Still lost in Verona! Estonia’s Koit Toome & Laura release Eurovision lyric video

They’re a pair of Eurovision veterans who take on the role of star-crossed lovers in their Eurovision 2017 song “Verona”.

And on Saturday Estonia’s Koit Toome & Laura continued to give Shakespeare rhythm with the release of their lyric video, which is much more of a triumph than a tragedy.

Building on the intimate framing they used at Eesti Laul, the duo once again call on close camera crops and backgrounds of solid black and beige to draw attention to their expressions of love, loss and longing.

In a sharp contrast to the Eesti Laul national final, where Laura did her best to channel Miss Universe with her hip-hugging ball gown and perfect coiffe, she styles herself more casually in the lyric video.

Her hair falls in natural waves and she wears a flowing sheer top with asymmetrical neckline, which gives her greater range of movement. Despite looking beautiful, she’s much less concerned with glamour. As anyone who has ever cried into the sink following a break-up knows, pain is best expressed in the comfort of casual wear.

Even with the lyrics visible on screen, however, Laura still seems to mispronounce “bottle in your hands” as “butt on your hands”. It’s a phonetic blunder that takes away from the romance of the opening bars and she’ll want to correct this ahead of Eurovision.

Laura seems better able to emote than Koit, whose expressions at the national final seemed somewhat forced, unnatural and decidedly uncomfortable. However, he appears to have taken note of this and appears more natural this time around, suggesting he’ll reach that visual place of upset with ease by May.

Koit Toome & Laura at Eurovision 2017

They’re taking a Shakespearean epic and turning it into Eurovision duet dynamite. But before their big win at the Eesti Laul final the duo said they didn’t have a win on their minds. 

“I didn’t think we were going to win until the end,” Koit admitted to our media partners and on-the-scene queens from, Estonia’s largest tabloid, just moments after the show. “The competition this year is tough.”

Laura’s concern was nailing the performance, as she had been fighting illness all week in the run-up to the show: “To be honest I was worried about my voice and condition, and wasn’t really thinking about whether we’d end up second or third or tenth.”

The singers’ draw in the running order had raised concerns about their chances of success and during the jury voting those concerns looked justified. Koit & Laura only managed to place fifth with the jury, but pulled it back in televoting, and went on to storm the superfinal, knocking Kerli and Rasmus Rändvee out in the process.