Poll: Who is your favourite Eurovision 2017 act so far? (March 7)

In the early hours (in Europe, at least) of March 7, Australia made it 27 acts confirmed in full for Eurovision 2017. The list for Kyiv is filling up as more songs keep on appearing on our radar.

In the last week, eight more countries confirmed their singer and song, but will any of these newcomers topple SunStroke Project as your favourite? Will another act rise up to claim top spot? We want y’all to let us know your favourite Eurovision 2017 act in our poll!

SunStroke Project
have been busy trying to win even more fans over with performances at both Romania and Greece’s national finals. Will it turn the other way though and could Ilinca & Alex or Demy overtake them in our poll? Could another national final winner such as Portugal’s Salvador Sobral — who’s tearing up the bookies odds — jump ahead too?

Let’s not forget two of the other big favourites, Alma and Francesco Gabbani. Both acts have finished in the top three in both polls they’ve been included in, whilst the UK’s Lucie Jones has done very well too.

Y’all haven’t been supporting the rest of the Big Five quite as much: Germany’s Levina has finished last in both polls so far. Has “Perfect Life” swayed any of you recently?

You can find links to all 27 acts and their songs below — simply click on their name or song title to hear them! After that, you can go vote in our poll. Remember, you can only vote once, but you can vote for as many of the acts as you like. Make sure you’ve checked all those boxes, y’all, because you can’t go back.

Poll: Who is your favourite Eurovision 2017 act so far? (March 7)

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With many more song reveals to come over the next week, we’ll be closing the poll on Sunday, March 12. That means our next poll will include the likes of Sweden, Belgium and Lithuania, but not before then.

Shout out your favourites on the wiwibloggs app, or leave a comment in the section below!

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