Skatepark chic! Latvia’s Triana Park runs riot with motion capture and neon LEDs


They’re a Latvian band known for their anything-goes attitude and punk styling. And on Monday Latvia’s Triana Park channeled all their edge and grit into their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2017.

Chaneling an off-duty skateboard queen, lead singer Agnese wore knee-high golden boots and a corset that helped define her already stunning silhouette. Not one to shy away from crazy, she wore a curly wig that moved from black root to red tip. She looked like a high-end fashion model walking in a circus-themed fashion show.

The LED features the bold and beautiful splatter paint from the national selection, but in a higher definition of fabulous, and at times displays dark grey waves that could be mistaken for smoke. The group holds motion capture sticks, so their movements are projected onto the LEDs at various points. You’ll see the drummer’s sticks and Agnese’s funky moves writ large in psychedelic colours.

The overall package is against the grain and alternative, but the staging is somehow universal. They’re a group of misfits you want to hang with while dancing to their song, which has become a real ear worm. Going into the voting interval, this one is hard to forget.

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Photo: (EBU)

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