Eurovision 2018: Is RTP actually considering Nelly Furtado as a host?


We know the venue — Lisbon’s MEO Arena. We know the dates — 8, 10 and 12 May. What’s next on the Eurovision 2018 checklist? If the rumour mill is to be believed, the Portuguese broadcaster RTP has turned its focus to selecting a host or hosts. And they’ve allegedly got an eye on Nelly Furtado.

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British website Popbitch unleashed the gossip hounds on Thursday, claiming in their weekly newsletter that:

Rumours are swirling that Portugal are sounding out Nelly Furtado as a potential host for Eurovision next year.

Quite where these rumours stem from remains a mystery as no further elaboration is given.

Previously, the sometimes irreverent site suggested that ex X Factor singer Nicholas McDonald and TOWIE star Jessica Wright might be amongst those competing in the 2016 UK national selection. On another occasion, Olly Murs’ name was plucked from the grape vine. Obviously, none of these tip-offs came true.

And just in case you were still holding out hope, RTP has poured cold water on all host-related speculation. Sources close to the TV network have told wiwibloggs that they haven’t even begun thinking about assembling a presenting team yet, and that other details such as the logo and slogan need to be decided on first.

Until we know more, we’re going to keep our sceptical Salvador Sobral faces on.

Who is Nelly Furtado?

Nelly Furtado is a world famous pop star who enjoyed huge success in the early 2000s. Hits such as “I’m Like A Bird”, “Maneater” and “Promiscuous” helped her sell over 40 million records globally.

Born in Canada to Portuguese parents, she previously waved the Bandeira de Portugal in 2004 when she released “Forca”, the official anthem for the Euro 2004 football championship — one of the biggest international events to ever take place in the Iberian nation.

Nelly Furtado and Eurovision

This isn’t the first time Nelly’s name has been bandied about in Eurovision circles. In August 2016, her manager reportedly told Danish Eurovision site Eurovisionary that she was potentially open to the possibility of singing at Eurovision for Portugal.

“If RTP contacts us with further details and a considerable amount of time, we might consider the idea.”

Disappointingly, it seems she was speaking vaguely and generally, having not actually consulted the pop star.

Because by September the singer was distancing herself from her manager’s comments, claiming she had no idea where the Eurovision rumours started.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote “I respect all creative showcases but have no idea where Eurovision rumour came from. It is a mere rumour. Good luck 2 all the contestants.” She signed off with a kissing heart emoji.

When will the Eurovision 2018 hosts be announced?

We might know the venue and dates, but it’s unlikely we’ll know the identity of the host or hosts anytime soon.

Over the last five years, Sweden’s SVT was the earliest to reveal their on-screen team, announcing Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede as Eurovision 2016 hosts on 14 December 2015. They just beat Austria’s ORF who unveiled the 2015 presenters on 19 December 2014.

Of the remaining contests, we discovered that Petra Mede was overseeing the 2013 edition in January, while the 2014 and 2017 hosting trios were both made public in February.

Who will host Eurovision 2018?

Let’s scratch Nelly Furtado off our list for now Nelly Furtado. What names are left? Quite a few actually. Since Salvador’s incredible win in Kyiv, there have been frenzied questions and rumours about who RTP should recruit to host the contest. A number of TV personalities and actors have already expressed an interest and it’s quickly becoming a matter of 40 dogs for one bone.

Catarina Furtado, Sílvia Alberto, Filomena Cautela, and Pedro Granger are just some of the broadcasters who could potentially be in the mix.

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Are you excited about Eurovision 2018? Who do you want to host? Is Nelly Furtado a realistic possibility? Let us know in the comments box below. 


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