Cyprus: Hovig battles gravity during black and white stage show


In April he told us that he was working hard with his choreographer to nail his stage show at Eurovision 2017. And during his first rehearsal Cyprus’ HOVIG finally showed us what he’s been working on. His staging, which consists mostly of black and white LEDs, sees him walking an illuminated line in the opening moments. It sets the tone for a performance that requires a great deal of balance: He eventually jumps and must land on one foot while performing some simple but intriguing choreography along with his two backing dancers. There were so obvious balance issues — wobble here, wrong thigh position there — but he’ll surely iron that out in subsequent rehearsals.

This has obvious shades of Belgium’s Eurovision 2015 performance from Loïc Nottet — it’s aiming for avant-garde, features lots of black and white and seeks to create something high-impact through its simplicity and edge. Whether it achieves this is up for debate. I’m feeling it and think it makes the track seem less generic. Some of my fellow bloggers, who have Belgium 2015 lodged firmly in their memory, say it’s derivative. But the vast majority of voters aren’t diehard Eurovision fans, so perhaps they won’t remember Loïc — or compare Hovig to him.

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Photo: (EBU)