Lithuania: Fusedmarc wins Eurovizijos atranka 2017 with “Rain of Revolution”

As Lithuania celebrated their 26th year of independence, there was also the matter of who will become the country’s 18th Eurovision representative in Kyiv. After four heats, two knockout rounds and a semi-final, Lithuania’s national selection marathon Eurovizijos atranka 2017 finally came to an end.

The six remaining participants — and a second chance for one lucky act — made the long journey to tonight’s final. In the end, Lithuania has selected Fusedmarc as their Eurovision 2017 representative with the song “Rain of Revolution”.

“Rain of Revolution” final performance

Last year’s winner Donny Montell returned to perform his single “Screw Me Up”, followed by his Eurovision 2016 entry “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night”. He also played a crucial role on tonight’s final as one of seven Lithuanian juries. Another Eurovision returnee, Sunstroke Project, were guest interval acts performing their Eurovision 2017 entry “Hey Mamma”.

Eurovizijos atranka 2017 final running order

  1. Paula – “Let U Go”
  2. Gabrielius Vagelis – “Feel Myself Free”
  3. Greta Zazza – “Like I Love You”
  4. Fusedmarc – “Rain of Revolution”
  5. Aiste Pilvelyte – “I’m Like a Wolf”
  6. Gytis Ivanauskas (Lolita Zero) – “Get Frighten”
  7. Kotryna Juodzeviciute – “Love Shadow”

Eurovizijos atranka 2017 final results

For one last time, the international juries had their say on tonight’s seven finalists and gave those all-important points. They count towards 50% of the overall jury votes, with the other 50% from the Lithuanian juries.

Lithuanian jury panel

Ramunas Zilnys
Dalia Ibelhauptaite
Vytautas Lukocius
Nomeda Kazlaus
Kazimieras Šiaulys
Povilas Meškela
Donny Montell

International jury panel

Peteris Freudenthaleris (Germany)
Lauris Reiniks (Latvia)
Denis Ingoldsby (UK)
Chloe Maggs (Australia)

Televoting results

Combined jury results

Combined results

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