Eurovision United States: Should the EBU set up an American version of the song contest?


Last week Eurovision Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand got the Eurovision fandom talking by revealing that the European Broadcasting Union is still exploring the possibility of launching a new edition of Eurovision in the United States.

And while any real-life “Americavision” is still years away from happening — if it ever does — our readers dove into the topic, lighting up our comments section with what they consider the good, the bad and the ugly of the proposition.

In the aftermath of the news, we decided to film a little reaction video, which you can watch below. We’ve also pulled out some of your comments that caught our eyes. They’re listed below as well.

Eurovision America: Reaction

“Just no” — YouTube reaction to Eurovision United States

Scrolling through the comments section on YouTube, it’s clear that a huge chunk of our readers — it seems the majority, in fact — don’t approve.

YouTube viewer Min Yoongi has one of the most-liked comments on our video above, and she is not feeling the proposed contest. She writes: “Eurovision has a spirit that Americans can’t feel (only William lmao)… But seriously, it’s just my opinion but I can’t be excited about it. I’m excited about Eurovision Asia but US…? Just no.”

lillian mode agrees. She’s happy for the EBU to launch Eurovision Asia, but a version for the United States seems a step too far. “Please no America Eurovision!” she says. “Eurovision Asia is one thing (Asia is a continent so we’ll see multiple COUNTRIES perform and it would have diversity unlike Eurovision America where it will probably be like each state puts in an entry). And plus why does America have to join the Eurovision band wagon? We have enough talent shows and such we don’t need to copy what others are doing all the time!!”

“Oh god, no,” writes VOGUE ROGUE. “It just takes away the specialness of EUROvision. Eurovision brings different cultures together, artists singing in their native tongue and showcasing their own sounds or traditional music…an American version would just sound the same.”

PionEEr LoveESC says that “Jon Ola Sand shouldn’t sell Europe’s tradition!”

Eurovision America? Jon Ola Sand confirms the EBU is exploring the possibility in wide-ranging interview

Writing on the wiwibloggs web site, many of our readers were annoyed that “Eurovision America” has entered Eurofan parlance. If the EBU is targeting the United States of America, they say, then the show needs to be called “Eurovision United States” and not own the word “America” — which, of course, refers to both North and South America (even if Americans use “America” as shorthand for the U.S.A. and on programs such as America’s Got Talent and American Idol).

Augusto thinks that the contest should target all of the Americas — for the sake of viewers and for the integrity of the show itself. “The format will be better suited for the ENTIRE continent instead of the U.S. alone. As for me, it would make the show just dull to watch (#sorrynotsorry). It’ll be more bearable for anyone to watch the whole continent (from Canada to Argentina, and the Caribbean countries included) because all 50 states + the D.C. would be just ugh…”

“I know the OTI Festival existed from the 70s until 2000 when it was canceled for good. Rumors have come up over the years saying that it may come back but nothing happens.”

“So if Jon Ola wants to bring ESC to the other side of the Atlantic, PLEASE let us all join the fun. If not, this will be boring as hell.”

Hada agrees. “They need to make an Eurovision America for the whole continent, not just the US. It would be super interesting (and yes, there’s more than reggaetón here, even among top 40 music). Or bring the OTI festival back, independent of the EBU.”

As part of a continent-wide contest, joe2288 wants the United States to air its own televised selection show. “Would be nice if they did a National Selection with all 50 states, DC, and US territories,” he writes, “and then whoever won that would go on to compete in Americavision where all countries within the continent would have the chance to participate.”

Writing on our Facebook page, Jared Grimes — an American — isn’t a fan either.

“I’ll pass, and a hard pass at that. I follow Eurovision to escape the music here!”

Jack W in the UK doesn’t think the show will take off stateside.

“I don’t think a US edition of Eurovision would be a big ratings hit, compared to the Oscars, Grammys, Miss America and numerous Sport programming. I think whichever network broadcasts ‘Americavision’ they need a high profile host like Ryan Seacrest, Nick Cannon, Jimmy Fallon or Cat Deeley. Can’t see all 50 states participating either, but I already see California a lot like UK… with so many worldwide established artists many people have high expectations but it’s likely to be a new unsigned name representing them and if they get a disappointing result Californians would cry “nobody likes us!” and may point out low scores from Republican states.”

It’s not all negative though.

Writing on our Facebook page, Patricia says: “Yeah, would be great. Proposal from me: Winners of America Eurovision and Asia should [go] then automatically to the original ESC.”

Have your thoughts on Eurovision America changed since Jon Ola’s interview? Do you agree with the largely negative response from our readers? What positive comments do you guys have about the potential Eurovision extension? Let us know in the comments box below!

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