in between: “A-Adrenaline, ra-pah-pah, you’re the first, uh / Your pawn, ra-pah-pah, miss / It’s a jungle of emotions where I got lost / Adrenaline, a-a-adrenaline.”

“It doesn’t hurt as much as yesterday / Not being perfect and never reaching 10 / You see, I’ll be your 9.6.” We’ve all experienced a situation where we don’t feel enough and doubt our own worth. Rosa López is here to remind us that none of it matters. Spain’s Eurovision 2002 representative hopes her new song “9.6” will help people accept themselves just the way they are. In a long post on Instagram, Rosa wrote:

“‘9.6’ is a song that comes from a very personal and sincere place within me. In it, I explore those raw, honest feelings of not feeling enough and the deep pain that comes with loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. It’s like telling the story of constantly trying to reach expectations that seem out of reach, and that devastating feeling that it’s never enough. This song is an emotional journey that really dismantles that idea of perfection that we sometimes project onto the people we love, facing the reality that we are all imperfect and vulnerable. With ‘9.6,’ I want to lead the listener toward the understanding that true love, the kind of love that really matters, is often found in accepting those imperfections, both in ourselves and in others. It is a reflection of our internal struggles, our constant search for acceptance, and the courage to stand firm, even when it seems like everything is against us.”

ALYOSHA – “Нірвана”

Don’t let the first verse of ALYOSHA’s new single fool you. Whilst it might be slow and stripped back, indicating a ballad is on the way, the BPM significantly goes up a notch in the chorus, transforming it into to a pop offering. Lyrically, ALYOSHA is searching for “Нірвана” (“Nirvana”), a place of perfect peace and happiness. Ukraine’s Eurovision 2010 star hopes she will find it in the arms of a lover who gives themself solely to her: How I waited – drove me crazy / Music and words, we are at home / Already take me and hide me / Don’t give your love to anyone / My heaven is in nirvana.”

Andrei Ursu – “Mi-erai rai”

Eurovision 2022 alum Andrei Ursu is struggling to move on from a past relationship. The Romanian star knows that the partnership was not a good one, even noting that this other person “left behind more bad than good”. Nevertheless, he still believes “Mi-erai rai” (“You were my heaven”) and the chorus of the mid-tempo song sees Andrei spinning into despair: “You were my heaven, I could have sworn you weren’t from Earth / You were my heaven, now I fall into the void with a broken soul / I’m holding on by thin threads, I’m clinging to memories again.”

Alicja – “nie wracam”

Alicja’s new single is “nie wracam” (“I’m not coming back”). It’s a personal song in which Poland’s Eurovision 2020 entrant deals with things from the past and sings about experiences from earlier years that she no longer wants to return to. Musically, it’s a steady song that incorporates inspirations from hip hip — Alicja raps the second verse.

Jendrik – The-Gonna-End-up-Somewhere-Anyway – EP

Jendrik is on a mission to release 30 songs during 2024, and in schedule with every new moon. In tandem with April’s new moon, the German singer has dropped The-Gonna-End-up-Somewhere-Anyway – EP. There are four songs on the record, all of which Jendrik recorded during his Eurovision 2021 journey. “One Moment More” was born during the pre-selection process when Jendrik was auditioning. “Shut Me Down” was written at a songwriting camp. “Let Your Worries Wash Away” and “Letting Loose” were composed shortly after Eurovision — the former when Jendrik was a little depressed (his words) after the results, and the latter when he realised that nothing is that bad when you’re doing the things you love.

Andromedik feat. Luka – “Paradise”

Belgian DJ Andromedik has dropped a new EP, titled RISE. On the EDM record, you’ll hear the vocals of Eurovision 2020 entrant Luka. She sings on “Paradise”, discussing how she’s found a wonderland she never wants to leave: “Hold on and enjoy the ride / Let is set you free / This here is a paradise / And we’re never leaving.”

