Australia: Alexa Curtis channels Sporty Spice during first rehearsal

She’s Australia’s sweetheart and the girl everybody wants to live next door. And Alexa Curtis reminded us all of that on Wednesday during her first rehearsal at Junior Eurovision. Wearing skinny white jeans and a casual mesh football jersey, she channeled Sporty Spice as she sang “We Are” while walking the breadth of the stage. During early takes I worried the stage was too big and swallowed her. But on subsequent takes — when producers switched up their angles — she came into sharper and more fabulous focus. At one point she walks to the runway and the camera seems to spin around her, creating major drama and drive. The real strength of this comes in her attitude, facial expressions and hand choreography. Alexa gets it and this will only improve as the week goes on. PS: In our interview afterwards she made it clear this is not her stage outfit! Expect sparkles, y’all…

Junior Eurovision 2016: Australia’s first rehearsal

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