Netherlands: O’G3NE reveals their song “Lights and Shadows” for Eurovision 2017

In late October AVROTROS announced that the singing sisters O’G3NE would represent The Netherlands at Eurovision 2017. And today — after months of waiting, endless speculation and the revelation that they had worked with their father on the song — Lisa, Amy and Shelley have revealed their song “Lights and Shadows”.


Unsurprisingly, this is all about their voices and those harmonies. There’s some real power is all about empowerment and life’s ups and downs: “cry no more, feeling all alone and insecure”. It’s not the most modern sounding entry we’ll hear this year, but it packs some real emotional depth in the lyrics.

It’s a fairly simple video to accompany the song — but of course, sometimes simple can effective! By not going glitz and glamour, it allows more focus on the group’s vocals. Lisa, Amy and Shelley are in a dark wooded area whilst the song’s lyrics are projected around and on to them throughout the song.

In February Lisa, the oldest of the Vol sisters, revealed in an interview with Radio 538 that her father Rick had teamed up with songwriter Rory de Kievit to pen their song. And she definitely felt like they were in trusted hands. After all, Rory is dating O’G3NE’s Shelley! Both of the men have written songs for the group in the past.

Rick is behind some of O’G3NE’s best-known songs including “Magic”, “The Power of Christmas” and “Wings to Fly”. “Magic” remains O’G3NE’s most successful song to date. Indeed, it’s the only O’G3NE single to have received gold status and it peaked at #3 in the Dutch Top 100 in 2014.

Their holiday single “The Power of Chirstmas” peaked at #98 on the Dutch charts in 2008. The 2015 re-release of the single was less successful and failed to chart.

Rick was also behind their 2015 summer single “Wings to Fly”. It peaked at #100, before dropping out of the charts one week later.


The Dutch trio performed as Lisa, Amy and Shelley in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007 for The Netherlands with their song “Adem in, Adem Uit”.

More recently, they went on to smash the competition in season five of The Voice of Holland in 2014, with their blind audition of Destiny’s Child’s rendition of “Emotion” going viral worldwide. Their harmonies were — and remain — on point.

The Netherlands have experienced plenty of success at Eurovision in recent years. After a streak of non-qualifications to the final from 2005 to 2012, Anouk came to Malmö with a plan, and her song “Birds” placed ninth in the final.

A year later The Common Linnets came from behind and snuck into second place in Copenhagen with “Calm After The Storm”. And last year, Douwe Bob cruised into the final in Stockholm, placing a respectable eleventh with his song “Slow Down”.

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