Deep Zone Project feat. Bisera & Lidia – “Нещо по-така”

3, 2, 1 … lift off! Deep Zone Project are blasting into a new era of their music with “Нещо по-така” (“Something like that”). Past meets future here, with house beats being combined with traditional melodies and singing: “I want, I want something more like that / I want you to hold my hand / Feel the rhythm with me.” Bulgaria’s Eurovision 2008 group have brought in extra vocals for the track courtesy of folklore singers Bisera & Lidea.

Alkonost of Balkan – “Birth of a Star”

Alkonost of Balkan is a project by Nina Kraljić, Croatia’s Eurovision 2016 singer. She’s collaborated with producer Filip Lacković for the new musical piece “Birth of a Star”. You won’t hear any actual lyrics. Instead, it’s designed to be an epic film score track filled with ethno-Balkan influences. Nina’s voice still gets to shine, with her vocal line adding to the mystery and beauty of the piece.

Leymans feat. Amandine Bourgeois- “J’irai”

Eurovision 2013 alumna Amandine Bourgeois has released a duet alongside fellow French singer Leymans. The pair deliver a catchy pop track where there combined vocals are accompanied by percussion lines. The song it titled “J’irai”, which translates to “I will go” in English.

Sebalter – Better Things

Sebalter is leaving his fears behind and focusing on the Better Things that are set to come his way. Switzerland’s Eurovision 2014 star has collated six songs to celebrate this theme. The EP combines elements of folk and rock, with Sebalter returning to the two musical inspirations that he first started his career with.

Laura Tesoro – “Oya Lélé” / Clouseau – “Amor”

Liefde voor Muziek returned for another episode this week. This time it was all about girl-group K3. Laura Tesoro (Belgium, 2016) chose to cover “Oya Lélé”, her favourite song of the trio’s discography, and gave it a sultry remake in English. Meanwhile, Clouseau (Belgium, 1991) performed a rendition of “Amor”, which was chosen for the duo by the children of lead singer Koen Wauters.

Samira Said – “Rayha Gaya”

Samira Said, Morocco’s Eurovision 1980 act, has shared the short song “Rayha Gaya” (“I’m Coming”). Released for the Ramadan celebrations, it aims to highlight the work of the Human Fraternity Foundation. They are a charitable, non-profit organisation in Egypt who care for the vulnerable and less fortunate.

Aram MP3 – “Yerevi”

There are many moments in life where we look back and ask what would have happened if we’d chosen a different path. This is the theme of Aram MP3’s new single “Yerevi” (“Maybe”). It’s a steady ballad with a jazzy ending courtesy of a saxophone in the bridge. The music video features two people passing each other as they cross the street, and then shows what could happen if they stopped and connected.

Chingiz Mustafayev – “Vicdan”

Chingiz Mustafayev has been inspired by poetry for his new song. Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2019 representative became so enthralled by one particular piece that he almost instantly started composing the song. The result is “Vicdan”, which combines traditional instruments and digital beats to create an almost spiritual feel. Commenting on Instagram about the writing process, Chingiz noted:

“I came across this poem a few days ago and I liked it very much. The next night I composed a song for him and headed to one of our regions. We shot a clip, mounted and coloured in one day. Everything happened so randomly and rapidly that it was impossible not to enjoy it.”

Michael Rice – “Turning Tables”

After passing his first audition, Michael Rice’s American Idol adventures next took him to Hollywood week. There, the UK’s Eurovision 2019 entrant performed a cover of Adele’s “Turning Tables”. A truly emotional performance, Michael’s voice shines in the interpretation. Sadly, his journey was cut short and Michael didn’t make it through to the next round. But, he’s uploaded his cover onto streaming services for all of us to enjoy.

Which of these new songs is your favourite? Have we missed out on any? Do you have any artists you want to shout out to? Let us know in the comments.

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Marian Vanghelie
1 month ago

olly alexander… he didn’t became a mockery for Arabs…!

Stian F
Stian F
1 month ago

Oooh that Aisel song and video is so much better than her previous Eurovision effort. I still really like the Azeri entry this year though, but «Game of Chess» would have been good as well!

Oh and LOVE the new Margaret Berger song as well…such a fantastic artist!!!

1 month ago

Andrei from Romania has quicky become one of my favorite artists of all time out of Eurovision. His music is amazing!!