Help Emmelie de Forest release her new EP by donating on PledgeMusic


Accompanied by melodious flute and soulful drumming, she tapped into European hearts and walked her way — barefoot — to victory at Eurovision 2013 with “Only Teardrops”.

And this week, Danish singer-songwriter Emmelie de Forest announced her comeback, with an EP set to be released this October. We haven’t heard from the rainmaker since 2015, and we’re ready for a musical downpour!

How You can Help

An important factor behind this early announcement is that Emmelie needs your help to make the EP a reality. Producing, mixing, and mastering tracks with high standards is expensive, y’all, and this Eurovision victor isn’t one to cut corners.

Instead, Emmelie is making use of PledgeMusic’s interactive platform, where she’s offering exclusive merchandise, memorabilia, and even customized music. With items ranging from €8 to €1,000, it’s possible for anyone to contribute and become a part of her journey.

Visit her pledge page to make a donation and get this EP on its feet! In return you’ll get the EP before anyone else and, depending on your donation, you can also get your hands on an original “Only Teardrops” flute, have a cameo in her next music video and even book Emmelie and her guitarist for a 30-minute concert at your house. Unfortunately, her Eurovision trophy is not up for sale. Apparently it’s priceless.

Crowdfunding: Does it Work?

De Forest joins the ever-growing list of Eurovision participants who have turned to crowdfunding campaigns to finance their subsequent albums. The real question is, will it work?

Just after Eurovision 2015, Electro Velvet duo Alex Larke and Bianca Nicholas ran a similar campaign for an EP they planned to release. Two months later, though, they called it off, stating that they needed some time to work separately first.

Still, the idea stuck. Alex began to crowdfund on his own, and went on to raise 109% of his goal.

Then, in early 2016, Lithuanian musician and Eurovision 2013 representative Andrius Pojavis created a Kickstarter page to raise funds for his second album, “Seven”. Nearly identically to Alex Larke, Pojavis went on to raise 112% of his goal.

So the odds look undoubtedly in Emmelie’s favor. If she can connect with her widespread fan base as much as Alex or Andrius did, it should be no time before the EP gets recorded, produced and shipped. Sign us up!

What do you think about Emmelie de Forest’s crowdfunding campaign? Will you donate? What do you hope to hear on her upcoming EP? Let us know in the comments section below, or by using the wiwibloggs app!

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