LISTEN: Kristian Kostov releases electrifying remix of “Beautiful Mess”


On Thursday Bulgaria qualified for the grand final of Eurovision for the second straight year.

And today the “Beautiful Mess” continued for the country’s singer Kristian Kostov with the release of his official remix.

Joining forces with noted remix maestro Baron Grand, Kristian stretches the song to 3:25 minutes, so y’all can enjoy a little bit more of this thoughtful piece of pop (and tap your foot while you do it). Count us in!

The structure of the song remains pretty much the same, and it retains the darkness and mystery of the original.

From the soul of his voice to the electro beat, every note pulses — and with the most subtle of ethnic touches.

Young Kristian, who is currently narrowing on Italy to become second favourite to win Eurovision 2017, is emerging as quite the little pop star. This remix suggests his range is vast and we’re looking forward to even more club mixes when he’s a fully-fledged adult.

After Poli Genova’s big success in Stockholm, it’s now Kristian’s time to shine.

Following her fourth place finish, Eurovision fans wondered who on earth BNT would select — and most doubted that anyone could replicate Poli’s success.

But now young Kristian is among the favourites to win the trophy in tomorrow’s Grand Final. Most of us agree that he likely won Semi-Final 2 and he’s poised to snap up the Russian diaspora vote. (For the record, his mother is Kazakh and his father is Bulgarian. This dude is global.)

On Friday the X Factor alum won our poll for favourite male soloist at Eurovision 2017. Should he win Eurovision over his male rivals and fellow favourites Robin Bengtsson, Francesco Gabbani and Salvador Sobral, few of our readers would complain.

He will perform in spot number 25 — that’s the next-to-last position just before France.

What do you think about this official remix? Can this version make it to the radio? Let us know in the comments!