During the past five weeks of Melodifestivalen 2017, we’ve lost 16 acts, including Eurovision winners Loreen and Charlotte Perrelli. And while we remember those we’ve lost, we are all about life. We now turn our attention to the twelve finalists — one of whom will be crowned the winner of Melodifestivalen and represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

But who should win the final this weekend in Friends Arena? It’s your chance to have your say before Swedes head to the polls (and their sofas). Is it Wiktoria’s time to win after placing fourth last year? Or should the third time be a charm for Ace Wilder? Perhaps you’re feeling a debutant? Regardless of where you stand, we want to hear what you think!

You can vote for as many of your favourites as you like, but you can only vote once. Just check the box next to all of your favourites and then press vote. We will go through the results before the final on Saturday March 11.

Melodifestivalen 2017: finalists

1. Ace Wilder with “Wild Child”

Watch the performance on YouTube

Read the “Wild Child” lyrics

2. Boris René with “Her Kiss”

Read the “Her Kiss” lyrics

3. Lisa Ajax with “I Don’t Give A”

Read the “I Don’t Give A” lyrics

4. Robin Bengtsson with “I Can’t Go On”

Watch the performance on YouTube

Read the “I Can’t Go On” lyrics

5. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia with “En värld full av strider (Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh)”

Read the “En värld full av strider (Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh)” lyrics

6. Anton Hagman with “Kiss You Goodbye”

Read the “Kiss You Goodbye” lyrics

7. Mariette with “A Million Years”

Watch the performance on YouTube

Read the “A Million Years” lyrics

8. FO&O with “Gotta Thing About You”

Read the “Gotta Thing About You” lyrics

9. Nano with “Hold On”

Watch the performance on YouTube

Read the “Hold On” lyrics

10. Wiktoria with “As I Lay Me Down”

Read the “As I Lay Me Down” lyrics

11. Benjamin Ingrosso with “Good Lovin’”

Watch the performance on YouTube

Read the “Good Lovin'” lyrics

12. Owe Thörnqvist with “Boogieman Blues”

Watch the performance on YouTube

Read the “Boogieman Blues” lyrics

Poll: Who should win Melodifestivalen 2017?

Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/SVT, collage by wiwibloggs

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[…] tror speciellt starkt på utan det kan mycket väl sluta på många andra sätt. Ser man t.ex. till wiwibloggs-undersökningen så har den i skrivandets stund följande, väldigt jämna, topp-tre: Wiktoria (17.98%), Jon Henrik […]


I think it will be Nano or Wiktoria who takes it out. Either would be deserving winners. I wouldn’t discount Robin either.
I look forward to seeing how the international juries vote. Always fascinating to see the tastes of different countries/cultures.

Nigel Rees
Wiktoria and Nano are the clear leaders. Wiktoria’s “Save Me” from 2016 was fabulous, but was only 4th with the juries and 2nd with the fans. I feel Wiktoria will fall to the same jury fate as last year because, “As I Lay Me Down” is nowhere near as good as, “Save Me”. Nano’s, “Hold On” has everything – melody, drama, great vocals and a contemporary backing. It is a clear winner for Melfest and is way, way ahead of any other declared song for the Eurovision Song Contest from other countries, so far. I have to say that Mariette’s,… Read more »

Ace wilder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nano <3


Definetely Loreen , but now Mariette or Wiktoria for win


Loreen was my nr. 1 ,

Now Robin or Wiktoria may win.


Looking at Spotify statistics, it’s almost safe to say it won’t be Mariette. Probably a 99.9% chance that it’ll be either Nano, Wiktoria, or Jon Henrik and Aninia.

Purple Mask

Owe Thornqvist! Absolutely the best song, from a legend of musical comedy. It just can’t lose. :p

They’re all pretty good to be honest, except for the FOe and Oh. But there’s no swearing allowed at ESC, so Lisa Ajax and Robin B can clear off right now. Any of the other nine are fine. I’d love to see Anton win it. 🙂


Forever ’till the end of time!


