L’essenziale! Nathan Trent tackles Marco Mengoni in his weekly cover

After a successful promo tour around Europe — and all the glitter and glamour and selfies that entails — Nathan Trent is cooling things down and bringing us back to earth with his series of stripped-back acoustic Eurovision covers.

He already wowed us with his take on Måns Zelmerlöw’s “Heroes” last week. And this week Nathan takes us on a journey south to Italy as he covers the ever-so-lovely and smooth Marco Mengoni and his Eurovision 2013 track “L’essenziale”.

Marco’s performance in Malmö was simple yet effective and Nathan’s cover mirrors that perfectly.

He definitely captures the essence of the song, singing with major emotion and letting feelings guide the song rather than super-dramatic swells and plunges in sound. Just look at Nathan’s face and you can tell he’s into it.

We’re also into his use of Italian. Nathan works that foreign tongue oh-so-well!

There are still two covers to go and Nathan will no doubt hit two more home runs with his pared-back versions.

Less isn’t just more with Nathan. It’s everything! Strip it back and let the man sing.

Nathan’s trip to Eurovision

After captivating audiences in London, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, Nathan will take over the Iberian Peninsula in Madrid on April 15, performing “Running On Air” for one last preview party audience.

After that there’ll be rehearsals to set up the stage show for Kyiv, before the Austrian delegation travels to Ukraine.

There they’ll be preparing for Semi-Final 2 on May 11, where Nathan is up second after show-opener Serbia.

What do you think of the cover? Do you like Nathan’s strong Italian game with “L’essenziale”? Will he give Austria its second trip to the finals in two years? Let us know in the comments below! And why not buy a “Running on Air” t-shirt while you’re at it?

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