Piña colada realness! Spain’s Manel Navarro makes his camper van bounce on the beach


He’s doing it for his lover at Eurovision 2017. And today Spain’s Manel Navarro did it for all y’all who love surf, sand and sun with a colourful, carefree performance set before an LED beach.

Manel stands centre stage in a tropical shirt, flanked by two guitarists who channel Ibiza and Hawaii with their own floral tops. Each of them unbuttons their shirt, tantalising with a flash of taut-and-tanned chest. During one run-through Manel actually pulled a Janet Jackson and revealed a bit of nipple — not that anyone minded.

The LED includes a series of playful and brightly coloured images, including oversized surfboards that appear and disappear in succession, a sandy beach vista with sun chairs, and the outline of palm trees and a golden sun. At one point we see a camper van — probably a VW — hopping. When Manel sings, the passengers can’t help but bounce along.

The colours add a tonality to the show that we haven’t yet seen. It’s tropical, hot and memorable — and fits the song perfectly.

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