To the disco! San Marino’s Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson turn the stage into a dance floor


Frenetic, fast-paced and just a little dizzying, the disco is a place of freedom. And San Marino’s Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson demonstrated that during their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2017.

Wearing all-black leather outfits, the pair drank their go-go juice ahead of this morning’s run-throughs, bobbing and shaking with abandon — but without any clearly identifiable choreography. Perhaps keen to give herself a bit of urban edge, Valentina wore a black cap. She carried her essentials — lipstick and a bit of blush, maybe? — in a black cross-strap body bag with a large white star. Jimmie wore a sparkly black blazer which he removed in the final minute of the song, revealing a skin-tight black vest that showed off his bulging biceps.

The LED wall is relatively simple — it scrolls through a series of orange, red and purple panels, giving the effect of a disco-themed rainbow. At times the floor displays a similar effect, which is truly eye-catching.

While it’s unlikely that the spirit of the night will move San Marino to the final, this act will surely find its fans. The euro-dance sound has a nostalgic feel, which will appeal to those who came of age when euro-dance was a thing. In the press room two tables erupted with applause during the first run-through — partly owing to the somewhat bonkers nature of this.

Valentina, returning for her fourth time, was completely at ease. In between takes she playfully blew air kisses at the camera, shimmied her shoulders and bobbed in place. For the second take she removed her jacket — perhaps she could move even more freely.

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Photo: (EBU)

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