Robyns Song is awful. IF he wins, im gona shame to be a Swede

@ Jonas I just wanted to reply about your desire to bring back regional juries. In my opinion, I think that this idea won’t be back soon after what happened in 2010 when Anna Bergendahl who represented Sweden, failed (unfortunately) to qualify for the final that year. 2010 was the second time (after 2009) in MF history that both international juries and national juries were giving their votes together. Anna finished 7th in the international jury votes with : * 10 pts from Ireland * 8 pts from Russia * 6 pts from Norway * 4 pts from Greece *… Read more »
The international jury has showed nothing, in fact as said the one time it disagreed with the public we finished 14th with Robin “You”.. Why would we want a jury rejecting our choice just to finish out of the top 10? That year we chose Yohio and fine if you dont think he would have done any better, we also had Ulrik Munther, State of drama and Anton Ewald or even Ralf Gyllenhammar.. so was a 14th place really the best we could do in 2013? Not for me.. and in 2014 when we disagreed once again and the televoting… Read more »

i kind of want benjamin ingrosso to win?? idk why tho


people still be petty over loreen omg come on guys get over it


Wiktoria all the way! She is the best! If she doesnt win then Marriete or Robin or Ace would be good!


Loreen could win the contest… Sorry sweeden not my vote this year 🙁


Robin bengtsson: Catchiest song by far. Has been on repeat on my mind since it’s semi-final. I love his voice and the performance was original, cool, and entertaining. Good luck!

Robyn, well, you make a good point. However, in terms of it being a national contest of Sweden, and an iconic show in its own right, the winner should be decided by Swedes. That’s how I feel. The international element also means that acts like Hasse Andersson are at a distinct disadvantage, which is just unfair. I know that the juries have only swung the result away from the popular favorite just once, but there’s always the danger that it could happen again. In 2013, it was particularly egregious – if I recall correctly, the juries absolutely sunk poor YOHIO.… Read more »
Robyn Gallagher
Jonas: “I know Christer likes to present the show as an international event, on a par with the Eurovision itself, but these people have no business deciding what the Swedish entry should be.” That current system works really well for Sweden. 🙂 Since the full international jury was introduced in 2011, the eventual winner of Melfest has also been the televote favourite all but once (“You”). Twice the winning televote favourite was even different to the jury’s favourite (“Undo”, “If I Were Sorry”). The years when the international jury has agreed with the televote were also the years when Sweden… Read more »

It’s Jon Henrik and Aninia for me! The whole song is AMAZING! Don’t get that with any other Melfest song. It’s ready for the ESC stage! Mariette will not be in the top 3, specifically with the tele-vote which will be between JH and Wiktoria. Jury vote will be close between Wiktoria, JH, Robin, Nano, and Ace, since the fanwank of the year took an exit. 😉



What do we actually know about the members of the international juries? Who are they? Based on past years, they seem to be a ragtag bunch of fans and television employees rounded up by Christer’s contact/pal from the participating broadcaster. I wish they would just go back to regional juries. I know Christer likes to present the show as an international event, on a par with the Eurovision itself, but these people have no business deciding what the Swedish entry should be. That said, I can see Robin winning the jury vote convincingly. He has the whole package and would… Read more »
Calum Macleod

1. Mariette (Brilliant live but don’t love the studio version so much.)
2. Wiktoria (Brilliant studio version but could do a bit better live.)
3. Lisa Ajax

I’m hoping that Jon & Aninia don’t win, only because it would add another ballad to the list.


That song w Jon Henrik and Aninia? It is beyond me how it is in the finals, and top for many people. I can barely understand a word they say and it’s shouting and shouting. If I had to go with someone it’d be Robin or Mariette. That Wiktoria song is terrible, it won’t do well in Eurovision. But you guys know what would have been better than all of them? Loreen, hands down. But Sweden messed it up.


Ill send 5 votes for Jon Henrik on saturday but I think it will be really close


Wiktoria <3333


As you can see here the televote will be so dispersed especially with the App vote its difficult for me to see the televote as a major differentiating factor. A 5% difference will only be 24 points. Its going to be the juries who will make or break the contestants’ fate.


The top 6 in the poll are all in with a shot.
I’d like Ace/Mariette/Nano to win.
Wiktoria and Robin have great performances but only the songs are not as good as the other three.
Jon and Aninia have a great song and performance but the song is one I can’t really sing so…….
But best of luck to them and maybe baby Anton.


