Strings with attitude! Jacques Houdek shares “My Friend” snippet

On March 2 he’ll release the full version of “My Friend” — the song he’ll sing at Eurovision 2017 for Croatia.

And on Friday afternoon singer Jacques Houdek whet our appetites with a 20-s snippet of his song.

Giving wiwibloggs the honour of publishing the snippet first, he’s keen to connect with the many Eurovision fans who are intrigued by his big voice and star power. There’s a reason he is a coach on The Voice, y’all.

The 20-second sneak peek roars with energy, its strings drawing you in while simultaneously stirring drama. It balances symphonic with sass and suggests that Jacques will lean Pavarotti while pulling the song firmly into 2017.

Jacques wrote the song along with Siniša Reljic and Tony Malm, and collaborated with Ines Prajo, Arijana Kunštek and Fabrizio Laucella on the lyrics.

“I was developing the idea the whole summer and I’m especially proud of the song and its message of support,” he said in a statement sent to wiwibloggs. “I see it as an anthem that should have a positive influence on anyone who goes through difficult moments in their life because it celebrates life and the fact that every life is a miracle! This is a song of support with a generalized message that can be understood differently by different people, but it also brings us together in the celebration of diversity through its message of love — and love is the only thing that matters.”

In many ways the song represents a new chapter in Jacques’ musical and personal life, and can be read as a statement of rebirth and renewal.

“Although I am the author of some of my greatest hits, this is the first song I wrote after several years of creative pause and a difficult time in my life,” he explained. “This is the song of my life and certainly the best thing I wrote so far. I’m happy that I have gathered such a great team of authors who have helped me to make the idea of the song come true and we believe that it will represent our homeland in the most beautiful light.”

Jacques has already given strong hints about the content and theme of his song, launching a campaign that encourages friendship and openness.

Last week he asked his fans and followers to upload pictures of themselves and their friends using the hashtag #beMyfriend.

“Remember your friends, make them happy by dedicating a photo to them, show them how important they are to you, make new friends,” he wrote on Facebook. “Let this song and the #beMyfriend campaign be a celebration of friendship, the joy of living and a priceless wealth of love, trust and mutual respect.”

Since then a lot of folks — fans and stars included — have uploaded their pictures, which you can view on the singer’s official Facebook page. Among the supporters are beloved Eurovision stars Marija Serifovic, Nina Badric, Kaliopi, Nina Kraljic and Dalal.

Clearly overwhelmed by the support, Jacques said:

“I’m grateful to all the well-meaning people who have participated with so much love and friendship in the campaign that propagates the message of the song ‘My friend’. We receive hundreds of photos every day, we’re happy because we can feel that positive, friendly atmosphere, which was the goal of the song, and that’s why I can’t wait for the people to hear the song and to feel its message that inspires, connects people in their diversity and celebrates life.”

But it’s not only about famous people. Jacques said that he was particularly touched to receive a photo for Pink Shirt Day from first-grade students in Sinj who recognized with their teacher that the campaign could help counter bullying.

How are you feeling about the snippet? Do you want to take some strings to the dance floor? Is Jacques poised to take Croatia back to the Eurovision final? Let us know your thoughts below!