Could ‘The Voice Australia’ alums Ellen Reed or Alfie Arcuri sing at Eurovision 2018?


Australia is yet to be confirmed as a participating country at Eurovision 2018 in Libson, but that hasn’t stopped our friends Down Under from spinning the rumour mill about potential singers. And from the chatter two names have emerged loud and clear: The Voice Australia alums Ellen Reed and Alfie Arcuri.

In early August Australian newspaper The Courier Mail tipped the sassy Ellen, who placed fourth on The Voice in 2016, as Australia’s next Eurovision representative. Regardless of whether SBS has her on the cards, she’s certainly putting her name out there and making it clear she’s ready and willing.

Ellen recently spoke to long-time Eurovision correspondent and friend of wiwibloggs Blair Martin on 4ZZZ Queer Radio about the possibility of making the trek to Lisbon, and has since tweeted that she would be honoured to even be considered as the Aussies’ next Eurovision star.

Following her success on The Voice, she spoke publicly about the difficulties she has faced from music industry producers who have said “disgusting” things about her curvy figure.

“I’ve had major record labels say to me ‘you have got a good voice but you still haven’t got the right look and we still don’t think we can do anything with you even off the back of your new-found success,’” she told The Courier Mail.

A keen songwriter who writes often about her troubled love life, she now releases music independently. Most recently she dropped “Favourite Mistake” — a single with a powerful beat that would fit comfortably on the Eurovision stage with its soulful sound and her resonant voice.

But Ellen is not the only name circulating.

The winner from her series of The Voice, Alfie Arcuri, has tweeted that he “loves the idea” of performing at Eurovision, although maybe not in the near future.

Alfie’s latest single “If They Only Knew” is a strong and emotive ballad which recounts the difficulties he and his former boyfriend faced with others coming to terms with their relationship. He didn’t expect that the song would ever find an audience. As he told The Daily Telegraph:

“I never actually wrote this song to be released because it is so personal… (My boyfriend and I) were together for a couple of years and half way through the relationship he came out. The song is almost like a diary entry for me telling his parents how innocent our love and relationship was because to them I was like the devil who turned their son gay. It wasn’t like that at all though, it was a beautiful love.”

The song cracked the top 100 in the Australian Record Industry Association charts.

The X Factor Australia, which produced Eurovision 2016 representative Dami Im and 2017 representative Isaiah Firebrace, has ceased production and will not be renewed in 2018 due to poor ratings.

With that in mind, perhaps the Australian delegation may look towards The Voice Australia for its next Eurovision act?

Would you like to see Ellen Reed or Alfie Arcuri represent Australia in Lisbon? Who else would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section below!

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