ICYMI: Ira Losco debuts “We Are The Soldiers” at Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017

She represented Malta at Eurovision 2016 with “Walk on Water”, bringing soul and inspiring rhythms to the Stockholm stage.

And on Saturday, Ira Losco returned to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest, just over a year after her memorable victory.

And boy, did gurl come back with a bang, performing her new single “We Are the Soldiers” for the first time.

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As the title suggests, “We Are the Soldiers” is all about fighting. Don’t worry, Ira hasn’t turned to violence — the fight is metaphorical.

As she urges us not to give up on our dreams, the two-time Eurovision singer serves a powerful dose of strength. She wants us to spread our wings and find our way, singing — “all you fighters, when your dreams catch fires, don’t you ever give it up, never give it up”. It already feels like an anthem.

A suspenseful opening gives way to mystical bells. Faster than you think, it bursts into a powerful and energetic chorus claiming that “we are the soldiers and we will find our way”. If Ira’s my commander, I already taste victory.

Again, the “7th Wonder” star mesmerises with her vocals. But now, she’s fierce, hungry and powerful. With such meaningful lyrics, she’ll definitely make you keep up the fight and pursue your dreams.

Ira Losco We Are The Soldiers (MESC 2017 Performance)

After “Walk on Water” and “Haunted by Love”, “We Are the Soldiers” is the third single off the Maltese diva’s upcoming album. Even if there’s no release date yet, we can’t wait to hear it!

Chameleon/Walk On Water Medley

We weren’t joking when we said Ira came back with a bang. Wearing black and gold, she looked stunning as she owned the stage with a stellar triple-song set.

Starting with “Chameleon” – the track she was initially chosen to sing at Eurovision 2016 – before bursting into “Walk on Water”. Every note oozed soul.

After filling the stage with nostalgia, she turned the power right up with “We Are the Soldiers”. Watch the performance below.

Ira Losco Chameleon/Walk On Water at MESC 2017

Throughout her performance, her natural glow radiated happiness. And why wouldn’t she? This was her first live show since giving birth to baby Harry.

Ira also had the honour of presenting the second place trophy to Janice Mangion.

But it’s Claudia Faniello who will be Ira’s Eurovision successor. She’ll represent the Mediterranean island with “Breathlessly” next May.

Ira Losco Interview at Eurovision 2016

Ira Losco second rehearsal at Eurovision 2016

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