Poll results: Our readers want Kerli or Mariette to win the OGAE Second Chance Contest 2017


If you traced the paths of Måns Zelmerlöw, Carola, Alcazar, Anna Oxa, David Bisbal and Nek, they’d cross at the OGAE Second Chance Contest. That’s because all six of those acts have previously won the fan event, which is now a rite of passage every summer.

Every year the Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision, or General Organisation of Eurovision Fans, has its national chapters nominate an act that didn’t quite survive national selection season and puts them head-to-head. This year 22 clubs have fielded songs

In some instances the clubs chose the runner-up from their 2017 national final, as with Kerli in Estonia and Zühlke in Finland. But other clubs have chosen acts that didn’t place second, including Sweden, who went with Mariette over Nano, and Italy, who went with Paola Turci over Fiorella Mannoia.

Ahead of the official reveal last this summer, wiwibloggs decided to go ahead an ask our readers who they want to see come out on top. After counting more than 9,000 votes the results are in and we have a winner. And she is Estonia’s Kerli.

Kerli, who has made a big name for herself outside of Estonia, entered Eesti Laul with the shaman-inspired song “Spirit Animal”.

A massive fan favourite, she ended up in second place at home — despite her string of international hits, some epic staging and plenty of eye-catching dancers.

Ahead of the Eesti Laul final she won a lot of fans with the Wiwi Jury, our in-house panel of music unprofessionals. Jason saw great potential for the Estonian star at Eurovision. He wrote:

I too was expecting a little something more, but there is no denying that Kerli and “Spirit Animal” would be a bankable decision on Estonia’s part. Catchy and slick with a seasoned professional, as an entry this would pack some punch. Yes, it is slightly repetitive but most successful Eurovision entries are built around a hook. And visually, this will undoubtedly be stunning.

In our poll Kerli earned 1,277 votes — or roughly 14.2%.

Sweden, always a contender at Eurovision and the OGAE Second Chance Contest, finished second in our poll.

Mariette earned 1,169 votes — or around 13% — which put her just behind Kerli.

Ahead of the Melodifestivalen final wiwiblogger Robyn gave the song and performer major props, writing:

It’s a question that’s been troubling me for a while: what do you do with a pop drop at Eurovision? Sweden, of course, has the answer: dancers on bungee ropes. That combined with clever camera work ensures that the performance never feels empty. Mariette always has something to do. And what she does is deliver a lovely pop song that makes me wish she was my BFF.

Slovenia’s BQL, Ukraine’s Tayanna and Poland’s Carmell round out our readers’ Top 5.

Who should win the OGAE Second Chance Contest 2017? (Poll results)

  1. Estonia: Kerli — “Spirit Animal” 14.19% (1,277 votes)
  2. Sweden: Mariette — “A Million Years” 12.99% (1,169 votes)
  3. Slovenia: BQL — “Heart of Gold” 8.85% (797 votes)
  4. Ukraine: Tayanna — “I Love You” 8.5% (765 votes)
  5. Poland: Carmell — “Faces” 5.92% (533 votes)
  6. Spain: LeKlein — “Ouch!” 5.59% (503 votes)
  7. Lithuania: Greta Zazza — “Like I Love You” 5.18% (466 votes)
  8. United Kingdom: Holly Brewer — “I Wish I Loved You More” 4.71% (424 votes)
  9. Hungary: Gabi Tóth & Freddie Shuman feat. Begi Lotfi — “Hosszú idök” 4.61% (415 votes)
  10. Malta: Janice Mangion — “Kewkba” 3.48% (313 votes)
  11. Greece: Demy — “When the Morning Comes Around” 2.85% (257 votes)
  12. Iceland: Daði Freyr — “Is This Love?” 2.84% (256 votes)
  13. Finland: Zühlke — “Perfect Villain” 2.62% (236 votes)
  14. Italy: Paola Turci — “Fatti bella per te” 2.53% (228 votes)
  15. Norway: Ella — “Mamma’s Boy” 2.53% (228 votes)
  16. Belarus: Nuteki — “Take My Heart” 2.51% (226 votes)
  17. Portugal: Pedro Gonçalves — “Don’t Walk Away” 2.4% (216 votes)
  18. Denmark: Ida Una — “One” 2.2% (198 votes)
  19. Albania: Dilan Reka — “Mos harro” 1.96% (176 votes)
  20. Germany: Axel Feige — “Wildfire” 1.42% (128 votes)
  21. Georgia: Maliibu — “We Live Once” 1.14% (103 votes)
  22. Latvia: My Radiant You — “All I Know” 0.98% (88 votes)

Total Votes: 9,002

That’s how our poll turned out. How do you want the actual poll to go? Do you think that Kerli or Mariette would have done better than either Koit Toome & Laura and Robin Bengtsson — the acts that beat them at home? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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