Wiktoria should win. It’s a great song that could bring top 5. I also love Robin and Mariette but I don’t see them winning.
However I think Jon henrik will win due to correctness. He’s not that great but he’s a correct choice-
Whether he will score high if chosen? who knows, it might go both ways!


Marietttttteeeee, please.
Wiktoria nooooooooo!!
Swedes, save the ESC 2017!!


In this quite boring year at Eurovision any of this song can be in top 5, exept Owe. My favorite was Loreen, but now my – Nano, Mariette and Robin.

As I Lay me down 2 get laid
As I Lay me down 2 get laid



Whoever they choose, Sweden must be satisftied with a much lower place this year.


My Top 12 for MF:
1. Mariette
2. Wiktoria
3. Anton
4. Jon & Aninia
5. Robin
6. Benjamin
7. Nano
8. Boris
9. FO&O
10. Ace
11. Lisa
12. Owe


In an odd way, Melfest tends to have a male and female winner exchange every other year. (Anna 2010, Eric 2011, Loreen 2012, Robin 2013, Sanna 2014, Mans 2015, oddly again a guy, Frans 2016). I have a feeling that this year a woman will win – probably Mariette or Wiktoria. I would love if Jon Henrik feat. Aninia won as well… in that case a joint male/female combo.


I want Wiktoria or Robin to win. But I don’t know who will finally stand as a winner. I think it will be Wiktoria, Jon-Henrik, Nano, Robin and perhaps Mariette or Ace. It will very much depend on how the international jury will vote. But I think their votes will be all over the place.


I hate to say this, because Ace does bring something interesting to the contest; but given the way Loreen was sent packing, this might just be Ace’s last chance to win. She’ll be 35 this year, and I think her gas tank may very well be running dry already.


I don’t know why you make such a big deal about Aninia singing in English. As long as they keep the Sami part, it’s OK.
Her purpose is to translate Jon’s message, so it makes sense to sing in English in front of an international audience.

Olly the Swede
I think this will be the most exciting final since 2013 when Robin S. won the contest with “You”. Although I preferred last years’ songs, I think Sweden has a big chance of ending up in the Top 5 again if they choose the right song. My top 12 for the final: 1. Mariette – 9/10 2. Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – 9/10 3. Wiktoria – 8/10 4. Nano – 7/10 5. Ace Wilder – 7/10 6. Robin Bengtsson – 7/10 7. Owe Thörnqvist – 6/10 8. Benjamin Ingrosso – 6/10 9. Lisa Ajax – 3/10 10. Anton Hagman… Read more »

Ace and Wiktoria are the only ones with songs that’ll work at Eurovision.



Oh, right.




Mariette ir Jon Henrik/Aninia for the world! 🙂


My top choices in no particular order :

Ace, Mariette and Robin.

Special mention to Jon Henrik (since it is in swedish and fairly unique) as well as Owe for an underrated catchy tune.

Thats not to say I don’t like other songs though 😉


I’ll have a new last place if Wiktoria wins

Jon Henrik & Aninia all the way. They can easily bring another top 5 result for Sweden, but I highly doubt they would win. Not getting the hype around Wiktoria though. Her song is such a typical fanwank that would probably flop. Nothing original about it, I feel like I’ve heard the song many times before, and it’s really predictable. How she got to the final and Loreen didn’t is just beyond me. ‘Save me’ on the other hand was a really great song, it was my number 3 after Ace and Oscar. So yeah, I hope my favorites win… Read more »
Really rooting for Jon Henrik and Aninia, my heart beats for them. And my gut feeling is overwhelmingly positive 🙂 Considering ratings, youtube views, polls, momentum and odds I predict the following results; Top 3 televote 1. Jon Henrik ft. Aninia 2. Robin Bengtsson 3. Wiktoria Top 3 juries 1. Mariette 2. Wiktoria 3. Jon Henrik ft. Aninia I personally believe it’s going to be a close race between Wiktoria and Jon Henrik & Aninia. It all depends on the televote margin (which is going to be a close race), and how much Wiktoria is ahead after the juries have… Read more »

@Briekimchi: Aye. Jon Henrik and Mariette were at the top of my list even before the 4th heat (with Jon Henrik and Loreen) took place


Wiktoria all the way! I’m sure she can bring back the contest to Sweden and equal Ireland’s record.