The Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2017 came to an end in February. But runner-up Janice Mangion isn’t done with her magical ballad “Kewkba” just yet.

Yesterday she shared the official Cyprian Cassar remix on Maltese radio. And today we have the honour of exclusively publishing her slick music video on the wiwibloggs YouTube channel.

Janice, one of the favourites of the 2017 Maltese selection, made waves with her Maltese-language song, which managed to touch hearts at home and abroad owing to her gorgeous voice and enchanting sound.

Now the team behind her are shaking things up yet again with a dance version. Together with Cyprian Cassar —  a nationally-recognised DJ and a former member of Tenishia — Janice is poised to chart with this delightful twist on her emotive original.

Janice filmed the video on the streets of the beautiful Cittadella in the city of Victoria on Gozo. She walks the streets in a series of outfits — from elegant black dress to a summery orange number with a white jacket — all the while looking glam and taking in the breathtaking scenery (and a bit of smoke).

The team from Fade In Media dreamed up and produced the video. They’ve previously worked on videos for Junior Eurovision star Christina Magrin (“Snowglobe”) and MESC star Franklin Calleja (“Let You Go”).

Tonight Janice will officially release the video on Malta’s music channel MVTV.

Janice, who is also representing Malta in the OGAE Second Chance Contest, is enjoying new-found status on the island. Besides becoming a household name, the lovely singer recently represented her country in the prestigious “Slaviansky Bazaar” in Belarus with the Russian version of the song “Those Were The Days”. Our girl is versatile to say the least!

What do you think of the “Kewkba” remix from Cyprian Cassar? Are you as impressed with her vocals as we are? Let us know in the comments section below!


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If she submits any songs for MESC this fall, I hope they are all Maltese-language and I hope THIS time she ends up winning. Can any of them be the tear-jerker that “Kewkba” was? She could have qualified for the Grand Final with that song and possibly finish in the top 10.

May 8,10 and 12

Malta should use Maltese language, I know that English is official, but it’s not 2002 anymore, I hope Janice Mangion will keep her style and try again. I would be so happy for Malta to win.


Malta’s first 2 entries were Maltese and Janice came THISCLOSE to winning MESC.


LOVE LOVE LOVE Kewkba. I always rooted for this song from the very first listen. Nice video and remix, but I expected something bouncier/full on remix. GO JANICE


I love Janice Mangion. I was so happy for Claudia Faniello when she won last February but at the same time I was dissapointed that Janice Mangion didn’t emerged as the winner overall because I truly believed that Kewkba should have finished within the top 10 in Kyiv.