Fans send Salvador Sobral big love as he cancels three concerts following medical advice


Since winning Eurovision 2017 back in May, Salvador Sobral has been busy touring Portugal, releasing new music and raising funds for disaster relief efforts.

And on Tuesday doctors told Portugal’s beloved jazz star that he needs to slow down, forcing him to cancel three concerts this week — despite his sincere wish to perform for fans.

“By way of medical advice, Salvador Sobral will not be able to fulfil the professional commitments scheduled for the next few days,” a statement says on his official Facebook page. “The musician will have to stop his activity for a few days to control his health condition. Thus, we inform you that the scheduled concerts for Festival F in Faro (Excuse Me,  31/08 and Alexander Search, 01/09) and Anadia (02/09) will be canceled. The new date for the show will be announced soon.”

Despite the unfortunate cancellation, this is not the end of Salvador’s “Excuse Me” tour.

If everything goes as planned, he’ll return to the stage on September 8 (that’s next Friday) in Cascais, where he’ll play the Festival Internacional de Cultura. In total, he’s got five more gigs this month. Yessss!

As for Salvador’s band Alexander Search, they’ve also released a statement. They plan to hit the stage again on September 17 in Castelo Branco.

The longer the wait, the sweeter the sound.

Salvador Sobral: “Amar Pelos Dois” at Eurovision 2017

Fans stand by Salvador

Fans responded to Salvador’s statement with an outpouring of support and have wished him a quick recovery. In just a few hours, his post has received more than 500 comments, and almost 2,500 reactions. His growing legion of fans understand his situation and respect his decision.

Among all the comments, one really stands out. One fan used Salvador’s song titles to create a message wishing him well. It’s an appropriately creative response for the bohemian star. It reads:

“Excuse me” Salvador — I realized that “Something Real” happened. I told you that there was “Nothing to Look Forward To” for a vacation, but you said that you felt like you were in a “Beach Prision” … Now you have to say “I Might Just Stay Away” for a few days, but “After You’ve Gone “, “Neither I” nor anyone else has the same “Glow”! “Oh Love” rest a lot, to be “Ready For Love Again”…I want to go through “Autumn in New York”! I only ask you one thing: Do not “Change” anything, you’re beautiful like that! “I’m going to love you both!” Kisses and see you soon!?

At this point, we simply wish Salvador a speedy and easy recovery and we can’t wait to see him on stage again as soon as possible. Amar pelos Salvador. 

Were you going to any of this week’s concerts? Do you want to send Salvador a message? Feel free to do so in our comments section!